Music Submission, Demiana Esposito

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Demiana Esposito


Please listen to 17 year old R&B/POP Sensation Demiana Esposito's new song "You're Happy"  I think you will love it!

Music Submission, Prince K'Louveer

Artist or Band Name: 
Prince K'Louveer

I'm Dorian (Prince K'Louveer) and I've been pursuing music for 2 years now . I'm an independent singer / songwriter / recording artist which genres I gravitate towards the most would be Electronic / EDM / Ambient / R&B /HipHop kind of styles . I've recently this year started doing more so mainstream kind of music

I'm from Dayton, OH 30yrs old . I got started with pursing music at the age of 28 . So I've been at it for a little while now . I hope you guys enjoy my music .

Music Submission, DALI

Artist or Band Name: 

Dali is a charming man, with an enigmatic look and a persuasive voice.

Of Tunisian origins, even before becoming a musician he was a freelance DJ constantly moving between Canada, France and Italy.

Born in 1978, Dali is happily married and lives in Italy, in Emilia Romagna for many years.

He began his first musical experiences in Montreal, where he worked alongside internationally renowned professionals and DJs in the clubs of the great Canadian metropolis.

DALI - the musical style

Dali's musical style is a mix of pop, hip-hop, contemporary R&B, rap, world. His texts are

written in Italian, French, Arabic and English, thus bringing a novelty to the music market. His songs

they come from the soul, they are sentimental and they have themes like family, life, various problems

social, immigration.

The songs he writes are inspired by his life experiences. However, his songs are written so

that anyone can be in his texts.

Music Submission, Baats + The Afterglow

Artist or Band Name: 
Baats + The Afterglow

Baats & The Afterglow is an alternative pop duo based in Coastal North Carolina. Both members have an eclectic list of musical inspirations and skills which creates an intricate depth of sounds. They released their debut EP entitled "Everything Is Waves" last month, celebrating the release with a performance at the local-favorite summertime festival Bernaroo in New Bern, NC. All lyrics are written by the powerhouse female vocalist and guitarist, Baats. She is supported by Jacob "The Afterglow" Gonzalez, the brains behind the sound. A proficient percussionist and pianist, Jacob creates ear-grabbing sounds that never fail to grab the attention of the audience.

Music Submission, Eli Jr

Artist or Band Name: 
Eli Jr

Eli Jr, 18 years old, mozabicain, artist since 2010.

2 EP´S.

Music Submission, Good Morning Bedlam

Artist or Band Name: 
Good Morning Bedlam

Good Morning Bedlam has become an innovative force in the Midwest folk scene and beyond, with shows in forty-four states. Their performances display contagious energy as members careen about the stage, jumping and dancing with a wild playfulness. They captivate their audiences night after night with tight, soaring three part harmonies, thumping kick drum, catchy violin melodies, and intricate banjo. Good Morning Bedlam released their sophomore album, Like Kings, in July of 2018. In June of 2019, GMB ended their first full touring year of two-hundred-plus shows by winning first place at the John Hartford Memorial Festival Band Competition.


Music Submission, Animal Sun

Artist or Band Name: 
Animal Sun

Fresh off their new alternative/rock/pop, studio-recorded, EP, Beginnings (released in July 2019), Animal Sun is eager to spread their love of music to people that value new beginnings with a positive mindset to live their life to the fullest. Their EP features tracks that were written solely by the band themselves and produced by Aaron Zepeda and Robert Margouleff. The two producers have worked with Stevie Wonder, Travis Scott, and Quincy Jones to name a few. Their hit single, “Girl in Blue,” has reached over 11,000+ streams on Spotify within less than two months, making this an exciting “beginning” for the group. 

ANIMAL SUN: Formed in 2015 and is led by two brothers; lead singer/songwriter, Steven Blake Alton and drummer/back-up vocalist, Will Alton. Born and raised in Virginia, the brothers chose to name their band, Animal Sun, as a dedication to their late childhood friend, James Sun, whose life was tragically cut short in 2011. Drawing from their devastation, they realized life was too short and ultimately wanted to change the world for the better through their powerful music. It wasn’t long until they began performing in front of packed audiences from college parties to house shows to filling up venues on the West Coast. Due to their huge success in their hometown, they decided to make the move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue music full time. Since relocating to LA, the band has successfully studio-recorded and released their EP, Beginnings as well as booking numerous gigs. The four tracks on the EP include: Explode, Soul on Fire, Girl in Blue, and Homesick. 

Animal Sun will be releasing their highly anticipated music video to “Girl in Blue” this week on their YouTube and Instagram accounts. In September, they will be playing at the famous, Viper Room on Sunset Strip and they hope to continue to play at well-known venues throughout California. 

Music Submission, Marc Teamaker and Iain Clarke

Artist or Band Name: 
Marc Teamaker and Iain Clarke

Pop across the world.   Marc in Stamford, CT.  Iain in Newcastle UK.  Robert in Michigan.

Music Submission, Mari

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Mari is a singer-songwriter based in Nairobi, Kenya who does conscious music (music with a message that relates to everyday life experiences). His career spanning from 2009 has seen him grow and get recognition both locally and internationally.

With his debut single 'Happy to be Yours' getting featured on Africa's popular 'Channel O' after release in 2012, Mari embarked on the journey to his debut E.P 'Let It Out EP'. It's 1st single, 'Matilda An Acoustic' released in 2014, saw him grow his career further, with one of the highlights being a feature on Zuku Entertainment's 'Raw Sessions' which popularly aired in the Eastern and Southern Africa regions. He went on to release the E.P. in 2015, whose success climaxed with one of the singles 'Break of Dawn' being featured on M-net's 'Flowers & Bricks' movie.

The complete ‘Let It Out’ album was released on the mobile music app, Boomplay, in January of 2019. The release has proved to be a success with one of the singles ‘Dancing to the Beat of the Drums’ airing on several radio stations from different countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada, France and Kenya among others. 

Thom Artway

Thom Artway
Thom Artway is a young folk-pop singer-songwriter from the Czech Republic with a guitar, a distinctive voice, and a backpack of stories that crawl under your skin and lodge themselves in your heart.
Artist or Band Name: 
Thom Artway
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Thom Artway, CD titled, All I Know
CD Name: 
All I Know
Song Names: 
Can't Wait


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