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Roice Krueger
Roice Krueger, Author, Coach, Salesman, Advisor and Consultant
Guest Occupation
Author, Coach, Salesman, Advisor, Consultant
Guest Biography

Roice is an author and personal executive coach to CEOs, GMs, presidents, and senior executives. He is co-founder of Covey Leadership Center, now FranklinCovey. He worked with Dr. Covey to produce the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, as well as the workshop by the same title. He has authored The Art & Skill of Internal Consulting, The Master Habit: Converting Knowledge into Sustainable Action, The 8 Barriers to Organizational Effectiveness, and Total Enterprise Leadership.

As Vice President of Covey Leadership International, Roice established and developed licensees in over 76 countries. As senior consultant for FranklinCovey Co., he presented programs in over 30 countries worldwide. He is a master at establishing effective affilate organizations, helping them see significant benefit from their affiliateship and the associated training.

Roice holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Japanese Language, Asian History, and Educational Psychology. He studied at Weber State University, Brigham Young University Hawaii, and the University of Hawaii. He graduated Summa Cum Laude. He has studied numerous personal development, leadership, communications, and management courses. Roice is co-founding manager of Interac-Japan, one of the largest training organizations in Japan. He is also co-founder of Satellite TV Specialists, one of the first retail home satellite telecommunications companies in the United States. Roice Krueger is currently the principal of Roice N. Krueger LLC, Executive Consultant to large and small organizations in the global market. He travels from Salt Lake City.