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The Jerry Banks Project

Jerry Banks is a prophetic minister who is also a seasoned musician and producer that has performed with a number of bands and ministries for over 20 years. He is known for his hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to music. His writing style mixes R&B and Jazz with elements of Gospel and Hip Hop. Inspirational Groove is the name of the subgenre that he has created with his music because his goal has always been to use the power of music to uplift and illuminate.
Pyramids on the Street

Hi guys, happy to have found you!

This is Marcel from Pyramids on the Street. We are currently a 2 man project between me and my girlfriend - doing electronic-funky-disco-pop. I guess the best thing is as always listen to it directly instead of categorising, but anyways: we are doing two things: first of all interpretations of songs that move us (if you like to call it: cover songs) plus I am producing my own music since many years - playing and composing partially electronic elements with bass, guitar and my own voice.