New Indie Music

Aubrey Wood - CD: Aubrey Wood - EP - Songs: Black Thick Rimmed Glasses, Heart, What If I - Alternative, Indie, Pop, Punk
ForMarla - CD: ForMarla - Songs: It's You Who Let Me, What It Once Was - Alternative, Rock
Kev Rowe - CD: Hi Love - Songs: Somethings Going Down, Burn Away - Folk, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Rachel Silva - CD: Rachel Silva - Songs: Never Felt Like This, Gone, Living A Lie - Dance, Electronic, House, Music, Pop
Simon Jaymes - CD: Sailboat - Songs: Sailboat - Rock
The Shape Of The Earth - CD: Do I Dare Disturb The Universe? - Songs: Alone in This, Separate Lives - Alternative, Music, Rock
Shelley And Cal - CD: Something Goin' On - EP - Songs: You Will Never Change - Pop
Robert Melor - CD: Robert Melor - Songs: Lights Camera Action - Electronic, Pop, Rock


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