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Ryan Taylor

Ryan’s unique spiritual and rhythmic healing techniques has touched the lives of many around the world. His experience covers a fifteen year span in the study of numerous sacred rhythms which invoke healing energy in each one of us to come to the surface, as well as rhythms that have been used for centuries to call upon the healing energies of the universe and the Divine. Once you get into a groove with Ryan, your perception and outlook will surely change for the positive. “Thought manifests reality”.
DJ Zevzek

DJ Zevzek (DJ, Electonica):

DJ Zevzek is set to release the “Dis Duzzit CD!

Dreamdoktor (Avante Garde, Electronic):

Dreamdoktor to release its avante-garde sounds with Rewired Records!

Weed (Avante Garde, Electronic):

Husband-and-wife tandem Dan and Cristina Handrabur make up what is Weed!
Mov sessian Project

Mov Sessian Project (Classical, Clarinet):

Mov Sessian Project Available From Sunset Classics this month
Woodcock Group

Woodcock Group: (Jazz, Old School Jazz):