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William Cormier
William Cormier, Activist, Computer Technician, Writer and Researcher
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Activist, Computer Technician, Writer, Researcher
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I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy, the rule of law, and am extremely concerned in regard the slow creep of “soft fascism” that has been destroying America’s middle-class.

I am currently disabled, have a background in Sales, Sales Management, and am an A+ Certified Computer technician. I am not a professional writer and have been teaching myself  through trial and error. I have written Part One of an autobiography that has been read by several people who state they couldn’t put it down and two of those individuals have tried in vain to get it published. If I can ever find the time to rewrite the entire piece, I have been assured that it will likely be published, however, with our political climate in constant uproar, I believe that independent writer’s must apply themselves to provide information to the general public that our corrupt, corporate Mainstream News Media refuses to publish.

This site is dedicated to a young college woman who was a Republican as well as her entire family. Despite their party affiliation, their values and especially my friend in particular changed my life and perspective on politics and life in general – and because of the urging of said friend that I could possibly be instrumental in furthering the cause of Civil Rights and our Justice System, this site exists as it does today.

This site is dedicated to her – and she will always remain in my heart as an individual whose friendship and inspiration, along with her family, has made all of this possible. There has to be a special place in heaven waiting for this woman if such a place exists, and to her, I owe a debt that may be impossible to repay.

Footnote: I write in a style that I believe is appropriate in today’s world where we can’t trust the Mainstream News Media, and rather than concentrating on one article alone, which may or may not receive the exposure and emphasis it should, I prefer to meld several relevant stories together, that each taken alone may not expose the entire situation, but when taken-in as a whole, tend to give the reader a better understanding of the subject. One article or story alone does not represent the “Big Picture” – but when several are effectively tied-together it often reveals a trend or broader view of the subject matter that is important to completely understand any given situation.

In the past few months, our traffic has exploded. Over the past five years, I have spent countless hours studying earthquakes and volcanoes. Unfortunately, I keep this site alive with a take home income from Social Security of $829.00 per month. We desperately need a Webmaster. Even though I am a retired computer technician, building web sites was not part of my expertise.  This site has never come close to breaking even through our advertising and I am constantly busy with the day to day duties of maintaining the site.  To date, our donations over a five year period are less than $100.00.  We welcome donations and will soon be installing a “Donate Here” function for the site. Any monies we receive will be used to enhance the site, and if possible, a once-a-month hire to take care of the many tasks which are involved in maintaining a high-speed site. Ultimately, our goal is to concentrate on research and writing; for the time being, most of my time is spent attempting to get this site up to par and I’m a long way away from accomplishing that goal. My Sister is also disabled, and her total income per month to care for two children is only $480.00,  so in addition to keeping this site up and running, I also provide a home and whatever else I can for my sister and her two children. When I write about the challenges our battered economy poses to those whom are financially challenged, it’s often through personal experience and hardship. I often rely on real time experiences to give me the insight and fortitude to write with passion and resolve on issues that are affecting far too many millions of Americans.

William Cormier writes for opednews, an internet only media site that has grown to become one of the highest traffic news sites in America, reaching more traffic, according to, than all but thirty largest daily newspapers in the US. William Cormier is one of the 500+ liberal pundits who, each month, are published in what has become one of the top five Liberal/progressive media sites in the US.