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Guest Name
Wynne Thornley
Guest Occupation
Wynne Thornley, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Channel to the Aethers
Guest Biography

Wynne Thornley, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Channel to the Aethers, natural born channeller, and loves all things metaphysical, paranormal, and woo-woo!! Wynne is the author of a collection of Intuitive Development manuals called The Seat of Your Soul Workshop Series. There are currently 6 books and 2 more in the wings.

Professionally Trained and Certified:
Usui and Karmic Reiki Master & Teacher
Angelic Connection & Mediumship
Crystal and Flower Therapy
Earth Angel Reader; Souls Origin
Space Clearing and Curing
Akashic Records Practitioner
Student of Clinical Aromatherapy
Student of Angelology and Demonology

Wynne teaches others to hone and flex their natural abilities to Channel energy and spirit for self-care. She offers this through her 6-12 month intuitive reiki course, Soul Remedy Membership, and coming in 2020 online classes + Meditations.

Her Life's Purpose revolves around facilitating those who are ready to embark on their journey to connect deeper to their intuitive mind, soul healing and reiki practice. Wynn's passion is to offer a well-rounded learning experience, and her niche is working with the intuitive who is lost and overwhelmed in the world of love and light. The goal is to lift the vail on the “live in love and light” misconception of working with the universal life force and channelling our guides. Wynne facilitates her students to use reiki, intuition and their Akashic record to dig deeper into their shadow side so healing occurs more effectively on all levels.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Professional Channel to the Aethers

Private Sessions

Home, Business + Land Curing

NEW Soul Remedy Membership

6-12 month Intuitive Reiki Course

Weekend Group Retreats

Universal Wink Podcast