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DatClockBoy LosC

Carlos Daniel aka “DatClockBoy  LosC,” was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia. Growing up LosC would listen to rap music and use it as motivation to get him thru his day. Artist such as Lord Finesse, Cool G. Rap, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z were easy to relate too because their messages and stories was very much alike what LosC experienced everyday in Virginia.            Along with music LosC has also produced and starred in a movie called “Pain&Music”. He is currently writing, producing and directing a Web Series called the “ClockBoyZ”.
Digital Digga

Good day Sirs and Madams,

My name is Ben El Amin, managing Digital Digga (Sprite) along with mulit-platinum producer Rhano Burrell, who by the way, produced Aaliyah’s first album. I would like to submit some music for your scrutiny. I will list the links below:

J-Carter is based out of New Jersey. He believes hip-hop should focus on great lyrical content, tight beats, and mind blowing hooks. He has been writing lyrics since the age of 13 enhancing his vocabulary along the way to be a better lyricist. His musical influences are motivated by a conglomerate of hiphop artists that have came on the world scene the past 30 years. His music is a blend of an old school feel mixed in with the new contemporary feel of hiphop, but he strives to maintain his own style and voice to separate himself from the playing field.
Rugby Wild
I'm submitting my client, Rugby Wild, for possible airplay or on-air features with your station. He's a verified artist on Spotify, brand ambassador for Skechers, featured on NOISEY and Press Pass L.A., and recently featured on VEVO's Dscvr Hip-Hop playlist. If there's any way his latest single, "Avenue", could get any airplay on your station, I'd be so appreciative. Below is the latest press release for his new music video along with links to all of his social media platforms and music streaming profiles.

Young D reps Detroit with new album ‘Don’t Sleep,’ and new single ‘How That Feel’ DETROIT, MI – Young D is an artist who wants to be known for controversy and for doing something different. He wants to make an impact on the music industry, but he wants to do it differently than anyone else. That’s why there are so many unique sounds and styles on his new album, “Don’t Sleep,” which is slated to be released on April 20. “There all kinds of different stuff on this one album,” Young D said.