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Ric Da Vinci

Ric Da Vinci Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Ricky Walsh, known more popularly as Ric Da Vinci, was born on October 30, 1995 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. From an early age, music played a major role is his life. His father, Rich Walsh, played guitar and was Da Vinci's first mentor in music. Ric Da Vinci mastered guitar, drums, and is currently attempting to master the piano. However, rap was not in Ric's playlist until his middle school years. His first role model in rap was his next-door neighbor, Gladly Mistaken, who gave Da Vinci his first opportunity to rap on a microphone.
Monique Sherrell Brown

Monique is known for her passion and dedication to music. She has evolved over the last six years from cabaret singer to her new home as a soulful recording artist transcending traditional genre barriers (music knows no color).

We are a mixed media art-punk band that ties into movies, shorts, comic books, live shows, tours, the Abstraction Art Collective, fashion and madness.  <3
Alexia Riva

Alexia Riva is a French Mexican singer songwriter with a warm voice and passion for Pop, Jazz and Soul music.
She is based in Barcelona, “the City of Counts”, where she feels true to herself and feels inspired by the sound of the city.
The self-taught musician was invited in 2016 to play at the “Summer Acoustic Festival”. Since then she regularly plays in Bars and Open Mics all over Barcelona. Occasionally she performs for weddings as well.