Music Submission, Henric Blomqvist & Friends

Artist or Band Name: 
Henric Blomqvist & Friends

Henric Blomqvist is a guitarist/songwriter/composer who lives with his wife Sari and their son Jim in Jakobstad, Finland.
Guitarist for Century Lost and the Classic Rock tributeband Solid Faces and has also been guitarist for Doogie White on several appearances/shows in Finland.
Henric released his first solo CD album 2014, Henric Blomqvist & Friends - All of Your Illusions - on which he collaborated with four different singers.
Bass – Jonas Kuhlberg
Drums – Roger Snellman
Guitar – Henric Blomqvist
Keyboards – Sven Wannäs
Mastered By – Sven Wannäs
Mixed By – Sven Wannäs
Music By – Henric Blomqvist
Producer – Sven Wannäs / Henric Blomqvist
Vocals – Doogie White (tracks: 9), Jari Tiura (tracks: 2,8), Johan Mattjus (tracks: 1,4), Jukka Nummi (tracks: 3,6,7)

Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith
Artist or Band Name: 
Grant Maloy Smith
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
I'm Your Partner & Ride That Train - Rec live at Studio Noho
CD Name: 
I'm Your Partner & Ride That Train - Rec live at Studio Noho
Song Names: 
I'm Your Partner
Ride That Train

Cory Pesaturo and Matthais Matzke

Cory Pesaturo and Matthais Matzke
Artist or Band Name: 
Cory Pesaturo and Matthais Matzke
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Czardas - Recorded live - Studio Noho - Life Changes
CD Name: 
Czardas - Recorded live - Studio Noho - Life Changes
Song Names: 

Music Submission, Ryan Taylor

Artist or Band Name: 
Ryan Taylor

Ryan’s unique spiritual and rhythmic healing techniques has touched the lives of many around the world. His experience covers a fifteen year span in the study of numerous sacred rhythms which invoke healing energy in each one of us to come to the surface, as well as rhythms that have been used for centuries to call upon the healing energies of the universe and the Divine. Once you get into a groove with Ryan, your perception and outlook will surely change for the positive. “Thought manifests reality”. Ryan will show you how to gradually reconstruct your thought process about everything in your world, growing the positive healing in your life, connecting you to your inner purpose, community and the Divine within and without. Ryan Taylor, known as the "Spirit Drummer",  is a multi-faceted percussionist, sound healer, presenter and motivational consultant using the power of drumming as the main tool for his passion and work.

Music Submission, Marco Russo

Artist or Band Name: 
Marco Russo

Marco Russo is singer, songwriter and music maker influences Pop/Rock 60's/70's/80's

Music Submission, Store Thousands

Music Submission, DJ Zevzek

Artist or Band Name: 
DJ Zevzek

DJ Zevzek (DJ, Electonica):

DJ Zevzek is set to release the “Dis Duzzit CD!
Europe’s famous Disc Jockey (DJ) spinner known as DJ Zevzek has released his very own full length album, “Dis Duzzit.” The full-length album is filled with fourteen (14) original sound recordings and musical works of almost an hour and a half worth of constant grooves, making for a extensive mix of electronic and house material. It is being released with Rewired Records. The album is entitled, “Dis Duzzit” and the album name is also a song named on the jazzy and groovy full length CD, and it is representative of one of the better types of traditional beats on a long form CD that has been released in a very long time.

DJ Zevzek is a European who's parents had fled the one time communist ruled Romania and he was eventually allowed to follow them which is where he learned to spin, mix and DJ. Referred to as a so called perfectionist DJ and 'spinner' “DJ Zevzek,” has been a quintessential house-music DJ since the very inception of the overall sound ad genre. “I, myself, have been influenced by some of the most innovative DJs from all over the world,” he (DJ Zevzek) says, his “influences are” wide and obscure calling on the likes of “Couleur 3 and Dr.Silk Sal, ” to help build on his grooving and colorful style.

This overall style was also built while using SL1200 turntables, a Korg Polisix and a TR606 drum box on the four track recorder he had used since he started spinning professionally in his career. But today, he is considered to be a modern styled DJ during live performances. His brand new CD (Dis Duzzit) is a high-quality and driving album that is pristine sounding from the first song to last song ('Hyperdiamonds') that is also the first single being released around the world. This collection is a work of art that is perfect for fans of DJ work and house music.

The new release, “Dis Duzzit,” showcases the DJ's influences bringing the beats and sounds together from albums and songs he grew up playing and listening to for a long time. On the new CD being released at Rewired (Records), is a touch of the old school coupled with the new and modern day sounds that are seamlessly blended. The brand new CD is a fresh batch of songs influenced by an old tradition, by mixing in his own influences making up this brand-new, 2015 release. His career as a DJ began while listening to 'pirate radio' on the French border and he (DJ Zevzek) says that the those sounds were “very funky electronic cuts” such as songs like 'Back to Mono' and while listening to the Dr. Silk Sal's radio program on pirate radio, led him showing up to visit him (Dr. Silk Sal) at the station and at his Petit Saconnex penthouse apartment which is where he discovered the SL1200 turntables that he says had “custom arms and styluses.” Dr. Silk Sal allowed the young DJ to scratch, mix, cut, drop tracks which soon gave him (DJ Zevzek) this musical and rhythm sound and in no time at all, the new DJ started making remixes of popular club songs using a capella, dub and instrumental versions. Soon after that, he (DJ Zevzek) started playing out live at places like Club 58 becoming their resident DJ. He then toured around the world playing everywhere in Europe and in major cities like Vancouver doing raves and after hours clubs while also producing and mixing original dance tracks for all out Roland jams along with live scratching and dubbing at the jam sessions and all nighters.

The popular DJ was also doing work for EA (Entertainment Arts) with songs now on the Quake 3 and NHL 98 production and games and the DJ has done work for the Frontline Assembly, a popular industrial group. “His album is a real, angelic sound of dance music that is a grooving, funky jazzy and wide opened free style set of music,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Rewired about this new LP set to hit stores on March 31, 2015. “It shows the world a great vibe on the entire CD and honestly, it takes me back to when I was doing the club scene in San Francisco, Philly (Philadelphia) and in New York City back in the mid ’90s. The DJ Zevzek then says about his new and debut CD with the Rewired label that this “new collection of dance tracks touches upon soul, funk, gospel and disco while remaining minimal, trippy and spacey.”

(Don) Lichterman also says about DJ Zevzek that he is “a customarily hard working man that believes that the sound of his (DJ Zevzek) music laid down on this full length fourteen (14) song CD will be a staple in this format and style which is very niche, yet also very popular with music fans from all around the world” and that “he considers the consistent and positive reaction of his fan base, this as DJ that will be around forever.”
“Dis Duzzit” by DJ Zevzek is available to stream online worldwide today, and the downloads and physical CD is available in stores that sell music on March 31st. Anyone can listen now and all fans of beats and dance music will be able to get the full length CD soon.

The songs on the CD are as follows:
1. Like To Make Music
2. A Place For Us
3. Concentrix
4. No Juicebar
5. Kinetiq [Reborn]
6. Alone In The Night (Featuring Canaf)
7. Surf Motion
8. Hypgnostiq
9. Zeb [3CB]
10. Hedphunk
11. Haven
12. In Dee Cent (Habbit Remix)
13. Dis Duzzit [X6]
14. Hyperdiamonds 

Music Submission, Dreamdoktor

Artist or Band Name: 

Dreamdoktor (Avante Garde, Electronic):

Dreamdoktor to release its avante-garde sounds with Rewired Records!

There’s some serious method to the madness of this new record from Dreamdoktor, now being released with the Rewired Records record label. The prolific electronic artist has spent years constructing musical compositions, which evokes a soothing and ambient sound that is very much avante-garde showing off elements that are flowing, tonal, intense and magical in all of its songs. Dreamdoktor has applied the same approach it has done anytime they produce spontaneous and overly compelling musical works.

Conceptually, none of this is new for Dreamdoktor. The overall sound expands on its avante-garde feel that draw on influences from the likes of John Zorn, John Cage and Brian Eno. Dreamdoktor itself is made up with visual expressionists by Romania artist Cristina Handrabur and the Romanian composer Dan Handrabur making up what is Dreamdoktor.

Don Lichterman, the label head at Sunset (Rewired Records) states that “taking these avante-garde sound recordings and colorful musical concepts and working it to the clubs, dance formats along with electronic and DJ genres along with working them to the pop listener, is somewhat unorthodox and not normal in this part of the music industry. “The particular songs on this record are especially being worked to my licensing partners for projects across the board.” Dreamdoktor says on the band’s website that it “had composed many unique pieces music that is accompanied by artwork. Of those songs, (Don) Lichterman says that they “we chose 14 tracks that could best be worked this way and that was a battle in itself (we could have used dozens of songs).”

Even with Dreamdoktor’s pretty flexible concepts that are colorful, it's ability to reach the majority of listeners and viewers of avante-garde music and art, is a great approach that adds value to both the music and that artwork. The full length album is filled with an abundance of opaquely uniformed colorfully-drenched electronic sounds that has very accessible melodies, great structures and great sounds that flow nicely from song to song. Normal approaches to musical works like verses and choruses do not come into play here and, with the exception of the consistent rhythms in every song, the shunning of that norm bring the avid listener of this style of music an array of flowing paradox of colors throughout each track.

In reality, the greatest part of these sound recordings are the colorful feel to them. The sound with artwork works amazing as Dreamdoktor rev's up the avante-garde aspect of its energies towards more nuanced format and style of music. Moreover, the colorful, tintinnabulation and discord of songs like “Cervantes” has an incredible atmospheric piece and the sounds belong on film scores and anything drive by drama. “Telephatik Blackmarketers” and “Seven Billion Years To Go” both return to a magical, yet lighter-colored feel especially great film scores and for licensing in any way.

Dreamdoktor and the full length release entitled 'Seven Billion Years To Go' is a great balance for that avante-garde intellectual that is also an avid fan of colorful impressionism artwork. This new interactive concept of combing art and music is a brilliant one. More music artists will most likely follow suit in combing the two arts and the album is filled with the following named songs set to hit stores this month:

1 Seven Billion Years To Go

2 Cervantes

3 Telephatik Blackmarketers

4 Sore Kortex

5 Psy Lo

6 Fallen Flag

7 Breathe Shadows

8 Unthink

9 In Satya

10 Dust To Life

11 Klepsidra

12 Sinner G

13 Oh Lordy

14 I Mad

Music Submission, Weed

Artist or Band Name: 

Weed (Avante Garde, Electronic):

Husband-and-wife tandem Dan and Cristina Handrabur make up what is Weed!

The latest release from Weed contains many nuggets of musical works with ambient singer Cristina Handrabur that lends her beautifully distinctive vocals to songs on 'Visionary Sessions'. Both (Dan and Cristina Handrabur) were both born in Bucharest Romania before each moved to live in Geneva. Dan began playing violin and is classically trained musically while garnering a scholarship to study at the Conservatoire de Geneve at the young age of sixteen (16) years old. Cristina began singing also at an early age in her teens with credits on many albums and placements of her music on many soundtrack CD's. As Weed, they blend ambiance, psychedelia, trip-hop and electronica elements into their own unique musical blend and top it with Dan's great playing styles and with Cristina’s distinctive vocals.

Oddly, Weed have been flying under the radar when it comes to music in mainstream world. People are now fast becoming more familiar with this act, and especially those listeners that are fans of Morcheeba, Lemon Jelly, The Cinematic Orchestra and Jazzanova. Fans of triphop in general and electronica music band will love this new album entitled 'Visionary Sessions.' This latest release does sound like an old formula in a modern era, and those that love music with a modern and sophisticated lounge feel to it, this is an album for you.

Earning a set of Technics DJ'ing at the landmark Club 58, Weed adapted the use of a Korg synthesizer and a Roland beat box. The new reality of composing and producing electronic music along with adding Cristina's soothing vocals, make up quintessential Weed. That overall sound is something that automatically makes the entire album accessible to all listeners. The combination of Dan's playing and Cristina's vocals makes them sound like they did the day they met to collaborate as one. The dreamy vocals and trip hop sound is what carries the band. And, the ability to produce sophisticated beats with flashy chords is what makes that cutting edge overall sound.

There is no doubt that we will hear certain songs be used on TV montages and in advertisements, and the band has already been placed in at least four Soundtrack (Suddenly Naked, Guilty, Free Enterprise & Bruiser) CD's to date. Drawn together by similar tastes in music and artwork, Dan and Cristina fell in love literally, and musically. After Dan moved with his family to Toronto, Canada (shortly after his graduation), a year later, Cristina joined him, and they married each other while they also they collaborated on music in Weed. Having relocated to Canada, they both quickly became known among a new electronic music community and have had great successes in large American cities like Detroit and throughout the entire United Kingdom. Their overall ambient sound is actually described as being more than the Industrial sounds any major populated city is more associated with today.

After the participation of many projects over the years (Outersanctum, Floatpoint, Vuemorph, Mere Mortals, Off And Gone, Weed), the duo has since returned to their native home in Romania to settle in a mountain village, and label head (Rewired Records) Don Lichterman, pleaded with them to allow the company to release this latest CD (Visionary Sessions). (Don) Lichterman says that “seeing them around horse drawn carriages, wooden stoves, secular traditional customs and lots of fresh air, the home of Outersanctum Studios is a goldmine of music and most of all, these guys play so well together; they compliment each others great talents.” (Don) Lichterman also says that “Dan continues to produce albums, tour all over in Europe and hopes to be able to travel to India to learn the techniques of Indian violin playing as well as the sarangi, an ancient, almost rudimentary stringed instrument with a distinctive sound.”

Cristina Handrabur says that “in the last years since we moved from Bucharest, we are enjoying a more natural life, growing our own vegetables and herbs, making our own wine, visiting and discovering new sacred places(where European civilization first started), forest trekking, experimenting and finding inspiration for new artwork.” (Don) Lichterman says that “this overall situation is a great recipe for success and most of all, they need to be heard big time.” He (Don Lichterman) ends by saying that he “will give them (Cristina and Dan Handrabur aka Weed) the most viable chances to be placed and they will have the most viable way to be heard by anyone in the world.”

The 'Visionary Sessions” twelve (12) CD is in stores on march 3rd and the new video of the song, “Truth Love Spirit“ is in all video outlets beginning this week. The full length CD is made up with the following beautiful sound recordings:

1. Visionary Sessions

2. Ace

3. Blessed (Proceed Without Caution)

4. Fields Of Love

5. Aloft

6. Finding My Way

7. Follow Me

8. Make U Feel

9. Omen

10. Path Of Rose Petals

11. Peace Mantra

12. So Hi

13. A Sigh Becomes A Thousand Trees

14. Truth Love Spirit

Music Submission, Mov sessian Project

Artist or Band Name: 
Mov sessian Project

Mov Sessian Project (Classical, Clarinet):

Mov Sessian Project Available From Sunset Classics this month

Clarinetist Claudine Movsessian is one of the most acclaimed classical artists that has manifested in music today - renowned for her melodic, polished, dignified, imaginative, creative clarinet work and for her broad undertaking in delivering a modern day classical tradition to broader and youthful avid listener. Over the past few years, she has recorded many musical works including some of the best clarinet repertoire of the current day. Now, Sunset Classics is proud to announce that (Claudine) Movsessian has brought together two other music aficionados (Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur) for what is the first time recording of a full length album of masterpieces on its' debut self titled CD with Sunset (Classics). On this first release at the Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J) company, (Claudine) Movsessian performs her glorious clarinet works, along with a never-before-released 'clarinet and orchestral' arrangements of sound recordings, on a twelve (12) song full length album. The self titled debut album, is available in stores on February 10.

“This is one of the most traditional American klezmer albums that I have ever heard” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, although that applies to the klezmer component of this intriguingly melange of music in general. French clarinetist Claudine Movsessian has gathered friends and created something quite different, yet timeless. Movsessian's clarinet is driving on the first single and the first video entitled "Heyser Bulger", as the trio blends in Rom fiddling to "Oi mama, bin ich verlieb." “There is also a sense of improvisation that pushed its' music to the edges of classical styles, yet it is very accessible for any avid music listener,” (Don) Lichterman continues to say about the self titled CD. “Overall, it is indeed a tad different from typical American klezmer music but there is that international feel throughout all of the recordings on it” states (Don) Lichterman.

The middle eastern style drums help make up the rhythms on the several klezmer and Yiddish ensembles and (Claudine) she has gathered musicians from around the world, that make up the diverse group. Influences include not only klezmer styles and what be described as Yiddish, its Middle Eastern rhythms are accompanied by clarinet krechts, that make up a lively and what has been described as syncopated classical compositions. The trio that make up the Mov Sessian Project blend itself gently together which creates a powerful group and moreover, a high leveled album from the beginning to the end of it.

(Claudine) Movessian's clarinet playing is second to none and the percussion work is a great blend for fans of world music and of klezmer styled music. The approach to building the songs on this debit album with Sunset (Classics) has been continuously evolving for many years. It just happened to culminate on what became this self titled album. “What fascinates me is how the beauty of the music shines through each song in such a lively way” says (Don) Lichterman, and is “performed in such a 'romantic' way too which is hard to accomplish this day and age.” (Claudine) Movsession has had the ability to now collaborate with two amazing crossover music artists, Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur, two music 'specialists' that have helped revolutionize the way that world music and electronic styled music is looked at today. They have all incorporated their own musical philosophies to create this very unique movement if you will, in this international style of music.

In its approach to making a 'modern' yet rooted group of songs on the CD, the hope is to fuse the old with the new, which is key to being a viable classical music artist in this modern day. Claudine Movsessian and her Mov Sessian project has only been an exclusive Sunset Classical artist for less than year, and they have already captured the attention of classical music listeners in no time at all, and in essence is alluring its audiences worldwide with her breathtaking playing and with the overall tones that are just wonderful to hear.

For more information on the Mov Sessian Project, please visit

Mov Sessian Project Track listing:

1 Carrefour

2 Electro Transe

3 Cosmos

4 Kaleidoscope

5 Haiser Bulgare

6 Babilion

7 Hora

8 Tsumpa

9 Oxygene

10 Parfums D'Orient

11 Le Berger

12 Espace Intersiderale


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