New Indie Music

Maino - CD: That Could Be Us - Single - Songs: That Could Be Us - Hip Hop, Music, R&B, Rap, Soul
Cat 7 - CD: Witch's Wind - Single - Songs: Witch's Wind - Contemporary, Pop, Rock
Canon Logic - CD: Rapid Empire - EP - Songs: Rapid Empire, Sirens - Alternative, Music, Rock
Amycanbe - CD: Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated - Songs: 24 Hours, Little Dog - Folk, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Bob James and Keiko Matsui - CD: Altair and Vega - Songs: Frozen Lake - Acoustic, Alternative, Funk, Jazz, Music, New Age, Vocal
Bmode - CD: Familiarity Breeds Contempt - Songs: Stay on the Path - Chill Out, Electronic, Music
Hans Christian - CD: All Is Well (Live in Chartres 2011) - Songs: Soften Your Heart - Contemporary, Instrumental, New Age
Jenn Bostic - CD: Change - EP - Songs: Jealous of the Angels - Music, Pop, Vocal
Samantha Ray - CD: Full Moon Tension - Songs: Full Moon Tension - Acoustic, Alternative, Ambient, Chill Out, Electronic, Experimental, Music, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal
Ten Year Vamp - CD: Lust - Songs: Got To Me - Alternative, Music, Pop, Progressive, Rock
Picking Violets - CD: Picking Violets - Songs: Boom Boom, Starting Line, Told You So - Acoustic, Alternative, Country, Music, Pop
Ash Ganley - CD: Magic Season - Songs: Enough Good - Acoustic, Indie, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Moonlight Social - CD: Moonlight Social - EP - Songs: Even If, Neither Are You - Alternative, Country, Music, Rock
Vittorio Grigolo - CD: Arrivederci - Songs: Caruso, Chitarra romana - Classical, Music, Opera, Vocal
Falling Water - CD: The Slow Down - Songs: Crutch - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
J786 - CD: Rock Tonight - Songs: Outta Control, It's Me - Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Experimental, Music, New Wave, Pop, Progressive
Jon Bellion - CD: Claps And Autotune For Love - Single - Songs: Claps And Autotune For Love - Acoustic, Hip Hop, Music, Progressive, Soul
Livia - CD: Journey of An Empath - Songs: Read Your Mind - Electronic, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
Long Story Short - CD: What A Scene (Extended Edition) - Songs: What A Scene - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
Manchester Sunrise - CD: The Age Of Existence LP - Songs: Walk On - Dance, Electronic, Music
Musikanto - CD: Every Which Way - Songs: Every Which Way - Alternative, Folk, Music, Rock, Roots
Nathan Hubble - CD: Good Day - Songs: Good Day - Acoustic, Music, Pop, Rock
Paul Goodwin - CD: Trinkets and Offcuts - EP - Songs: The Place is Dead Anyway - Acoustic, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Tally Koren - CD: Hallelujah (72 Names) [Special Edition 2012] - EP - Songs: 72 Names (Halleluja) - Contemporary, Music, Pop, Roots, Singer/Songwriter
2 Cellos - CD: Luka Sulic and Stjehan Hauser - Songs: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Fragile, Smooth Criminal, Where The Streets Have No Name - Alternative, Classical, Experimental, Instrumental, Music, Pop, Rock


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