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We are a mixed media art-punk band that ties into movies, shorts, comic books, live shows, tours, the Abstraction Art Collective, fashion and madness.  <3
Alexia Riva

Alexia Riva is a French Mexican singer songwriter with a warm voice and passion for Pop, Jazz and Soul music.
She is based in Barcelona, “the City of Counts”, where she feels true to herself and feels inspired by the sound of the city.
The self-taught musician was invited in 2016 to play at the “Summer Acoustic Festival”. Since then she regularly plays in Bars and Open Mics all over Barcelona. Occasionally she performs for weddings as well.
Eren Coşkuner “Respective”

Hello Dear Mr/Mrs

Eren Coşkuner's new Jazz Flute Album is released;
Ola Splent

From a small city called Lagrange,Ga. artist Ola Splent has been making music people can relate to and vibe to for awhile now.It wasnt easy!Also known as trap county Lagrange is a crooked city.So between recording,promoting,mixing,and etc he had to do it all hisself.With Lagrange being a big music seen right now.Hes giving it all he got to make something happen.And in his latest ep title "Kush Muzik Ep on datpiff youll understand where hes coming from.