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J.F.T. is a Multi-Award winning author and ReEx Top charting composer. Like his books, his music is a blend of many genres but draws a lot of inspiration from fantasy. He intends to compose a soundtrack for every book he writes...

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The Modern Day Slave

Rising from the deep caves of the South African music industry comes The Modern Day Slave with new age experimental rap instrumentals who many may call the future, he raps about social issues as well as self conscious raps about personal reflection and development. Whether it’s crying out “fear is the man in the mirror” or “me and my brain , living our life in vain just Hoping to gain , pretty b****es cash and pain” he uses clever word play and a smooth flow to please listeners ears.
Kamyee B

I’m 18 years old and I’ve been doing music for as long as I can remember. I was always freestyling a song when I was little and my family members would see me and be like “Kamyee what are you singing”. I started sitting down to actually write everyday at 13 or 14 I was writing before than but it wasn’t that often. I in the past when I was younger I never really paid attention to my actual talent. I would always have these “dreams” and end up not finishing it but for some reason music never left me. So I didn’t realize until 13 that I wanted to be a full time artist...not a rapper.
Party in a Box

Party in a Box has reinvented themselves and created a smash hit single called "Shade". Shade is a subtle, sneering expression of contempt for or disgust with someone—sometimes verbal, and sometimes not.
Dolla Bill

Dolla Bill is an artist from Clayton, NC USA. He does original hip hop/rap and rock music. Currently, he is releasing singles and building a catalog. His latest project has been a compilation of hip hop joints for album/EP "Short Money." He is actively promoting singles "Wet Fingertip" and "Short Money" on radio/social media. Also, he's been promoting videos for "Six Feet Away" and "Runnin' the Numbers" for TV and digital streaming. Recently, he's been promoting his very latest single "Goin' Home" a rock track about travel and metaphor.