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Yelena Yahontova
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Photographer of Joy
Guest Biography

Brand new to Southern California as of October 2014, Yelena is located in the picturesque area of  La Jolla, California. 

Creating magical portraits in nature for clients internationally and in the U.S., with most of her awe-inspiring work being done in San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle

Formal photography studios with fake backgrounds, and blocks for kids to stand on just don’t capture the mood but outside sessions have natural energy, an energy that reveals the nature and energy of the individual. “If anyone can find a green patch, Yelena can,” says one portrait client, “and those places have energy.”

An unusual aspect of such portraits is as Yelena says, “They have a healing effect not just on the people photographed but on others who view it. Many of Yelena’s portrait art fans comment that “You will see this in her exhibits. You will smile. These photos make you feel good every time you look at them.”

What do you have to wear? Yelena, the magical fairy godmother has a collection of clothing, costumes, and accessories. It’s like delving into a princesses closet—clothes for little fairies, young fairies, middle age fairies and older and, for her male clients there is a selection of hats and ties. “I like dressing my clients in vintage clothing as princesses, fairies, or angels (wings included) and photographing them in natural settings- by a lake, a field or woods. I don’t ask clients to sit still or smile in a fake way; we have fun.” She says.

Yelena was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus and has lived in the U.S. since 2002. Her studio is called “Yelena: Photographer of Joy”. She says, “I believe my life mission is to create and celebrate beauty, joy, magic, and our oneness with Nature. I am passionately interested in spirituality, mythology, and metaphysics with a particular delight in angels, fairies, and goddesses. I use costume styling, floral accessories and my imagination to transform little girls and women into angels, fairies, nature goddesses for the portraits they treasure for the rest of their lives."