Music Submission, The Lighthouse Commission

The Lighthouse Commission - Angels & Aliens
Artist or Band Name: 
The Lighthouse Commission

The Lighthouse Commission is a Grand Rapids, Michigan band who play an eclectic mix of melodic and psychedelic songs written by guitarist/lead vocalist Jon Chuchvara, who has been playing with drummer Kevin Grant since 1993. Keyboardist/backing vocalist Jim Prange joined in 2004. 

The band are unconcerned with current trends in music, preferring instead to pursue their own sound- which reflects influences such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Minutemen, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Grateful Dead, Beck, and The Velvet Underground.

"Angels & Aliens" is the band's debut studio album. For the initial sessions, the full band was recorded live at Soundfield Studios in Wyoming, Michigan by Pete Bass. The drums recorded at these sessions are the drums heard on the album; also, a few guitar parts from these sessions were used on the album. All other instrumental parts and all of the vocals are overdubs that were subsequently recorded by Jon Chuchvara and Jim Prange with ProTools. The album was mixed by Jon Chuchvara and mastered by Rob Savage.

Music Submission, Broken Romeo

Artist or Band Name: 
Broken Romeo

Broken Romeo is an Alternative Rock band from Tucson, Arizona. The music they produce is diverse and draws on influences including everything from classic rock to contemporary bands. Broken Romeo was the 2011 Tammie winner in the Rock category and they have shared the stage with many National acts. In Oct 2011 Broken Romeo released an all new full length album called “Desperation Daze”. The album was recorded May thru June 2011 at Og7 studio in Tucson, Az., and was engineered and co-produced by Nando Rivas. The first single "1 In A Million" is in rotation on 106.7 FM Phoenix as a "Homegrown Hit".

In late 2013 Broken Romeo began to write and record a new album called “Side One”. The new Broken Romeo 10 song LP including the tracks "Broken Man", "What Are You Looking For?"," Lost & Found", "The Calling", "The Astronaut", "Mutually Sedated", "C.O.T.S." , "Let Me Go", "Something Good", and "What Are You Thinking?" would be a departure from the way BR recorded previous albums. “Side One” would see the band write and record and release one song at a time, starting with the song "Broken Man". Each new track would be available 6-8 weeks after the previous track was released. The tracks will be available individually as they get finished or as the entire set once finished. The new EP was recorded with George Nardo at Luna Studio in Tucson, Arizona, and also at The BR Pennington studio in Tucson.

In November 2019 the band released the new song “Calling Home” which is the first track off of “Side Two” the follow up to “Side One”. It’s an Alternative Rock song with elements of Psychedelic Classic Rock.


"...nothing short of a Master Piece. 4 1/2 stars " Rhiana Lewis 

"This is a well produced album, the band is on fire here, the music is excellent, It is really just a good honest rock album, no BS, just bloody good songs that have something to say and you can feel it in every note and every lyric. This album is very much worth your time, I was hooked the moment I heard it."

Chris Parke, Parx-E Webzine

"Every once in a blue moon you hear a band that knocks yer socks off, totally kicks some arse then leaves you salivating wanting for more. Broken Romeo hit me straight between the eyes with feelings like that, and on every track!"
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck ,

Broken Romeo are:
James Turpin: lead vocals, guitars Steve Turpin: lead guitars, vocals Ari Sloane: Bass
Matt Ringnell: Drums

e-mail us at

Music Submission, Jordan Paul

Artist or Band Name: 
Jordan Paul

This is a new alternative folk/rock release from award-winning alt-rocker, Jordan Paul.  I think it would be a great fit on the station!

Some info on the record and artist:

With symbolic inspiration from English poet William Blake’s late 18th century works — including The Four Zoas — Jordan Paul’s new EP, “Night Moon,” is the Canadian alt-rocker’s self-professed sonic probe into the seemingly opposing yet harmonious forces that encompass all things ‘human nature.’

“Night Moon is about the nature of every being,” he reflects, “and the complex interplay of elements that fuse together to form the whole of all that is within and without us.

“It is the contrast of dark and light… Of life and death… Of every opposing force that must exist in twisted harmony as all things seek homeostasis and balance at all times.”

So far, “Night Moon” has proven ultimate evolution in Jordan Paul’s distinctive style. His music boasts notes of delicate, spacious, exploratory alt. folk/rock — all with a shadowy edge.  Paul has been dubbed “Canada’s Jeff Buckley” by three-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer Chris Birkett (Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, Buffy Sainte-Marie). Sleeping Bag Studios’ Jeremy Gladstone has mused he’d be the result “if Queen, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin had a beautiful love child.”

As a songwriter, he has worked with 18 GRAMMY Award-winning producer James Sanger (U2, Dido, Phil Collins), Darryl James of The Strumbellas (Double Platinum in Canada; Gold in USA and Australia), Matt Lipscombe (Lily Frost, Bran Van 3000), Amanda Mabro (Ron Sexsmith), Martin Kerr (#1 in Canada), Khalid Yassein (Wild Rivers), Chris Cargnello, and more. His music has received notable sync placements including The CW’s ‘The Secret Circle,’ Shaw TV’s ‘When Paintings Come Alive,’ MTV's 'Real World,’  BBC Canada’s ‘Orphan Black,’ and LaJoie De Vie's short-film ‘Best Budz.’  

Paul's forthcoming studio record, “Already Gone” will ultimately feature 11 original songs, including “Night Moon.” The album was recorded at Jon Anderson’s (Aidan Knight, Andy Shauf, Said The Whale) Protection Island Studios in Maple Ridge, BC and mastered by Noah Mintz (Marcy Playground, Broken Social Scene, Matt Mays).

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jordan Paul

Music Submission, Wagner the Band

Artist or Band Name: 
Wagner the Band

With the album "Awkward Hearts" the Austrian singer and songwriter Rainer Wagner presents his first solo album under the stage name Wagner the Band.

The music is a captivating mix of Soul, Funk, Blues and elemental Rock, or simply, as the band members describe it: Soul Rock. The earthy songs are brand new and yet sound familiar, like the soundtrack of our lives.
They are reminiscent of the greats of American music of the last decades.

The lyrics tell straight from love - the longed for, the won, the lived and the lost.
The first single "Beast of Joy", an energetic funk-rock song, has already been released and earned the band benevolent reviews.  

''Awkward Hearts'' will be available for download and streaming on the 5th of November 2019.
Rainer Wagner – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Gregor Huber – Organ, E-Piano, Mellotron
Michael Fink – E-Guitar
Moritz Holy – Bass
Max Legat – Drums
Facebook: @wagnertheband
Instagram: @wagner_the_band
Press and booking:
Rainer Wagner
0043 650 45 30 348

Music Submission, Rabbit Hole

Artist or Band Name: 
Rabbit Hole

Hey there,

I'm writing you to ask for your consideration to include music from Rabbit Hole's newest album, Blue Attitude on your radio program.

The title track, "Blue Attitude", is performing best on streaming services, and is therefore our choice for a radio single. "When In Rome" and "Living Proof" would be our next choices.

We appreciate your consideration.

Felix Roberts
Rabbit Hole

Music Submission, Zilverbacks

Artist or Band Name: 

After 8 months of creative exploration, frustration, despair, excitement and frequent existential crises, Zilverbacks has now released the complete aftermath to the world. The album reveals a haunting and often challenging ride with vibrant layers of guitars, offset against a throaty and coarse vocal delivery; drawing comparisons to an early King Krule. The latest single ‘Breakthrough‘ sounds like a Clean Cut Kid record but with more punch, accompanied by lead vocalist Chris Harris distinct vocal tone. The boldness and sense of spirit only serves to add to Zilverback’s personality, a personable and genuine musician who sings with raw emotion.

Set in four separate releases, the stereo mix leans more onto grunge than indie-rock, while the sonic landscape created by multi-instrumentalist Harris almost crosses into the realm of confrontation. The lyricism follows the solum themes of loss, death and insanity set against the backdrop of a beautifully organic and robust instrumental. Unable to read music and with no formal musical education under his belt, the task of producing the entirety of the album in his bedroom would have seemed almost impossible, however within just half a year he has created a diversely powerful collection of evocative lyrics and eclectic sounds that have made many pay attention to his musicianship and songwriting abilities. Without the aid of any professional studio equipment, his portfolio must be considered an impressive body of work at the least.

Music Submission, Otter Space

Artist or Band Name: 
Otter Space

I (Austin Theodore) have been in bands/playing shows in Atlanta & Athens, Georgia.

Otter Space started as a way to use my own music & lyrics; have control of how the EP/demos & the polished album.

Question Mark Sea was written between 2010-2015. We recorded in Spring & Summer of 2015, & my wife Alison has been doing all media since 2015.

Willis was essential in making QMS from 2014-2016.

Music Submission, Trenched

Trenched album art
Artist or Band Name: 

Trenched is a indie rock band from South Florida, Jimmi Ferris & Andrea Zattiero are the lead singers. The band is inspired by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and more from the 60s and 70s Woodstock rock era. The album United in Rock is an ode to love, hard hitting basslines, and some funky choruses as well. Trenched has performed in front of thousands of people this year headlining some festivals as well as performed on a 60 acre race track in Ohio this summer and also stay gigging at bars in Florida. The album was released in December of 2016 the first show they did was a red carpet fashion show in Orlando for the holidays. The band hopes to garnish a tremendous amount of spins so they can continue doing shows and performing live throughout the country and abroad. Guest appearances on the album entitled United in Rock include: Christian Solazzo, DJ Kid Magic Rock, Jeff Beck, Bill Hilt and Hip Hop Maniac.

Music Submission, cole son

Artist or Band Name: 
cole son

Would like you to play some of my songs.THANKS ❤❤❤

Music Submission, Shipyard Wreck

Artist or Band Name: 
Shipyard Wreck

Shipyard Wreck is a blues-rock band out of SouthCoast Massachusetts and has had a long list of band members over the years. The band was founded by James M. Gagne in the year 2000 shortly after graduating high school along with bandmates and has carried the band's spirit until current day. The band revolves around excellence in musicianship amongst all members, having fun with music, crafted lyrics delivered by a soulful, powerful voice and striving to always entertain no matter what it takes to get it done. 

The band has evolved into what it is today performing covers and original songs to many public venues & private events. In 2005, "Reflect & Shine", a ten song original album was released and spurred on  the beginning of SW's real creative spirits. In December of 2017, the band released nine brand new songs and one remake of an older song called "Lighten Up" on the album entitled "Lucy Goosie" featuring the hit ska-rock song "Can't Take It No More". October 2019 will debut BIG BAD MAN, a 13-song album produced by James Gagne and Jon Evans at Brick Hill Studio, that is sure to be a hit with songs like "When Beauty Can't Fade", title-track "Big Bad Man", heavy-sounding "Nine Shots of Death" and the acoustic-jazzy "The Two of Us". 

Currently, the band is consisted of James M. Gagne on lead vocals/guitar/harmonica and a revolving cast of excellent musicians usually ranging from Thom Hiller on guitar/vocals, Rob Massoud on keys/bass, Nick San Filippo on keys, Dan Rapoza on drums and Geoffrey Fortin on drums. Studio engineer of "Lucy Goosie" joined in on the band's latest recording on guitars. 

The band continues to entertain people all over and hopes to gain national & international success one day. 


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