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Allan Price

Hi, this is a one person does all venture. I am a fully paid up PRS Member and all songs have ISRC codes embedded.

A commercially released 5 track EP, :- pre order iTunes 1st December. Full release across all digital platforms 10th December.

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by yours truly. Any help you can give one person v The World (lol) would be very much appreciated. 

A link to the full tracks is here....

Thank you in anticipation of your kind support.


Bowe (Boudewijn de Jong) started playing the piano at a very young age. When he was a teenager, the piano was replaced by a guitar. Because he disliked music lessons he decided to teach himself how to play. To do so, he picked up a guitar from a right handed friend and tried to strum his first chords. For Bowe this didn’t feel right at all, so he simply turned the instrument around and learned how to play upside down. Later he found out that this way of playing has both advantages and disadvantages.
Kid Norkjen

Singer, songwriter, record in Nashville and lives in Norway.

Listen to the Norkjen sound - It is the 60s ,70s and 80s style mixed together into a very special sound

All his tracks are recorded in Nashville and the musicians are picked by the great producer Chip Hardy. We created “The Norkjen Sound”. It is the 60s ,70s and 80s sound mixed together into a very special sound.

All tracks are recorded live in studio without computer machines or drums machine.
Chev Chevin

Chev Chevin is a music project initiated by me, Max Kraft and Jonas Eckhardt - both based in Leipzig, Germany.

With our love for Soul, Art-Rock and Contemporary Pop music, we don't stick to a single genre, but always try to combine various styles we are influenced by and trained at. So not only when playing live, the producer duo expands to a large orchestration, including instruments like horns, strings and synthesizers.

Interpret: Chev Chevin

Dylan Jackson Scott is a man on a journey. His band, RH2 is music with a rare sort of honesty and ambition. “I want people to know that I care about them,” says Dylan, plainly. “For me it’s musical and cultural.
Tegdra Samuel

With smooth celestial vocals, Tegdra Samuel delivers a powerful message of hope and inspiration in her songs. Her style is a combination of Christian, gospel, smooth jazz, and international sounds. Tegdra’s desire is to use her gifts to share the good news of Jesus Christ and bring her listeners to a place of worship in order to experience His peace, joy, and love.
Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski has always known music would be his life; indeed, from his earliest recollection, it was his only choice. Fortunately, he was able to seriously pursue this path at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University) in Skopje. And while most musicians learn their trade by first listening to rock’n’roll records and then joining rock bands, DAVOR honed his already impressive skills in a full-blown 150-piece symphonic orchestra.
The Screens

When we decided to record a second album we set out two conditions.

  1. We were making for an audience and not just for us as a vanity project

  2. It had to have a story and a point and not just a pile of meaningless songs.