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Guest Name
Barnet Meltzer
Guest Occupation
Preventive Medicine Pioneer, Integrative Medicine Authority, Clinical Nutrition Expert, Physician, Surgeon, Energy Coach, Weight Loss Motivator
Guest Biography

Barnet Meltzer, M.D., is a pioneer and well-known expert in the field of Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Meltzer owns the distinction of being the first medical doctor to enter the field of Preventive Medicine in Southern California, and is a board certified physician and surgeon with over 30 years of clinical experience as a practicing primary care physician. As the founder and Director of the Meltzer Wellness Institute (MWI), Dr. Meltzer is a leading authority in health, wellness, and metabolic nutrition. He has a well-deserved reputation as Southern California's #1 Wellness, Weight Loss, and Energy Coach.

Dr. Meltzer's credentials include graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (the first Ivy League medical school). Upon graduating from medical school,Barnet Meltzer, M.D. Dr. Meltzer completed his internship at UCLA and served two years of surgical residency at the University of California Medical Center in San Diego (UCSD).

Since opening his medical clinic in 1972, Dr. Meltzer has developed an international following with people from all over the world seeking his consultation. His signature wellness programs go beyond the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, and draw on the most effective dimensions of health, wellness, and healing techniques from around the world—including Europe, South America, India, China, and the United States. These programs are designed to empower his patients with tools and strategies to promote a lifetime of wellness, vitality, happiness, and preventing disease. By incorporating the healing arts of the North, South, and East with scientific principles of modern Western medicine, Dr. Meltzer offers a dynamic blend that gives him an unparalleled edge in nutrition and health. This, coupled with extensive clinical experience—overseeing more than 60,000 patients in his career—has put Dr. Meltzer at the forefront of Preventive and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Meltzer expanded on his eclectic approach to health and wellness when he was granted a scientific visa from the Colombian government in 1975. During this fact-finding expedition, he was able to study the lifestyle and living habits of remote villages in the Andes. It was here that he refined his expertise and philosophy on healthy lifestyles and preventing disease. Upon returning to California, Dr. Meltzer created a step-by-step nutritional detoxification program, which to this day remains a cornerstone to his wellness programs.

As the 21st century begins, we are all looking for effective alternatives to costly health care and the overwhelming physical concerns that face our aging nation. Dr. Meltzer believes "the least costly illness is the one that never occurs." As a leader and expert in field of Preventive & Integrative Medicine, he has created a variety of pioneering wellness programs that promote permanent weight loss, optimal health, anti-aging, and increased energy and vitality—keeping Dr. Meltzer at the leading edge of innovation in the field of health and wellness.