Music Submission, yard of blondes

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yard of blondes

Hi there!

We are releasing a summer EP on July 19 « Je veux danser tout l’été » (translates to « i wanna dance all summer long »), and we’d like to submit the tracks.

It is lighter, happier and more pop than our usual songs, and the chorus is in French!

The song is the fruit of a unique collaboration with the famous DJ and producer Joachim Garraud. 

So there is a rock version of the song (original) and the remix. We also added to this EP the demo version.

Here are all the links + download (cover picture, pictures, mp3..) :

Youtube videos:

Original :

Remix :




About the EP :

The story around this song is incredible : The French/American alternative band based in L.A. was invited in June 2019 to record in the new space ship of one of the pioneers of electronic music, Joachim Garraud (David Guetta, Beyonce, Bastille, ...). The famous DJ and producer has just turned a RV into a mobile recording studio that runs 100% on solar energy and that he calls LA good vibe ( He drove Yard Of Blondes in the middle of the Mojave Desert and together, they produced the remix of "Je veux danser tout l'été" ("I want to dance all summer") an upbeat song originally produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard). The song is accompanied by a beautiful video, which depicts the journey. The EP contains the original version, the remix by Joachim Garraud and the demo from which Yard Of Blondes and Joachim Garraud worked during this crazy day.

Making Of the song:

Last but not least, we will be releasing in the fall another song from our upcoming debut album « Feed the Moon » : 14 new tracks produced by Billy Graziadei (founder member of Biohazard) in Los Angeles at Firewater Studios, mixed by Michael Patterson(Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck) and mastered by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More)

We hope you will consider this new track (and many others) !

All the best,

Fanny // Yard Of Blondes

Insta/Twitter: @yardofblondes


Your support means a lot to us, and it is helping us  achieve some goals that are hard to reach as independent artists, such as booking tours and finding the right team.

Music Submission, BaYaT

Artist or Band Name: 

BaYaT - Alternative Rock Band. We are a group of friends which created BaYaT in our hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia, with a more western approach and under the influence of some of the great global rock stars. We are challenging the moral issues of the 21st century and want to express our opinions and emotions through one form that connects us all in a more complex way and that is music. You will find our thoughts and opinions throughout our debut album "So It Begins", which is due to come out by the end of 2019. It is all about love, respect, and preserving everything that matters on our planet.

Music Submission, The Scorched

Artist or Band Name: 
The Scorched

The Scorched is an Original Alternative Progressive Rock Band out of Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ cousins and experienced songwriters Kristopher Tuttle and Wade Eno joins forces in 2015 eventually bringing on Derek Carlson on Percussion and Renowned Shredder, Josh Ritz. The Scorched has produced 4 albums and toured relentlessly since its inception. Bringing meaning and feeling with skilled musicianship the Scorched is breathing life into the world of rock.

Music Submission, Cody Winters

Artist or Band Name: 
Cody Winters

I'm Cody Winters, an independent singer-songwriter from Louisiana, USA. My style is mostly alternative rock and guitar pop. I'm primarily influenced by Japanese rock.
All of my music is made by myself and recorded/mixed on my personal computer with minimalist equipment. 

Music Submission, Finger and Sunshine

Artist or Band Name: 
Finger and Sunshine

Wheel of view records and Fingers and Sunshine are pleased to announce the release of their latest album, Solar Plexus. Solar Plexus is available through many digital platforms including CdBaby, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Itunes and Ditto music. Three songs from Solar Plexus have been featured on Indie Radio Alliance stations top ten lists. The songs are streaming all around the world.

The music of Fingers and Sunshine is straight rock with thoughtful lyrics, classic rock style vocals and awesome guitar work with vintage effects. Some of their tunes are happy, such as "Smile" and "Surrender to the Day," and some are more thought provoking, "Homeless Guy" and "Sharin' the Light." Some even use elements of humor, such as "The Weed is the Way" and "Mojo the Cat."

The players are David and Ron McKibben, Larry Stoltie, Chris Thomas and Don Steininger. The McKibben brothers are responsible for the songwriting,  guitar playing and singing. Chris and Don trade off on Bass and guitar and Larry is our percussionist.


David McKibben

Ron McKibben

Music Submission, Asila

Artist or Band Name: 
Hi BBS Radio!
This mail is to inform you that on the 5th of July, we will be releasing our latest song 'The Mistress'. It's a fun, swung rock track about a cat and we're hoping you might like to write a review on it. 
We are originally a band from South Africa formed in 2013, now located in Los Angeles, USA. Our inspirations musically are also diverse, from the powerhouse vocals of Aretha Franklin, to rock gods Muse! Our music is a product of this fusion.  

Please find all relevant details below.

WAV, MP3, Artwork download:

Unlisted Youtube link:  

Artist: Asila
Song title: The Mistress
Song length: 03:40
Composer: Hana Muftic, Richard Globisch
Publisher: Self
ISRC: ZA-MX5-19-00004

If you have any questions or require a certain format of the song, please let us know.


Music Submission, youngbo

youngbo if these walls could talk
Artist or Band Name: 

youngbo single if these walls could talk

Music Submission, Phil Mitchell Band

Artist or Band Name: 
Phil Mitchell Band

uthorized Contact Name:Renee/ Longe Management Consultant

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Phil Mitchell Band

Genre: Rock


Websites/Social links:

Artist/Band Bio:
A stylistically unique Indie Rock Band from day one, the members of Phil Mitchell Band have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers.

Music Submission, amadeusrockband

Artist or Band Name: 

Amadeus Rock Band is an Egyptian rock band, formed in Alexandria, Egypt in 1998. 

Amadeus Rock Band music echoes directions of many genres around rock;classic, progressive, psychedelic, experimental rock to create its new influential sound. The band's musical journey started in Egypt by founder Ali Talaea, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Reputed as one of Egyptian rock icons the band then expanded performing in North Africa, Europe and recently the United states. 

Their first single ' Paradox Of Days And Dreams' was released on 26th of August,2017. Amadeus Rock Band released second single  ' Memories in Your Eyes' on 13th of November, 2017 and followed it by third single " Separation ". Full EP was released  in April 21st,2019.

AmadeusRockBand music had been featured on Radio and was covered by Voyage LA magazine in "Though Provokers" section. AmadeusRockBand is preparing "Birth Of The Sun" tour and the release of the single "Move On" in summer of 2019.



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