Music Submission, Dici

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DICI, ( also known as " Brandon Gardner") is a Tulsa, OK native born artist. Dici began his music career in 2008 he started out by recording, and mixing for other artist. From there he went on to work with some of the hottest artist in his area. He opened a night club called the 36 lounge where he featured some of the hottest acts of that time. He spent a decade behind the scenes of the Music Business owning and operating profitable studios and event centers, till his emergence as a artist in August of 2018.   His debut single "Gone" was his first release off his self-titled project "Dici" set to release November, 2019.

Music Submission, TODD BARROW

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Performing is something that  I enjoy doing and making music with a purpose. If I can put a smile on someone’s face through song, well that just means the world to me. I like to write some of my own music and also perform others. I try to get to the real heart and soul of a song. To me, it's not just words but a story and I do my best to portray that with every line. That’s my main draw to country music; the stories, the people, and the sincerity that comes from the heart. Now working closely with Country Music Vibe and CMR Nashville. Check out my friend Dave Smith with Texas Regional Radio Report! I am proud to be member of the Texas Music Office, BMI and Fort Worth Songwriter's Association. Proud member of American Music Podcasting and American Songwriter Magazine. Recently performed at John Schneider Studio at Bo's Extravaganza. Here is a list of the artists at the event: Kix Brooks, Paul Overstreet, Lu Lu Roman, Cody Mccarver, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Recently appeared with Country Star Jack Ingram. Also part of NSAIDFW songwriters association and Dallas Songwriter's Association. Now a member of British Country Music Association. Music consideration for Texas Flip N Move show, Texas Country Music Association and       Bayou Country Music Association. Best Country album winner for 2017  AkademiaGood Morning Texas appearance w/ Jerry Matheny!It is also a privilege to be a apart of the Ronald McDonald House Ft. Worth. Winner of PRSA greater Ft. Worth chapter, Award of Excellencef 2016.  Proud member of Harry Fox Agency. CMA corporate development & strategic partnership.  Also a member of International Singer-Songwriters   Association impacting multiple countries.  Campaign with AVA Live Radio owner Jacqueline Jax going strong. Featured in JamSphere Magazine May 2018 edition! Also like to thank Winners Circle Country Music Publishing for their dedication to the country music business and helping people through music. They have over 80 songwriters in the world and I've used their catalog.  I work with PBS TV show, "Texas Music Café."  Reminiscing about my time in the studio in Nashville when friends who played with Randy Travis/ Kenny Chesney on, "Give me a chance tonight" tracks. with   On a side note I'm a member of the Texas Hog Hunters Association/ proud veteran of USMC. Featured in top 10 songs the alternate root magazine. Featured artist in American Pride magazine. Closely working with Active with Pause & Play, Entertainment weekly,etc.

Music Submission, Chimpanbee

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Chimpanbee Story.

Chimpanbee are essentially a trio of musicians and songwriters , namely Mike Fox on Drums and percussion Paul Barry on Bass and Ger Reid the songwriter , guitar player and vocalist.

An eclectic fellowship with dreams and ambitions of being the next great rock band.

The band recently released a debut album , a collection of songs that explores the cliche themes and notions of young love and how that plays out under the constraints of music life and under the influences of heavy drug taking.

The songs where wrote when we were 18 yrs old in 2008 and so we set about re-writing , re-mixing and re-recording them in 2017.

We released 'Cant Stop or Rewind' in February 2018.

We then began almost immediately to work on a second album entitled 'Perfectly out of balance'

The band were set to start touring in Ireland in 2018 when our piano player Damien O'Brien was attacked in Waterford city that July and killed.

Since then we have been exclusively writing and recording in the hopes of delivering a second record with far more ambition than the first and more in line with who and what we are now..

Music Submission, Audrez

Music Submission, David Hayden, The Dreamer and the Dreamed

Artist or Band Name: 
David Hayden, The Dreamer and the Dreamed

I used to play Bass in bar bands, now I don't. I got so tired of playing cover tunes,.... now, I just play what I write.... It's not like cover tunes.I used to play Bass in bar bands, now I don't. I got so tired of playing cover tunes,.... now, I just play what I write.... It's not like cover tunes.

Visual Sound Recording/Dreamer and the Dreamed


this is my 24/7 radio station. It is all my music.
if you hear anything that you might want to add to a playlist, if you have a chill, atmospheric, show. I can send a USB drive or email.
David Hayden

Music Submission, Liron

Piña Coladas - Liron
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For release on July 20th 2018:


20 July 2018 (Toronto, ON) – After teasing the track earlier this month, Award-Winning singer/songwriter Liron returns with triumphant new single “Pina Coladas”. Co-produced by Liron and Producers Jeff Mcollough (Shania Twain, Chris De Burgh)  and Max River (Shawn Mendes, Jonah Marias, Sebastian Olzanski) and written by Liron, “Pina Coladas” is a sure-fire Summer hit with a fun and carefree vibe, about escaping your worries and living your life!

“Pina Coladas” is the first new single released by Liron since “I Love The Feeling” in August 2016. The track reached 50,000 views and within the first hour got the hashtag #ilovethefeelingvideo to the third top trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide, passing IHeartRadio’s Britney Spears’ inspired tag #Iheartlovesbritney.  She has amassed over 15,000 followers on Instagram, nearly 6,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 3,000 likes on Facebook.

Since graduating from production and audio engineering school, Liron has been busily honing her craft and developing a strong social media presence, and is now on the verge of taking the pop music world by storm. Her new single “Pina Coladas” is the next step in this incredible journey.

Music Submission, Christopher Kull

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Christopher Kull

I have been creating ambient piano music for over twenty years, recently I was encouraged to create music for airplay by my friends, I was a reluctant artist, my music is currently played on who have it listed as ambient new age, its also being played on radio stations in the U.S and in Europe

Music Submission, Jesse Hayes

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Jesse Hayes

My name is Jesse Hayes. I am a twenty-six year old suicidal schizophrenic according to the doctors. I have these strange and unexplainable experiences that doctors can only deem a psychological malfunction. I have gained a new philosophical outlook on life based on my experiences. I can see the shadows of people, or I like to believe that their the outlines of human beings so I can establish who is doing what to me. A priest told me it was demons, a psychologist told me it was hallucinations, a voodoo shaman told me they were the spirits of the dead, some pagans told me it was a curse that I was hexed with, some Wikens said it was black magic. So I am stuck without a true answer. I can smell abnormal aromas around me that no one else seems to take notice of. I can feel cuts into my flesh, but no cut is visible. I can hear voices that come from the sky and around me that no one else seems to hear. I have zero control over my emotions and can feel my body experience torture while I have to sit back and experience the torture also. Seeing as people deem me crazy, I keep my experiences to myself, hoping one day it will kill me to rid me of my misery. I have made six suicide attempts because of my experiences. I had a philosophy that when I died, my pain would stop. I also have a philosophy that I should be able to choose whether or not I want to live the rest of my life this way and not be forced to live through the torture. At times when my emotions are in a uproar are the times I want to die the most. It helps me with my attempts at suicide. I have taken medication and seen numerous doctors but it doesn't change my experiences. It helped them build. So I no longer take medication because my experiences are less without them. Since I have no one that can truly relate to my lifestyle or talk to about my experiences that would truly understand, I put my theories, experiences, and what I would like to do into music as a sort of outlet. I feel better knowing that someone out there who listens to me is hearing what I am saying. Indirectly talking to them. I don't feel as if I have that much time left to live seeing as how my body is taking a beating. In theory, I should be, or close to dead by the age of thirty. So I am sending my music in hopes that I can make it before I die. If people are able to listen to the music then I can be discovered. If not, it was a good shot, and I tried. I sometimes lose touch with reality and come to believe that everything is fake. That my life is a form of inception and I only wake up from this dream when I die. I have heard around me that this is fake, and can hear whispers in my ear telling me to kill myself because this is fake. It has happened for so long that I came to believe these voices that I have been hearing. This may be one of the causes of my death that is soon to come. I seek help, but all help received is rendered useless. At times I enjoy believing that this is all fake to make up for the horrible life I lived, but the life I lived is another topic.

Music Submission, Kids on McCadden

Artist or Band Name: 
Kids on McCadden

After writing a handful of songs together, Loren & Mikiros found some musicians and intensely rehearsed in a garage in the valley to prepare for their first show at Molly Malone’s.  Shortly after, the Kids stepped into the studio for the first time at Hollywood Audio Lab, steps away from the famous intersection of Hollywood & Vine.  As they continued to grow together as players, musicians, writers and performers, Loren decided to use the band as her final project where the Musician’s Institute awarded them for Outstanding Style


    What makes the Kids unique— aside from the fact there are few rock groups with two ambitious and approachable females leading the band— is how they come from opposite sides of the globe, each bringing their own musical and cultural perspectives to the table to help shape their distinct sound.  The band sites a diverse range of influences including Lauryn Hill, Paul Simon, Brenda Fassie, Fleetwood Mac and Fun.  As charismatic and energetic live performers with story-driven lyrics, they engage with their audiences by praising the vulnerability of being human.


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