Music Submission, The Jerry Banks Project

Enjoy Your Life cover
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The Jerry Banks Project

Jerry Banks is a prophetic minister who is also a seasoned musician and producer that has performed with a number of bands and ministries for over 20 years. He is known for his hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to music. His writing style mixes R&B and Jazz with elements of Gospel and Hip Hop. Inspirational Groove is the name of the subgenre that he has created with his music because his goal has always been to use the power of music to uplift and illuminate. This project is a sampling of songs that were composed with the whole purpose of guiding people toward transcendence.

Music Submission, Mark J. Brenniser

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Mark J. Brenniser

The following youtube links are songs from my album TAKE OFF. They are both different in styles. If there is any problem and you need a different links to these songs, Please email me at

Whiskey Moon Face

Whiskey Moon Face
an alternative folk group doesn´t even begin to do justice to the breadth of inspiration and style in their music
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Whiskey Moon Face
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Whiskey Moon Face, CD titled, Panspermia
CD Name: 
Song Names: 
Horse Shoe Bridge
No More Days
When These Bones

Music Submission, Ugochill

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Dear Friends.

Ugochill is music project by Serbian/Dutch veteran of Indie Music, Alex Rado.

Alex functions as an standalone independent artist, producer and promoter, but his works also include collaborations with various friends and artists from around the world.

Track, Off Grid is Ugochill latest single release, digitally available worldwide.

Music Submission, JonTheSonata

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I've been at this for awhile, but now I'm trying to do things my own way with my own style.

Sebastian Zawadzki

Sebastian Zawadzki
Sebastian Zawadzki is a Danish composer, pianist, conductor, collaborator and producer inspired equally by classical, electronic and jazz music, Zawadzki's sonic world blends a formal classical training with modern technology
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Sebastian Zawadzki
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Sebastian Zawadzki, CD titled, Norn
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Song Names: 

Music Submission, Eren Coşkuner “Respective”

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Eren Coşkuner “Respective”

Hello Dear Mr/Mrs

Eren Coşkuner's new Jazz Flute Album is released;

First of all, I congratulate you on your beautiful and specially designed content and wish you success. Records with you are performed with precious American jazz musicians from each other in Los Angeles,USA; producer  his new album "Respective" by Eren Coşkuner, all his compositions and arrangements. The new album released by Apple Music label is on Apple iTunes on May 18th on all digital platforms !! If it is in CD format, it will be in all Music markets very soon. In this context, we would be very happy if we could be involved with your new album.

I want to be able to see you again, presenting my deepest love and respect.
İnternational Relations Consultant
Manager contact: Nazlı Oyman

Eren Coşkuner mail:

Album information:

Eren Coşkuner "Respective"

Eren Coşkuner (Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Fx)
Dennis Hamm (E.Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer)
Mike Miller (Guitar)
Dan Lutz (Bass)
Chaun Dupre Horton (Drums)

Special Guest;

Katisse Buckingham (Saxophone)

Press release:

Eren coşkuner's second album "Respective" takes its place on the shelves with its music labels in digital media and CD format.This album, which belongs to all compositions and arrangements of Eren Coşkuner with the understanding of various styles in a single line in fusion style, contains 9 tracks. In this album, recorded live in Los Angeles, USA, Eren Coşkuner is accompanied by Dennis Hamm, guitarist Mike Miller, guitarist Dan Lutz and chaun dupre Horton, as guest artist, and saxophonist Katisse Buchkingham.
We wish to meet you on the "respond" album of Eren Coşkuner, who is willing to consolidate the flute and passion in jazz history with a vibrant, dynamic and versatile music understanding ...

Eren Coşkuner: Respective

Music Submission, Invisible Gardener

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Invisible Gardener

I am known as The Invisible Gardener

Yes I also am an Organic Gardening Consultant and Natural Tree Arborist but I also write my own music. All have special "Healing Tones". For best results use headphones.

Music Submission, Olive'via

Artist or Band Name: 

Haitian and Italian Song Writer, Artist, Producer, and Engineer. Born and raised in Philadelphia. 


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