Music Submission, The Crista Carroll Band

Artist or Band Name: 
The Crista Carroll Band

Crista Carroll thought her songs were going to be expressed in classic singer/songwriter style. That was before rock guitarist Brent Brehony expressed an interest in collaborating. Then drummer Aaron Ten Bears with his metal background joined the project and Crista's ideas of what she had envisioned for her songs quickly flew out the window. Along came Eric Harris on bass bringing his distinct melodic integrity and off they went! With Crista's own style of rhyme and unique outlook expressed through her lyrics, the blend of players has become an interesting mix of female fronted rock that is not only thought provoking but fun, moving and appealing to a broad range of audience.
Currently performing shows around southern California and recording new material in the studio, as well as filming upcoming music videos, the band is keeping very busy!
The Crista Carroll Band's songs are available to download on their website as well as on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.
Be sure to visit The Crista Carroll Band on their social media sites!


Music Submission, T Carter and Kosmoknot

Artist or Band Name: 
T Carter and Kosmoknot

Music Submission, Millennial Sob Story

Artist or Band Name: 
Millennial Sob Story

 We're a rock band from Reading, Massachusetts. We're pretty chill and low key but love to make a lot of noise and feel feelings. Our debut single, "Easy" can be found on all streaming services, and we can be found on Facebook and Instagram @millennialsobstory. Stay tuned for our upcoming EP to be released later in August!!

Music Submission, Devil's Heat

Artist or Band Name: 
Devil's Heat
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Devil's Heat is a three man band from the Iowa river town of Clinton. Originally started in 2010 as a solo project by Matt with one album (Remains Nameless), Ryan and Alex joined in and helped morph Devil's Heat into the hard, fuzz rock powerhouse we are today. Writing and playing what we love, our riffs are sure to get you moving!

Music Submission, The Talk

Artist or Band Name: 
The Talk
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We are The Talk! A five person rock band based out of Middleboro, Massachusetts. We have been together for a year and a half now and our self-produced debut album just dropped on July 18th, 2018. Hope you guys like it!

Music Submission, Angry Saints

Nothing New In The Human Zoo cover
Artist or Band Name: 
Angry Saints

Angry Saints were kick-started in 2015 and have been roaring along ever since. An international band, half of the members from the Madrid hotbed of rock, Alameda de Osuna, and the other half from Australia (New Guinea) and the northwest of England, the band plays a powerful alternative rock with many twists and turns along the way. Sometimes primitive and visceral, other times twisted – but always satisfying.

Angry Saints have a lot to shout about in their songs – love, drugs, cars, beer, fear – all against a backdrop of varied landscapes – the sea, the desert, dreams and nightmares; your apocalypse of choice.

Music Submission, Ben Armistad

Ben Armistad. Into the mines EP
Artist or Band Name: 
Ben Armistad
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Hailing from Christchurch ,New Zealand Ben Armistad has been crafting songs for the best part of twenty years. Armistad notes that a introduction to a variety of music at a very young age almost certainly spelt the start of a curiosity and love of music. With both parents involved in commercial radio (a father who sent 35+years on the airwaves and a mother who worked initially at a rival station) it was only a matter of time before he branched out and started exploring his own musical path. A mixture of acoustic pop-rock and alternative storytelling is where Armistad finds himself most at home with musical influences including the likes of Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen.   

Music Submission, Mr. Jr.

Artist or Band Name: 
Mr. Jr.
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Mr. Jr. is an original rock band from Toronto. Mixing punk rock and classic country they combine styles to produce a sound that is often simple, frequently danceable, sometimes witty, and always fun. Sing-along rock songs, an indulgence in a good hook, and an uptempo live experience are always on tap. Believing that a great song is a great song and actively participating in the Toronto music scene, Mr. Jr continues to evolve their music by loving, above all, to play for a crowd. Having played many shows over the last years, their stage presence is polished, and the music tight. Getting folks engaged with the show and usually having the time of their lives, the band tries to make sure that everyone from the crowd to the bar staff are having a good night. 

Music Submission, The Stoneface

Artist or Band Name: 
The Stoneface
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The Stoneface is a Belarussian rock band from Minsk. It was founded in 2016 by Gleb Bikboulatov and Alex Baryshnev (formerly of the band Symphony of Seven) and Eugene Silivonets on lead vocals. The Stoneface made their performing debut in August 2016 at the TNT Rock club in Minsk. 

The band released their debut single That Summer in July, 2018.


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