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Phillip Morris

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):

The Sunset Records Soundtrack division has compiled music, songs and an incredible DJ-RX mix of the hit song, “White Lines” (Grandmaster Flash) song, with George Bush, Jr. on vox.

“One person can't make an entire movement by themselves,” (Don) Lichterman states. “I realize that it takes more than one person to build a movement and build something bigger than one self, which is why I am grateful to the participants on the soundtrack, and I am especially grateful to Kevin (Booth) for allowing me to use my resources to do my part to spread the word.”

Kevin Booth is not only the writer, producer, director, narrator on the award winning documentary film, American Drug War: The Last White Hope, he is also a participant on the soundtrack CD with his “Drug War I,” song collaborated with Nick Knoc. From his (Kevin Booth) own ambient, electronic styled song, to other eclectic, yet edgy songs on the CD that are alternative songs, rap songs, hip/hop songs, let alone the Blind Willy Johnson classic blues track, “Dark Is The Night.” The album appropriately starts off with a song by the newest Sunset Urban recording artist, Phillip Morris rapping his; “A Dysfunctional Family Affair” which (Don) Lichterman says, “is a song that tells this entire story.” The CD continues with other recognizable tracks from the film like Da-Watchman’s distinctive, “V-Town Krack Haus” and the “Intro Secret Sauce” track by Beat Banga. If the statement made by (Don) Lichterman, (Kevin) Booth and Sunset Records on this soundtrack CD release does not say enough, the documentary film is also a “a must see” says (Don) Lichterman, “this (American Drug War: The Last White Hope) documentary film, and the 'The Corporation' are two of the most important documentary films released over the last decade and honestly, everyone needs to see them both in their life.” “Overall though,” says (Don) Lichterman, “no one needs to watch the film or listen to the CD itself in order to have a strong liberal viewpoint about the legalization of marijuana today and how private prisons work to create a criminal justice system that aims to get people in their facilities, let alone works to keep people in that system, in a very pro active way.”

The songs on the CD definitely go across many formats, they were all chosen for their lasting impacting message and even though some of the songs are not necessarily tied to the drug theme or about using marijuana, Don Lichterman (head of Sunset Records) says to “listen to songs like 'A Dysfunctional Family Affair'” by the Chicago native, Phillip Morris, “which I put first on the album for the sole reason that he raps about criminal justice system in not only a creative way, he also sends his message in a concise way.” But then (Don) Lichterman says, “most of all, these are not songs about smoking pot and partying Charlie Sheen style, this is all aimed to send out what is a very important message for people to know about how our criminal justice system works today.” The obvious anthem and theme song by hip-hop / rap artist, Phillip Morris is first track on a CD with all original compositions, except of course, for incredibly produced DJ-RX mix of the popular rap song by Grandmaster Flash, “White Lines” done with Gorge Bush Jr. on vocals (taken and spliced together from speeches (George, Jr.) Bush had as President). Songs both accompanying the title credits of the film at the beginning of it, throughout the film, and music played at the end are also featured on the soundtrack CD. Even though the CD is being worked to radio across many formats, the hope is that it will also set up the urge to want to watch the documentary film (Currently at Netflix and available in stores like Amazon, etc.). There is no real way of getting away from the context in the film; however, the soundtrack CD, let alone the subject matter in the film are memorable work and great productions.