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Guest Name
Winter Brook Ryan
Winter Brook Ryan
Guest Occupation
Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist minister and Reiki Master/Teacher
Guest Biography

Winter Brook is a psychic medium, Ordained Spiritualist minister and Reiki Master/Teacher. She holds a B.A. in English summa cum laude from Boston College and a Juris Doctorate cum laude from St. John’s University School of Law. Sheis a non-practicing attorney in good standing with the State of New York who chose to close her law practice to pursue Mediumship as a fulltime profession. Her mediumship training includes completion of the Morris Pratt Institute coursework on healing, mediumship and ministry, Pastoral Skills as well as multiple week long intensive workshops with leading international practitioners in the field of mediumship today at Arthur Findley College of Psychic Sciences (UK), Omega Institute, Banyon Retreat (UK) (including James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Patilla and others). In addition, she has also taken seminars and trained with local mediums on Long Island and across the country.

Winter Brook maintains her office at 171 Main Street, Northport, New Yorkwhere she conducts private and small group readings as well as holds classes to teach others how to tap into or strengthen their own psychic and mediumship abilities. Her classes have been featured on FIOS TV1 in segments entitled “Intuition” and “Be Ever Present” concerning intuitive development and meditation practice. She has lecturedand demonstrated mediumship at public libraries, civic groups, spiritualist churches, large fundraisers, colleges, historical societies and metaphysical groups both here on Long Island and across the country. She currently co-hosts an internet radio show called the Wisdom of Spirit with Rose & Winter brook as well as been interviewed on other radio shows. She has been a contributing columnist to a professional on line newspaper and wellness websites.She also participates in fundraisers, house parties and long distance healing. She holds monthly meditation and healing circles as well as Reiki certification and attunement classes under the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.She was accredited and certified by ASSMPI as a mental medium and a Spiritualist minister. Her mediumship program is recommended by a committee comprised of librarians for all libraries across Long Island (85). She is currently developing her physical mediumship and regularly sits for trance.

A strong proponent of volunteer humanitarian service, whileactively involved in Rotary International, Winter Brook served as a director for a program called “Gift of Life” which provideslife saving corrective heart procedures to children in need. Her efforts contributed to the program expanding from 20 children per year to over 60.She was recognized for her efforts by being named Rotarian of the year for 2003, (2) Paul Harris awards and 2005 Woman of the Year for the Northport area by the Times of Northport and 2005 Volunteer of the year for the town of Smithtown for her volunteer humanitarian efforts. In addition to her duties as director of hosting, she also travelled to Honduras and Guatemala to participate in clean water projects, tour orphanages, meet and addressRotarian groups for grant partnership programs and toured and met with medical clinics as a representative of Rotary’s Gift of Life program. She has also participated in the Adopt a Platoon program writing letters to our deployed servicemen and women, hosting mediumship demonstrations from her office to raise funds for various charities who provide toys for needy children during the holidays, train service dogs for returning disabled veterans, Secret Santa for needy local families and a host of other activities. She is currently sits on the Board of Directorsof the Northport Chamber of Commerce where she sits on committees concerned with the well being of our youth.

In addition to her professional and charitable pursuits she is the single mother of two girls, the youngest of whom she adopted as a single mother as well as an avid animal lover, currently having 2 cats and 3 dogs living in her home.