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Charm'n-Crown Me


Charm’n makes music that is striking for its outstanding melodies, punchy grooves and gripping lyrics. Charm’n’s voice is seamless and organic, combining her great musical background with unprecedented charisma and a distinctive vocal approach that echoing the work of influencers as diverse as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake, The Weekend, Lil Uzi Vert and Rae Sremmurd, just to name a few.
Dolla Bill

Artist Bio Will Francis (Dolla Bill) started listening to music at the age of ten. His older sister had vinyl records cassette tapes that were popular during that time. These were his first influences that began to shape his musical awareness and creativity. At the age of sixteen, he started learning how to play guitar, writing lyrics and emulating the lyrical themes and vocal styles of bands and front men that were popular  among his circle of friends. He tried out for a few bands as a vocalist but didn’t have the right type of voice for the kind of music he was trying to cover.
Vegan Boss

Prison Shit By Vegan Boss (

Songs For Freedom - Album for Animal rights and Animal Welfare to Benefit the Big Cat Rescue Bill (June 7 Release/Street date)
Phillip Morris

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):

The Sunset Records Soundtrack division has compiled music, songs and an incredible DJ-RX mix of the hit song, “White Lines” (Grandmaster Flash) song, with George Bush, Jr. on vox.