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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Author, Judge
Guest Biography:

Anthony J. Mohr served for twenty-six years as a judge on the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. He also sat as a judge pro tem on the California Court of Appeal. In January 2021, he became a fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University and is now a senior editor of the Harvard ALI Social Impact Review. His stories and essays have received five Pushcart Prize nominations. He has worked on the staffs of Evening Street Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Hippocampus Magazine, and Under the Sun.

Guest Category: Literature, Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Advocate
Guest Biography:

Denny Meek reared her children mostly as a single mum.

Of the four children she brought into the world, three have predeceased her.

Her second son was lost as an infant to a rare heart disease.

Two of her teenagers ended their own lives, four years apart.

Denny’s two primary relationships subjected her to domestic violence.

She’s been confronted by many challenging situations, deep hurts, and tragic losses, but survives them all, and continues to learn to live again.

Denny’s single mothering was supplemented by a series of odd jobs – from unemployment project officer to photographer, bar staffer to video editor, professional Tarot reader to teacher’s special aide. As an author, she now helps raise awareness for the various personal and social challenges she and her children experienced.

Denny grew up in country town northern New South Wales, Australia. She earned a psychology degree from Macquarie University, Sydney NSW, and later a diploma of freelance journalism by correspondence. She’s lived in Tasmania, Melbourne Victoria, Gympie Queensland, Coffs Harbour NSW, and now on five hectares, on the southern Gold Coast with her adult son.

On her property lives the world’s second deadliest snake – the Eastern Brown – which was spotted and filmed in ritual combat by Denny and received over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Christianity, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Executive Vice President of Incentive Operations
Guest Biography:

    John Hadity is the Executive Vice President of Incentive Operations and oversees the film financing
subsidiary of Entertainment Partners, the global leader in entertainment payroll, residuals, extras casting, tax
incentives, finance and other integrated production management solutions. Mr. Hadity specializes in the
monetization of tax credits and Minimum Guarantees. Projects recently financed include Oliver Stone’s
SNOWDEN, Spike Lee’s CHI-RAQ, Doug Liman’s AMERICAN MADE, Jim Jarmusch’s PATERSON,
Peter Sollett’s FREEHELD, and Kitty Green’s THE ASSISTANT.

   Prior to joining EP, Mr. Hadity was the President and CEO of Hadity & Associates, Inc., a consultancy firm
that specializes in risk management and production finance for film and television. With over 20 years of
studio experience, Mr. Hadity previously served as the Executive Vice President of Motion Picture &
Television Production Finance for Miramax Films. During his 12-year tenure with the company he was
responsible for a portfolio of production budgets valued in excess of $4 Billion. Mr. Hadity oversaw the
strategic planning, risk management, labor relations, business affairs, tax, government relations and financial
reporting for over 250 production entities, as well as managed all of the parent company’s structured finance
and off balance sheet transactions. He has worked closely with government policymakers on the regional,
state, provincial, and international levels to incentivize the movement of production to these areas, resulting
in over $250 Million being brought back into the studio while supporting inward investment in those
territories. In addition to his corporate responsibilities at the company, Mr. Hadity also served as production
rep on several Miramax releases including Academy Award winners SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, THE

     Mr. Hadity began his film career at Orion Classics, a division of Orion Pictures Corp., where he served as
technical and administrative director on art and specialty film acquisitions including Gabriel Axel’s Oscar
winning BABETTE’S FEAST, Stephen Frears’ MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE, Akira Kurosawa’s
RAN, Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Pedro Almodovar’s WOMEN ON THE VERGE
OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, Bruno Nuytten’s CAMILLE CLAUDEL, Richard Linklater’s
WINGS OF DESIRE, several films by Eric Rohmer, and the re-release of Louis Malle’s MURMUR OF

    Mr. Hadity departed Orion during its financial restructuring to join indie producer Donna Gigliotti at
Universal Pictures where he managed Ms. Gigliotti’s independent production company, Tempesta Films.
Projects originally developed and packaged under the Tempesta banner include the film adaptation of Walter
Mosley’s acclaimed novel DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS and first-time director Dan Algrant’s NAKED IN
NEW YORK executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Immediately prior to joining Miramax in 1993, Mr. Hadity was with The Kennedy/Marshall Company, the independent production concern of former Amblin Entertainment producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

    Mr. Hadity is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), is a Chair Emeritus of the Producers Guild of America East, and has served on the PGA’s National Board of Directors. His non-
profit roles include Hamilton College (Trustee; President Emeritus, Alumni Association; Chair Emeritus, Alumni Council), Tectonic Theater Project (Board Chair), NY LGBT Center (Board of Directors), Independent Filmmaker Project (Advisory Board), New York Production Alliance (NYPA Board of Directors), and has served on the MPAA’s Worldwide Production and International Tax Committees. 

   He is a member of New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT), is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the
film program at Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema and is a former adjunct at
Columbia University’s School of the Arts. He is a graduate of Hamilton College.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Business, Education, Society and Culture, Pop Culture, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter, international speaker, teacher, author
Guest Biography:

Award-winning music producer PEPPER JAY has been producing the songs of JOHN MICHAEL FERRARI for over 30 years.  Pepper Jay was named “Outstanding AC Music Producer of the Year” by the Producers Choice Honors for Ferrari’s crossover single “My Heart Can’t Breathe.” For the same song, Ferrari was voted “Crossover Artist of the Year” by the New Music Awards and voted “Fan Favorite” by the Independent Music Network.  Their song “Masquerading in the Night” was awarded “Best Song Production 2022” by the Museboat Live Channel.  And, John Michael was named “Singer Songwriter of the Year 2022 by the Nashville Music Foundation.  

All reviews of the music produced by Pepper Jay for John Michael Ferrari have been 100% positive.  According to Soundlooks, the Sound Journal, one of many excellent reviews: “  John Michael Ferrari – “My Heart Can’t Breathe” constitutes a high point in the artist’s catalog” 

“The award-winning singer-songwriter, John Michael Ferrari has returned with a generous and emotional single, entitled “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, that suggests a mature, philosophical perspective on painful memories of a broken relationship, without losing his impish sense of melody and taste for lavish organic arrangements. …  It’s immediately apparent that working with producer Pepper Jay, is a good fit. Pepper has created something that has a fresh pop feel, while giving a nod to classic singer-songwriter tracks, all the while curbing any tendency to veer off on indulgent musical tangents, allowing John Michael Ferrari’s voice to dominate, with the support of Tania Hancheroff’s backing vocals. Indeed, “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, is all crisp, multi-tracked pianos, electric guitars and swooning harmonies.”

When asked about their many successes, Pepper Jay responds with a big smile, “After all these years, I still enjoy making music with John Michael Ferrari and I love that our music creates an audience full of smiles.” 

Pepper Jay has produced three albums for John Michael Ferrari on their independent label “Cappy Records” with many landing in the top 10 of several radio country, pop, top 40, and mainstream charts, including several #1’s.  A fourth album is in the works.

Among many other accolades, their album, “Be the Smile on Your Face” was awarded “Outstanding Triple A Album” by the Producers Choice Honors, and they were awarded “Best Peace Song” at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace for their song “Like a Rock n Roll Band.”    

John Michael Ferrari has been honored to have graced the covers of several magazines in the past two years including New Music Weekly, Hollywood Weekly Nashville, and eZWay Magazine.

Pepper Jay is an international speaker on the subjects “Peace Begins with Me” and Dynamic Communication Skills.  She is an US ambassador in Arts 4 Peace, and on the Board of the U.S.S. Emmons Association.

Trivia:  Pepper Jay is a teacher and the author of "Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer's Bible.   Pepper Jay divides her  time between Pahrump, Nevada and Nashville. 

For further info about Pepper Jay, visit

our sites:

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Music, Self Help, Society and Culture, Travel & Leisure, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Legal Broker
Guest Biography:
David Allen is a highly accomplished individual who served as the Mayor and CEO of Prairie View, Texas. With his exceptional leadership, he oversaw City Administration, Police, and Public Works, propelling the city towards unprecedented growth and prosperity.
During his tenure, Prairie View experienced an extraordinary economic surge, witnessing a staggering $600 million worth of development within a mere four-year span. One of the notable areas of growth was in student housing, with the addition of over 5,000 beds. This expansion, along with the establishment of new restaurants, convenience stores, townhomes, retail spaces, and even a hotel, has contributed to the creation of a vibrant and thriving community.
Beyond the physical infrastructure, David Allen's visionary approach resulted in a significant increase in revenue for the city. Property taxes alone contributed an additional $1.9 million to the city's budget, enabling improvements in city services and the expansion of the police force. Notably, he also prioritized lowering property taxes for residents aged 65 and above, ensuring a fair and inclusive approach to economic development.
In addition to his expertise in economic development, David Allen is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. With a deep understanding of privacy and security laws, including FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) and others, he assists businesses and associations in educating and ensuring compliance with these crucial regulations. His focus on handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) helps organizations protect themselves and their customers from the ever-present threat of identity theft.
Guest Category: News, Legal, Politics & Government, Local, National, World, College, Tourism
Guest Occupation: Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognised pioneer and authority in the fields of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and The Internet of Things.Guest Category: Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, News, Science, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Technology
Guest Occupation: Animal Rights Activist, Filmmaker, Media Personality
Guest Biography:

Jamie Logan is an animal rights activist, filmmaker and media personality based in NYC. She is best known for her animal rights films that have over 75 million views as well as her “Jamie’s Corner” YouTube show, where she uses humor to educate people on the street about how their food gets to their plate. She currently works at Generation Vegan focusing on creating impact through international campaigns, social media, plant based food drives and films.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, News, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Guest Biography:

Luciana Zogbi is a singer/songwriter who, like many other young artists, started her career creating her own version of popular songs on YouTube. Her unique and soothing voice attracted over 2.8 million subscribers from all around the globe.

She recently started releasing her own original music that reflects her own philosophy, style and eclectic background. Luciana was born in Brazil, has Lebanese ancestry and travels around the world to gather inspiration for her music.

Much of her work centers around breaking barriers and borders and promoting unity and transcendence.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Games & Hobbies, Music, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Creators of The Academy For Future Science, an international organization working in over fifteen countries.
Guest Biography:

My guests J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.  are founders of The Academy for Future Science. Dr. J.J. Hurtak wrote the best-seller, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and together, they have written numerous books including Overself Awakening and Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, the latter co-authored with physicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, examining quantum physics and the power of the mind. Dr. J.J. Hurtak also co-authored the book End of Suffering with physicist, Russell Targ. Their latest book Sound was #1 on Amazon for the Physics of Acoustics and Sound. They are contributors to both Our Moment of Choice, which includes their insights on consciousness together with those of over forty other internationally respected writers, and the Making Contact book. Drs. Hurtak have appeared on Netflix, BBC Radio, GAIA TV, Coast-to-Coast AM, Deepak Chopra’s Wellness Radio (Sirius XM), Hay House Radio and many others. To learn more:,

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, History, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Technology
Guest Occupation: National security analyst, NYT Bestselling author and Chairman
Guest Biography:

Brigitte Gabriel is the quintessential example of a 21st century American Dream story. She is the epitome of how out of one’s adversity comes strength. She captivates audiences with her most inspiring and courageous life story about human triumph despite all odds. She is the definition of “tenacity in the face of adversity.”

With a passion and vigor hailing directly from her profound experience during the opening salvos of war in Lebanon, she offers a poignant account of a remarkable upbringing.  At 10 years of age she survived a barrage of rockets exploding in her home leaving her wounded and buried under the rubble. Gabriel and her family spent the next seven years in an 8 x 10 underground bomb shelter fighting to survive.

She crawled under the bombs digging for vegetation to eat and crawling under sniper’s bullets to a nearby spring for water. From the sexual violations to the constant barrage of exploding artillery, she perseveres to be a strong woman in an Arab land. From teaching herself English watching subtitles on a TV screen to learning how to type, she prepared herself to one day live the American Dream.

Ms. Gabriel moved to Israel in 1984 and became news anchor for “World News,” an evening Arabic news broadcast for Middle East Television seen throughout Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. Her work is of international scope having brought her in contact with world figures such as Margaret Thatcher, George H. Bush, Queen Nour El. Hussein, Itzhak Rabine, and Shimon Perez.

Fiercely articulate and passionately committed, Gabriel has a message of hope and determination that will inspire, strengthen and motivate even the most dissolute. She will make you laugh, cry, and swell with pride for being an American.

From the war-torn bomb shelter of Lebanon to the boardroom of America, Gabriel is a startling illustration of the American Dream. An inspiration for women throughout the world, she has balanced the demands of a successful career with the equally challenging duties of motherhood. Her passionate lectures emit a positive and empowering message to act on one’s beliefs and follow your dreams.

Brigitte Gabriel is named one of the top 50 most prominent Speakers in America. She is a New York Times best selling author, and Chairman of the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S. with over one million members. She has keynoted galas from Switzerland to Australia, London to New York and addressed world leaders, Prime Ministers, and organizations such as The United Nations, The United States Congress, The British Parliament, The FBI, and many others.

Brigitte Gabriel’s media appearances have spanned media outlets across the globe such as Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Sky News, NHK World, Australian TV, BBC, Der Spiegel, Canada TV and various radio stations daily across America.

Ms. Gabriel was knighted in Europe in 2016 and became “Dame Brigitte Gabriel”. She speaks Arabic, French, English, and Hebrew.

Guest Category: Education, News, World News, Politics & Government, Religion, Judaism, Christianity, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Retired Law Enforcement Sgt, Former Senior Chaplain Dept of Detention and Corrections , Author, Ambassador of Peace
Guest Biography:

Edie Darling is a retired law enforcement sergeant and former senior chaplain in the Department of Detention and Corrections Bureau, serving the citizens of Pinellas County for nearly three decades. Her commitment to people and the community has extended beyond the walls of law enforcement. She is an author, spiritual leader, motivational speaker, true humanitarian, but most importantly she is our communities Ambassador of Peace. 

Guest Category: Politics & Government, Local, National, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Religion, Self Help
Guest Occupation: Coach, Teacher, Storyteller
Guest Biography:

Hi, my name is Aerin. I am a coach, teacher, and storyteller who inquires, explores, and holds space as you are unfolding. I am driven by my curiosity to understand consciousness, people, and the world so we take care of each other collectively as a community, which is what I believe to live wisely. I hope to make our world brighter by deepening our presence and elevating our well-being through coaching, teaching, and authentic storytelling.

As a coach, I work with leaders across private, public and civil society sectors who are committed to expressing their highest selves so they can lead positive changes in their organizations and communities. I bring a broad range of experiences, approaches, and tools into my work with clients. They include emotional attunement, somatic exercises, mindfulness, and frameworks to discover values and to build effective and harmonious professional and personal relationships, practices for sustaining and managing one’s well-being. Prior to becoming a full-time coach, I spent 15 years working on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley with CEOs, founders, and executives.

As a bilingual writer, I write my thoughts and insights drawn from my own life in both English and Korean. My stories are centered around my contemplative practices and understanding of modern life and our individual and collective well-being. My first book “I’m in (아임인)” was published in Korea in 2021. This book documents my journey from being an investment banker on Wall St to a transformational coach in the world. My intention was to inspire others to follow their own unique path with courage, trust, and compassion.

I also lead workshops and retreats including the Hoffman Process. Hoffman is a week-long personal transformation retreat, where we guide them to discover who they are and love themselves.

Guest Category: Education, Games & Hobbies, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Musical Artist, Songwriter, Singer,
Guest Biography:

Spellbinding. That’s a powerful word, but it’s really the only one that suits the talented Lauren Hulbert. Her dreamy vocals have been leaving audiences breathless for years, enchanting listeners with her warm, winsome, highly personal combination of folk, alternative country-rock, and atmospheric semi-acoustic pop. The singer has a diversified palate: while she is currently a folk-pop artist, she began competing in Bach and classical festivals as a kid. She can switch back and forth between her classically trained piano skills or self-taught guitar expertise easily. Her favorite lyrical subject is the human condition; she finds inspiration in every feeling, emotion, and situation to create lyrically dense and bona fide tracks. It’s important for Lauren to vocalize and visualize her experiences and hardships into muses to build connections and heal others.

A fan described Lauren Hulbert’s music perfectly, “It’s so honest, and goes down like honey.” Her shows are subtly dazzling, her recordings are softly gorgeous, and her screen presence is positively luminous. Best of all, she does it in a manner that isn’t ostentatious in the slightest: Hulbert favors pure and unadorned folk arrangements that emphasize her thoughtful lyrics, her carefully-wrought melodies, and her radiant voice.

On her latest EP, Superbloom, Hulbert showcases herself as a true believer in the power of love and music as well as a strong guitarist and a deeply communicative storytelling singer. Recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco with engineer and multi-instrumentalist James Riotto (recorded with John Vanderslice, Geographer), drummer/percussionist Andrew Maguire (played/toured/recorded with Mirah, Meernaa, Kings of Convenience, Gregory Alan Isakov), and guest musicians mandolinist Daniel Mark (former Dustbowl Revival member) and cellist Helen Newby, they intuitively assembled five sweet, harmonious folk-pop tracks with depth and edge.

The California singer-songwriter has lived worldwide- from Thailand to Ecuador and most recently her father’s homeland of New Zealand. Hulbert’s interests outside of music include acting, modeling, surfing, and teaching. When she’s not playing the instruments herself, she’s mentoring other creatives in piano, guitar, and ukulele. Lauren finds groundedness and inspiration in communing with nature, especially the redwoods and the Santa Monica Mountains, which are next door to this Southern California native’s hometown of Newbury Park.

Impressively, she is also the recipient of the 2013 RAW Artists Ventura Chapter Artist of the Year Award & the September 2014 West Coast Songwriters Song Award for “Burn,” the final track on Superbloom.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Music, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: President of VBK Basketball Academy
Guest Biography:


Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: Valerie Plame A former career covert CIA operations officer
Guest Biography:

A former career covert CIA operations officer, Valerie Plame worked to protect America’s national security and prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons. During her career with the CIA, Valerie managed top-secret covert programs designed to keep terrorists and rogue nation states from acquiring nuclear weapons. This involved decision making at senior levels, recruiting foreign assets, deploying resources around the world, managing multi-million dollar budgets, briefing US policy-makers, and demonstrating consistently solid judgment in a field where mistakes could prove disastrous to national security. She was also involved in covert cyber operations and counterterrorism efforts in Europe and the Middle East. 

Valerie has served on several non-profit boards including the Ploughshares Fund, Global Zero, the United Way of Santa Fe County, Penn State University School of International Affairs, and Postpartum Support International. She is the founder of Fair Game PAC, which was set up to help fund candidates, especially women, who are concerned about the nuclear threat and climate change.

Valerie is the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, which was released as a major motion picture of the same name starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. Along with Sarah Lovett, she has published the well-received fictional spy thrillers Blowback and Burned

A graduate of Penn State, Valerie holds Master's degrees from the London School of Economics and the College of Europe. She recently ran for the Congressional seat in Northern New Mexico. Valerie is the mother of twenty-something aged twins and lives in New Mexico. 

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: teacher
Guest Biography:

William Linville - Bio

William Linville is the embodied clear conduit of presence and clear creator consciousness who has transcended all of the lower levels of the physical form, as well as all of the carnal levels of the physical makeup that came with his embodiment, which he stepped into on a surgery table in 1996. 

He is here on the planet to assist you to clear out all of your mental, physical, and emotional conflicts and misperceptions that have held you back from fully marrying your higher levels through your lower levels.

Working beyond space and time, William is presented with your light-realms, as well as you within and throughout all levels of creation, to assist with releasing and dissolving all of the density, debris from misperceptions, and conflicts within the mental, emotional, subtle pain bodies and all that is affecting the physical. 

He then assists your body to begin to vibrate faster by marrying the higher levels of you – your creator levels, your manifest levels, your light bodies – integrating into this realm through your physicality as you wake-up, lighten-up, emanate, and express within and throughout your world and all of creation as a whole.

William Linville teaches no belief system and is not affiliated with any group or organization. 

William Linville just IS. 

William works with each person, group or business in their own individual uniqueness, as well as for the highest and best good of all concerned.




Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Certified Medium, Psychic
Guest Biography:

Catherine’s gifts of Spirit communication have been with her since she was nine years old. As a child, she realized she was able to see, hear, and communicate with Spirit Guides through dreams and during waking hours. Her special natural gifts have given her the ability to help others through grief, crisis, stress, and joyful moments in their lives. She has a true belief in the “afterlife” and has helped many others find their spiritual path.

Catherine is a psychic, medium and clairvoyant. She has trained at The Arthur Findlay School in Stansted England and has also studied with Suzane Northrop and James Van Praagh in psychic workshops. For the past several years, she has worked numerous public events, which include psychic fairs, teachings and live demonstrations in the New York City, New Jersey area, and Massachusetts. She believes in working within the white light and is very prayerful. She also leads guided meditations, which helps students utilize their gifts and develop their hidden psychic abilities. She has international and well-known clients in the music and entertainment business. Her readings are very unique and different.

Catherine believes that life is a journey. After serving a one year tour in Iraq with the military, Catherine realized life is short and that she needed to work more with the public in assisting them on their spiritual journey in life. Her knowledge of the spirit world has motivated her to help others better understand, evaluate and review relationships and love. She believes that even through dying our loved ones never say goodbye, even when it feels like they have left us behind. She knows and trusts that our loved ones are helping to guide and protect us.

Led by Spirit, Catherine has read Italian and Turkish coffee since her late teens. Through working with coffee, she has been able to help her clients identify issues in their lives and find solutions. She delivers unusual coffee readings, which leave lasting impressions with her clients. After many years of reading coffee, she has just completed her first book which explains the art of psychic readings and the impact symbols have on our lives.

Catherine works with children in teaching them about the phases of the moon. She gives instructions on moon dancing and intentions to both children and adults. She enjoys working with children to help them understand their psychic abilities and seeing spirits.

Today, she runs “Dream Central Station”, as a Light-worker, Catherine is able to assist others to discover and explore their spiritual journey. The concept behind, Dream Central Station was developed with the notorious “Grand Central Station” in New York City in mind. This station is a location and landmark which assists people in getting to different locations and destinations in life. The station is busy like the world that we live in, which helps us complete our journey and experience. She believes that you need to continually grow, expand and develop to better experience all of the divine gifts of life and the spirit world. Catherine retired from the Army Reserve as a Colonel after serving for 30 years. Today she shows her support for the military by raising funds for severely wounded veterans in various ways (motorcycle rallies for vets, special readings, and fundraisers).

Catherine Nadal has lived a different life than most. Gifted with psychic abilities as a child, she felt lost without direction. What she did not know at that time was that realizing her true identity would take time and patience.

In a fascinating retelling of her personal recollections, Nadal shares insight into the events that changed her life and set her on the path to discover her lifework as a psychic medium. She illuminates the hardships, doubts, and premonitions that occurred in her childhood, in combat, and beyond. She also reveals how she found direction while on a journey wrapped in self-discovery, mystery, and courage that eventually led her to help others understand grief and the afterlife. Throughout her story, Nadal reminds us that it's never too late to change our conversations or paths, to keep discovering the unknown, and express gratitude for the gifts that life places along the way.

And She Danced by the Light of the Moon chronicles the experiences and insights of a psychic medium as she reveals how she discovered her lifework and purpose.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Paranormal, Ghosts, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling
Guest Occupation: CEO Founder Retreat Leader Coach Podcaster
Guest Biography:

Let's discover: "Finding Clarity in Changing Times”.

Anita Adams had a successful not-for-profit and realized it no longer nourished her soul and set out on a journey, literally, to find her fulfillment and her JOY. Soul care and heart whispers are brought to life in this inspiring story of how to step back from our commercialized world and the post-COVID stress that can create. This insightful interview will help you look at life and lifestyle from a new lens, one of connecting to your inner wisdom and a rich and fulfilling life that is acknowledged by your soul as success. As an author of an upcoming book and the podcast host for The Joyful Journey, these wisdom nuggets go deep...

JOIN US, FOR INSPIRATION! Listen here: Station 1 at noon MT / 10am ET/ 11am PT

Learn more about Anita and her work here:





Guest Category: Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Award-winning actor, author, advocate
Guest Biography:

Award-winning actor, author and advocate Christine Solomon’s second book ‘Wishing Upon A New Moon’ has been released and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Hill Weiser Publishing

‘Wishing Upon A Moon’ is a mystical story about a little girl named Pepper, who likes to be in constant control. Perfectionism is always her goal, but when her behavior gets in the way of her and her best friend, Bremner, Pepper must face the consequences. This unique picture book shows how failing is an important part of learning, teamwork is key, and success does not need to be perfect.

Wishing Upon A New Moon’ is the second children’s book Christine has authored to convey new lessons to kids. Christine pays homage to Tim Burton and Hans Zimmer with a number of references inside the book that will remind the reader of Tim and Hans. Christine’s new children’s book Wishing Upon A New Moon is available at Hill Weiser Publishing, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. 

Illustrator Nataliia Mazepa is a passionate artist from Ukraine who now lives in Poland. She invests her knowledge, skills, and most importantly her soul in all of her work. Her portfolio is notable for its stylistic range. Nataliia weaves magic out of digital art, colored pencil, architectural and watercolor drawings, and whimsical illustrations. You’ll be able to profoundly experience the emotion playing over the character’s face, whether it’s happiness, bravery, or loss – accurately representing the intended mood that all children can relate to.

Award-winning actress Christine Solomon’s work has been exhibited, showcased, and displayed to millions of viewers in Egypt, Canada, and around the world on major television networks and movie studios such as HBO Canada, The Movie Network, Rotana Group (the Arab World’s largest entertainment company owned by the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talat), Ubisoft, as well as in print, online, and other advertising media.

Additionally, Christine completed voice-over and ADR work on three episodes of the Disney+-exclusive Marvel television series Moon Knight, which won a Primetime Emmy Award and stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. The series follows Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), a mercenary who has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and is drawn into a deadly mystery involving Egyptian gods with his multiple alters, such as Steven Grant. More info available following this link:

Christine is also proud of her role in the internationally award-winning feature film JACIR which has reached regional and international success. JACIR has screened in multiple theaters across the United States, including during the Sundance Film Festival, as well as abroad in France during the Cannes Film Festival and Tulum, Mexico. JACIR stars Academy Award nominee Lorraine Bracco, Malek Rahbani, and Tutweezy and is directed by Emmy Award-winning director Waheed AlQawasmi.

The story is about a young Syrian refugee who faces hard truths chasing the American dream on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, while living in poverty, dealing with social injustice, and witnessing his neighbor’s opioid addiction. Christine plays Jacir’s fiancé, (Malek Rahbani) the love of his life, whom he has lost during the Syrian war along with his entire family. JACIR is currently available on Apple, Google, Amazon, and Xbox in Canada and 82 countries,

Christine is not only multi-talented but also has a number of projects on the go with her two companies Hill Weiser and Muze Consultancy.

Her acting consultancy company Muze Consultancy is offering a course for Canadian actors and individuals to help them prepare for a USA O-1 & EB-1A Visa. In this course, Christine covers everything on both types of visas including tips on how to get things done that are more challenging than others, and how to assemble their visa package when working on their O-1 and EB-1A visa with their lawyer. The course will provide them with downloadable materials, sample letters, checklists, and presentation slides that will help them visually understand how this process works. Everything from how to draft their reference letters to how to obtain deal memos and sponsorships. The online course will be available online at Muze Consultancy this year. Sign up at this link to receive more information:

With a passion for skincare, Christine is creating a skincare line Aprèm to be available online. She has also worked for Galderma as their ambassador for their #MyRosacea3 campaign.

Christine is available for interviews and photos upon request.


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Guest Occupation: Fine Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, and Firefighter/EMT
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Paul Combs is a fine artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and firefighter/EMT. His work is published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, and books. He is the editorial cartoonist for Fire Engineering Magazine, and author of four books, and illustrator of the best-selling Sprinkles the Fire Dog and Sprinkles the Fire Dog 2: Making a Difference.

Paul joined the fire service in 1995 and has been a fire service instructor since 2000. He is a retired Lieutenant for the City of Bryan Fire Department in Ohio. Paul is an FDIC presenter, keynoter, and Hands-On-Training instructor, and recipient of the 2018 George D. Post ISFSI Instructor of the Year Award. He is currently an instructor with On-Scene Training Associates, City of Bryan Regional Training Academy, and lectures internationally on leadership and success planning.

Paul is a USO volunteer entertainer, traveling the globe to bring comfort to active, wounded, and retired U.S. and NATO warriors through his art in association with the National Cartoonists Society.

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