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Guest Name
Barry French Jr
Guest Occupation
Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of Traq Global Ltd.
Guest Biography

Barry French Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of Traq Global Ltd. He has significant experience in business development, management, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, networking, investor relations, and sales and distribution. Barry is also knowledgeable in the areas of product development, software development strategy, and partner development. Prior to Traq Global Ltd., Barry spent several successful years with Cybex International and Star Trac. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Barry was a baseball player for the school and majored in kinesiology. He is also the President and Founder of the International Concussion Organization, a nonprofit organization.

TRAZER is the revolutionary patented technology of TRAQ Global Ltd. that offers specialized interactive testing and training programs for concussion management, orthopedic rehabilitation, senior health and injury prevention. Clinicians, athletic trainers, and coaches are provided with data, giving them the ability to make strategic and confident Return-2-Play (R2P) and Return-2-Activities of Daily Living (R2ADL) for their patients.

The TRAZER technology uses computer-based simulation to create an accurate analog of the functional challenges of sports, work, leisure and daily living activities. TRAZER tracks 25 points on the human body.  This allows core physical and physiologic performance to be quantified as reaction time, acceleration, speed, endurance, jump height, cardiovascular efficiency, caloric expenditure, and distance traveled.

The TRAZER Sports Simulator uses full body sensing, 3-D graphics and breakthrough measurement analytics to provide information directly related to your patient’s healthy performance capabilities. In the event of injury, our patented baseline data can be compared to future Return-to-Play TRAZER Tests post injury to ensure a safe and healthy return.

TRAZER also provides healthcare providers and clinicians with standardized, objective, actionable data that can be accessed instantly through our HIPAA compliant Cloud website. This immediate access to TRAZER’s reports and test results gives each person involved, whether it be the patient, parent, coach or healthcare provider, a unique, relevant and invaluable opportunity to better assist in the return-to-play and return-to-work decisions.