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Zae Vibin

Isaiah Joshua Dorest
AKA Zae Vibin
Born May 24, 2002
Hollywood, Fl
Born the first born of 4, to Islande Gustave and Hercules Dorest, he is a twin; Sisters Ishiah, Akeria, & Myah. Isaiah has always excelled whether in school or in extra curricular activities like football & in his church’s choir.

Hollywood, Florida’s Zae Vibin/ Exit 21; brings together intense and fiery themes of strength, passion, lust, remorse – and sculpts them into pieces that are guided by the foundations laid down by the fathers of Hip Hop/Rap
Topie is a self-taught artist, musician, rapper, lyricist and poet. During the COVID pandemic he put his thoughts, emotions and feelings on paper and turned music into reality. With self-taught music producer Bo he wrote and recorded their first EP "Trapped" from their respective studio bedrooms. Since then they have released 5 singles and gained over 10k listeners on Spotify.
Topie continues to show his versatility in blending house, pop and rap with this brand new track: 10/10. The song was released on December 24th 2020.

Hey I'm a female artist 22 coming out of Niagara Falls NY. Coming out of the 8th wonder of the World known for a tourist attraction they don't see the gritty and struggles of being from an area, especially being in western new york not being associated with the big bureaus talent often goes overlooked. Through the phases I encountered in life I believe I've developed such a unique, fresh new sound that'll paint a picture to touch a variety of different subjects(poverty, mental health, being black and gay in america, hood baby situations etc. I just need the exposure and support.