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Alexia Riva

Alexia Riva is a French Mexican singer songwriter with a warm voice and passion for Pop, Jazz and Soul music.
She is based in Barcelona, “the City of Counts”, where she feels true to herself and feels inspired by the sound of the city.
The self-taught musician was invited in 2016 to play at the “Summer Acoustic Festival”. Since then she regularly plays in Bars and Open Mics all over Barcelona. Occasionally she performs for weddings as well.
As well as a radio interview with Billy Harforsh at “BarcelonaCityFM” which presents music all over Europe and the USA, Alexia Riva was also recently part of the “Secret Concerts” edition of Acqustic – a company which presents talented newcomers of Barcelona’s music scene.
Born in Dunkirk, a small city on the coastline in the North of France, Alexia Riva was influenced by the songs of her Mexican mother. Growing up bilingual, Alexia sings mainly in English, but also in French and Spanish.
Moving to Lille in France allowed her music to flourish by meeting other musicians and by improving her guitar and ukulélé skills.
Since February 2015 she has called Barcelona her home, where she creates new songs influenced by her trips to Europe, Australia and South America. Her music is inspired by her emotions, which we will hopefully hear more of during Alexia Riva´s EP release in 2018.