Music Submission, Asila

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Music Submission, Whatley & Co.

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Whatley & Co.
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Music Submission, Steve Major

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Steve Major

Steve Major is a multi-talented artist hailing from Canada, and has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 20 years. He is a diverse performer with a resume that covers starring roles in professional musical theatre, film and television commercials, an international album release through DEP/Universal Music, to hosting Canada's very own reality television series / original music competition "LOCAL LIVE CANADA™". 

His first studio recording experience, which was a product of Sony Music Canada, came in 1998. Other projects soon followed including an international album release through DEP/Universal Music in 2006, one full length solo album of original material in 2015, and a self titled EP earlier this year.

Steve has spent the past 3 years traveling the world performing his original material for audiences aboard Silversea's 6 star luxury cruise ships, and leading 7 different production shows as the principal male vocalist with Princess Cruises.


Music Submission, The Zero Men

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The Zero Men
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There is a realm that exists beyond the Living. Our known laws of energy and matter do not apply to this realm. However, it is possible to create a link between the worlds through sound vibrations and mind waves. The Zero Men practice the art of Realm Fusion through the use of music, which touches not only our physical domain, but also connects to the vast unknown which shifts and flows in a perpetual conflict of positive and negative. Good and Evil, if you will. James Masters, Steve Radel and Johnny Iverson were swept by one of these space and time flows to an area known as "Phase Point One" to begin their special task of illuminating the path between the known and the secret distant. As you listen to the sounds they create, let yourself become liquid and electric, feel the connection to the amazing unknown that lies somewhere in the fluid forever, and also in the center of your spirit. The Zero Men. Brave pioneers on a sonic journey to bind the physical world to the great beyond. Thank You BBSRadio for providing an impressive Vehicle for Indie artists to put forth thier music.

The Zero Men.

Music Submission, CMTY

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CMTY is a neo-psychedelic, alt/indie, rock multi-instrumentalist, in the midst of blooming his first album. 'Infidels,' is the first single, but the fourth track off the upcoming album, set to release summer 2019.

Music Submission, Lee Rice

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Lee Rice

Hi Guys :) 

I recently completed my 500th Place Played in Chania, Crete.  I'm now recovering with friends in Scotland.  Please find attached a song I wrote in Chania, for your airplay consideration, and another recent song.
Songwriter and Street Artist from North Wales. 
I have just completed an epic 5 1/2 year journey, playing and writing my way through 500 towns and cities, in 30 countries.
It has been a truly exhausting and challenging experience, with lots of inspiration along the way.
I plan on a book about the journey "500 Places" and I have many songs to record.
It is fair to say that my life never really started until I followed my passions.
The artists that have inspired me the most are vast, with Pink Floyd being top of that list.  
Thanks a lot


Music Submission, Matias Malagardis

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Matias Malagardis

"This artist should not be seen as an exciting prospect for the future, but as an accomplished musician in the here and now." - Essentially Pop (United Kingdom)

Madrid-born Matias Malagardis is a 20-year old singer songwriter, who walks in the footsteps of Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, with his mellow, melodic, acoustic-pop songs. In love with the surf culture, his music is highly influenced by the feelings and peace the sea transmits.

He released his first EP 'Winter By The Sea' on October 11th 2018, which was written with the help of Pete Smith (Grammy award winner for the live recording of Sting’s album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”).

Since his first EP was released, it has received really good critics from independent blogs around Europe:

"A very worked EP, and above all, made with a lot of care. A real pleasure to listen. Endlessly." - Music For Your Heart (France).

He has now become an AWAL artist and will be releasing his next single ‘What You’ve Done’ on April 5th , which was recorded with artists such as Tom Jordan (Eastman Guitars Artist).

Music Submission, District Verdant

Julieanne (Black Magic) Cover
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District Verdant

Los Angeles based District Verdant was started in 2009 when Joe Edwards (Vocals/Guitar) was auditioning drummers to restart his old band, Lonely Joe Gets Shotgun, while also playing guitar in local indie band Go West Young Man. After his scheduled audition didn’t show, Aaron Wright (Drums), who had helped produce the first Go West Young Man album and was recording next door, filled in on drums and shortly after they decided to make it permanent. 

They released the eponymous debut album District Verdant in 2011. They played sporadically through the next few years with different guitarists and bassists, and released the Past Tense EP with Edwards and Wright playing the instruments.

In 2014, Stuart Colman (guitar) joined for a Southwestern Tour and subsequently joined permanently to record Everything Louder Than Everything Else. During this time, Michael Largaespada took over bass duties for the following shows, which saw the band play more frequently around the greater LA area. 

After a break, the band is currently recording a new album Dust Storms May Exist, due out early 2019. The first single, Julieanne (Black Magic), was released in September 2018. 

Music Submission, Damn Pigeon

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Damn Pigeon
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Damn Pigeon is an independent band from London Ontario Canada. With 4 full-length albums under their belt, their latest, Screaming Vibrations is having an impact. Receiving airplay in over 40 countries. Damn Pigeon is currently playing live dates in Canada and looks forward to getting out and seeing the rest of the world, check them out!  

Music Submission, PAROUSIA

'LOFT" by Parousia
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 Parousia - a seven-piece rock group that performed in Western NY and Canada throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s.  The band was known locally as a progressive and classic rock cover band that featured original music in their sets and set apart by rock-flutist/front man Patt Connolly.  In 1986 the band relocated to Hollywood and performed in clubs along the Sunset Strip and coastal areas until 1992 when the group disbanded.  In 2018, Parousia reunited in a Hollywood studio to record and release two new songs as a preview to a full new album of original progressive rock done in the classic Parousia style!

Parousia’s “LOFT” album recorded in 1984 features six of the band’s most ambitious and catchy progressive/alternative rock songs, highlighting some of the ‘heaviest hitters’: “The Weekend Starts Tonight”, “People’s Court”, “Keep Running”, “Caesar of the Modern Home”, “She's Movin’ Out to L.A.” and “All the Time in the World.” Musicians: Patt Connolly, Garth Huels, Robert Lowden and Gerry North Cannizzaro. All songs recorded and mixed at Loft Recording Studios, Cheektowaga, NY. Engineered by Jim and Don ‘Donnie’ Peters. 


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