Music Submission, John Greska

Artist or Band Name: 
John Greska

One of Those Days is one of the singles from Aiming At The Stars, John Greska’s debut vocal EP that uses instrumental concepts explored in his previous albums to bring a new edge to modern indie pop and alternative music. The EP itself tells the tale of the choice every person has between falling into the pattern of everyday life or risking that routine to follow their dreams.

John Greska previously has released work as an instrumental artist, specializing in the fusion of electronic and classical music. Other works include the instrumental albums Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, which can both be found on all major music streaming sites.

Music Submission, Tine Nymann

Artist or Band Name: 
Tine Nymann

I write from the Danish indie label Artpop Productions, staying in my small home office, not to catch any disease. Don't we need some great music to help us to the other side?

"Into the daylight - out of the dark"

When I listen to this tune, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, though Denmark is almost closed down, and as long as there is Radio, we can still carry out this campaign.

Tine Nymann is a brand new talent, specializing in a certain laid back dreampop - the sound of a modern, sensitive and completely honest young woman, an almost naive bright voice lightening up in the darkest time. Producer Anders Carstensen on the other hand, is a very experienced sound engineer having loads of underground albums with different artists on the CV, including his own projects. He gained airplay on BBC (Radio 6), Tokyo FM, Little Stevens Underground Garage (US) and many other stations around the world. His music was used in a TV series in Ukraine and in a Russian movie as well.  

The song on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtxh8mA0frc

The song was released on Spotify 20.03.2020.

If you have trouble downloading files, please write back.

Best wishes

Peter Frost

Artpop Productions, Denmark

Music Submission, Janice

Artist or Band Name: 

I established myself as a song writer by releasing cover songs first.My first original song, Ever Since The Day entered the top 40 at number 38 on www.hitsyoulove.com, the BMS radio Chicago network on July 208th, 2018 .,My current single, Sing got to number one on www.hitsyoulove.com BMS Radio Chicago network, and is still at number 5. Icy Brutal Eyes, is the follow up single, being released soon.

Music Submission, David Naethan

Artist or Band Name: 
David Naethan

David Naethan is releasing his 2nd song on March 28, 2020. Paying homage to one of his favorites David recorded this cover, "I'm Not Moving," by Phil Collins. Though he implemented a sound of today in this recording he kept it close to the original feel of the song to keep the integrity and emotion behind it. David is in the process of releasing more original recordings in the near future. However, he doesn't want to move forward without bringing this song "I'm Not Moving" back to the ears of the multitude.

Song won't be on commercial sites until the release date.

Music Submission, Gabrielle DeRosa

Artist or Band Name: 
Gabrielle DeRosa

Gabrielle DeRosa (Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa) is an Italian singer-songwriter. She was born in Gallipoli (Italy) 14th June 1998.

At the age of 21 years old, she has released 3 singles, one album and two official music videos. In 2020 Gabrielle DeRosa continues to release her songs as an unsigned artist and her latest single is “Bluewolf”.  Music and art are not her only interests in life. She has always been interested in Science, and she is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Italy.

Music Submission, MON€¥

Artist or Band Name: 

Michael Zolani Benedict Mbuli, known professionally as MONEY (Stylized as MON€¥), is a South African rapper, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, born and Raised in Johannesburg, Soweto Pimville. 


Gaining his influence from the realities of growing up as a young black man in a crime-ridden country and the streets of the largest township in the world. He hails from a talented family that is well versed in the entertainment industry and musically inclined.

Sighting music as an escape from his criminal surroundings, MON€¥ has found musical balance in expressing his realities.

His lastest single is a high tempo masterpiece which finds the ideal harmony between the kick and bass of the beat together with vocals, flows and delivery the track in it’s entirety is a feel good jam which catches any music lover repeating this jam unintentionally.

Music Submission, SOFIA

Artist or Band Name: 
Songs swirl around in our subconscious much like childhood tales, fables, and fantasies do. Regardless if we only hear them once or on repeat countless times, they leave lasting resonances. Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based three-piece SOFIA make a similar subconscious imprint via their 2020 independent debut EP, Stories For The Sleepless. Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies open up the group’s first chapter with expressive, yet expansive transmissions of alternative rock.
Now, the trio — Alex Novaes [guitar], Leo Bomeny [vocals, bass], and Bruno Lamas [drums] — welcome listeners into their story.
“We all grew up on bedtime stories, old fairytales, science fiction, and fantasy,” says Leo. “When you read a book as a kid, you relate to the characters and feel less alone. You realize others have the same feelings, thoughts, and fears you do. We try to make music that does the same thing. Maybe, you can see yourself in our narrative too.”
The musicians rallied around a unified vision from the moment they crossed paths, drawing on diverse influences ranging from Tame Impala, Muse, Mutemath, and Pink Floyd to Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Twenty One Pilots, and even Soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings.
The guys soon chose the name “SOFIA” as the band’s name after scanning mythology books with the desire “to create a character the music could represent.” Crafting a singular sound, they combined succinct storytelling and artful instrumentation to yield the concept behind Stories For The Sleepless.
“We’re taking snippets of real relationships and infusing them into the songs,” Alex continues. “They’re identifiable experiences of relationships, love, and friendship. It’s like having a bedside book you can tap into.”
SOFIA introduce this collection with the first single and opener “Coconut.” A steady drumbeat drips between echoes of clean guitar, spacey soloing, and ethereal vocals. It builds towards the resounding admission, “I’m out of my mind, I’m so confused, but if my devil inside loves the angel in you, I’m happy.”
“It’s about acceptance,” Leo continues. “You become happy with the little things. You find joy in the madness and the chaos of two complex, emotional, and different people. It’s about being at peace with whoever you’re with.”
Elsewhere, “Sad” takes flight on an off-kilter riff as it urges, “It’s a story of someone frustrated because they see their partners self-destructive habits and can’t do anything about it,” according to the frontman. Stories For The Sleepless spirals to a close on “Stranger.” The track ramps up into a gallop of distorted guitars and one final hard-hitting hook.
“One day at the end of a relationship, you wake up,” Leo goes on. “You’re still the same, but your partner is a stranger to you now. Things were so one-sided. None of the promises at the beginning of the relationship were fulfilled. This isn’t the person you were familiar with. It’s a stranger.”
With this sort of honesty and relatable narration, SOFIA’s music takes up residence in your head like any good old-fashioned tale will.
“It’s almost as if you’re jumping into these songs with us,” Leo concludes. “You’re transported first-person. By seeing those emotions in someone else, you can better understand yourself. We try to build a community. Hopefully, you can be at peace when it comes time to go to sleep and dream because no one can touch you there—and we’re the soundtrack.”

Music Submission, The Garnetts

Artist or Band Name: 
The Garnetts

The Garnetts formed in Liverpool early 2018

The band formed with Ben and Jacob Jones, sons of esteemed Liverpool singer songwriter Phillip Franz Jones of 80’s bands such as ‘Afraid of Mice’ and ‘Up and Running’. The line up was then completed with the addition of Chris Cannon on Bass and Jacob Naylor on Drums.

Straddling the line between Pop, Funk and Rock, The Garnetts pride themselves on their subtle and intelligent songwriting to create catchy songs for the masses.

Even at this early stage the band has played in venues including the o2 academy Liverpool and Studio 2 Parr St. The band are currently promoting their debut single and performing across the UK.

Their debut release ‘New Love’ was recorded in Whitewood Studios by Producer Daniel Woodward (linked to names such as ‘China Crisis’ and ‘Circa Waves’) who the boys continue to work closely with to present.

Continuing as unsigned artists, the foursome aspire to keep investing in their music via steady single release to keep audiences listening and cultivate renown to perform on larger stages.

Music Submission, Downtown Market

Stay With Me Artwork
Artist or Band Name: 
Downtown Market

Downtown Market is the band based in Tokyo Japan.

Sleepingowl and KurumiI Sasaki as member, they were born and raise in Iwate, which is located in north part of Japan. The band has been active since 2012, supported by various members.

They create not too clear sound, it is like a sound shifting from standard of the sound. Sleepingowl's guitar blends naturally into the melody, gently supporting the whole song.

Kurumi's base is catchy but appears to be a natural melody facilitator. The songs sound mellow, and make you unconsciously into the sound before you notice.

A live video of "My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer is the original experience of the music started by Sleepingowl, who writes all the songs of Downtown Market. Sleepingowl got goosebumps when a faded-in guitar sound came in just before chorus, which paved a way for his sound production work.

Read our whole bio: https://www.downtownmarket.net/about


Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Wugo, a French artist, paces the colors of the soul where melodies and dreams warm hearts.
CD Information
Wugo, song titled, Ocean
CD Name: 
Ocean - single
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