New Indie Music

Angelica Redlund - CD: Ensam Kvar - Songs: Off You Go, Walk Me Home, Castles Made of Air, Guilty - Acoustic, Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Music
Alchemy VII - CD: White Raven - Songs: Earth Song - Easy Listening, Music, Soft Rock
Gina Citoli - CD: A Cabaret of Consciousness - Songs: These Are The Days - Easy Listening, Music, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock
Whitehouse - CD: Games - Songs: Nobody To Blame, Deep, Cuentan que el, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Sol en el portal, The games that people play - Acoustic, Alternative, Easy Listening, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock, World
Amber deLaurentis - CD: Hey Sadie - Songs: Hey Sadie, Black and Blue, Lonely In Love - Music, Pop, Rock
Gemma Bulos - CD: Bridges - Songs: Bridges, We Rise - Music, Pop
Bear Holland - CD: Sharks - Songs: Sharks - Electronic, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
The Shimmies - CD: To All Beloved Enemies - Songs: Beloved Enemies, Lies, The Thing That Seems the Hardest is Actually - Alternative, Experimental, Pop, Progressive, Rock
Fleur Jack and The Jandals - CD: Ghosts of Cimarron - Songs: Not My Fault - Acoustic, Country, Folk, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Niko - CD: Love - Songs: Love Reprise, Angel Rising, My Son, Closing Door, Together Forever Whenever, When I Go, You Are In Heaven, Kali Spera - Alternative, Ambient, Indie, New Age, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal, World
Aramara - CD: Spa Gold - Songs: Crystal Melt - Ambient, Chill Out, Meditation, Music, New Age, Spiritual
Clookai - CD: Spirits of The Faerie - Songs: Faerie Circle Dance, Faeries In Flight, on Gossamer Wings (II) - Ambient, Chill Out, Instrumental, Music, New Age, Spiritual
Chris Conway - CD: Yoga Gold - Songs: Towards Unity, Breathing, Balance, A Journey Within - Ambient, Chill Out, Instrumental, Meditation, Music, New Age, Spiritual
Llewellyn - CD: FaerieLore - Journey to the Faerie Ring - Songs: The Faerie Queen, Sparkling Spider's Web, The Faerie Ring, The Faerie Mound - Ambient, Instrumental, Music, New Age, Spiritual
Niall - CD: Calling My Angels - Songs: Call to Awaken My Angels, Angels Gather on High, My Angels Guard My Day - Ambient, Electronic, Meditation, Music, New Age
Helios - CD: Paradise Chillout - Songs: Tree Top, Gathering Streams, Oasis, Sanctify, Aurora, After the Rain - Ambient, Chill Out, Electronic, Indie, Music, New Age
Spedman - CD: { unknown } - Songs: Are We There Yet, Merging - Music, Pop, Rock
Venerable Choesang - CD: The Medicine of Sound - Songs: Returning - Acoustic, Instrumental, Music, New Age, Spiritual, World
Andreas - CD: Venice Spiritual Journeys of the World - Songs: Geometries and Reflections, Venice Sunrise - Instrumental, Music, New Age, Spiritual, World
The Rain Garden (Chris Conway & Carl Peberdy) - CD: Spiritual Journeys of the World - India - Songs: Soul Searching, The Aravalli Mountains - Instrumental, Music, New Age, Religious, Spiritual, World
AO Music - CD: ...and Love Rages On - Songs: Gaiya Lo Lane, In Lake'Ch, Kumale Saleyo, One Kaleo, Shen Deni, Sheyu, Tio Da Ye, Ubuntu - Ambient, Fusion, Music, New Age, Rock, World
Earth Minor - CD: Dark Matters - Songs: Above And Below, Antimatter, Block Out The Night, Give It Away, Hello Tokyo, Shine, Spaceage Suicide, Together Falling Apart - Electronic, Music, Rock, Vocal
Allison Tartalia - CD: Sweet and Vicious - Songs: Clean, Pangaea, Ran - Acoustic, Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal
Ben Glover - CD: Before the Birds - Songs: I Am With You, Song Of A Caged Bird Singing, You Are The Same As The Tide - Contemporary, Music, Pop, Rock
Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe - CD: Rock On Sat Nam - Songs: Rock On Sat Nam, Kataka, Guru Life - Alternative, Hip Hop, Music, Pop, Rap, Vocal, World


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