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Jon R Garey

Jon R Garey hails from the musical diversity of Northeast Ohio playing guitar and recording music since he was a young teen.  Influenced by music of the 60s and beyond, music has been an important part of his expression of the joy, wonder, and sometimes sadness of life.  Mornings will find him in the darkened confines of his home studio.  Evenings will find him performing his unique brand of Indie Pop at one of many music venues in the area where new music is always welcomed and appreciated.

We are Damon Dokhani and Troy Skinner of the Bay Area pop/edm producer duo waitwhat. We met in college, where Damon was DJing at local clubs while Troy was picking up producing just for fun, and had the idea to work together for fun. Almost four years later we're still at it, and finally ready to begin pursuing music full time. Hope you enjoy our submissions, which range from emotional indie-electronic to club-ready pop-house. Thank you for your time!
The Drive

“What’s the point of getting older, if you got nothing to show?” (The Drive, Feeling)
The Krimsons

Mark, Sarah and Chris met in 2009 when joining Planet ALF, a 4-piece local band from South London.

Following several frustrating line up and name changes, in 2011 the band decided to disband, but not before playing to full houses at venues such as London’s Dingwall’s and the Kentish Town Forum, and recording their debut E.P. ‘Wasteland’.

Following an 8 year hiatus, in the spring of 2019, Mark and Sarah re united, continuing to write, compose and record their own material.
The Human Wave

Dear All,

My name is Alex Gaudenzi and I am an author & songwriter.  In 2020 I founded a band called: "The Human Wave" to record a song that I wrote during the first Covid lockdown: "Butterflies and Drones".

We are going to release it on December 2nd on Spotify and other streaming/radio platforms. We would love to share it with you too, in case you would like to play it on your radio.

Please find attached the song mp3 file.
Eden James

Eden James is an international recording artist, winning multiple music awards from his native home of Australia,
and achieving a number one hit in Greece. Classic Rock magazine UK recently nominated two of his songs for
‘Track of the Week’ in these favorable reviews: “Sunkissed, Iggy-esque, upbeat soul", and on another edition:
“Gorgeously sunny indie-come-americana. A hidden gem.”
Boyan the Bard

Boyan the Bard tells stories and expands the creative mind by dancing between haunting piano riffs, complex rhythmic exploration, ghostly beauty, and charged emotion. His 3rd album, Inferno, will be out December 11th, 2020.