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Amethyste, Ethereal Singer
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You can hear it all, should you choose to listen carefully with the eyes of your soul. My voice is translucent, sharing with you a part of my life that I have lived... Just silence for a moment the constant tumult of this chaotic life and allow yourself to vibrate from deep within... That's why I am here" ...

There often comes a time in someone's life when they receive the sudden realization that they have been living their life under the pretense of others. A Canadian born songstress, now living in New Hampshire, Amethyste has only recently taken that leap of faith on the directional path she truly believes is the expression of the pure essence of her own soul. Amethyste's music has its own derivative source and meaning for her, but is delivered to the listener in such a lucid dream where one is swept into her emotional vocals and drifts into their own translation of her ethereal creations.