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Talk Radio Show Program

BBS Conscious Wellness Show

BBS Conscious Wellness Show
Show Host: 
Executive Producer: 
Raymond Morris

Our focuses on all aspects of the Natural wellness Industry which includes all subjects and therapies relating to natural solution for health and wellbeing, from “Alternative Medicine” to “Personal Growth”, to exploring the spiritual realm. Everything for the mind, body and soul.

We interview owners and manager of spas, retreat centers, publishers, schools, institutes, yoga studios, professional associations, therapists, speakers, professional educators in personal growth and natural therapies, as well as health food stores, manufacturers and distributors of natural health products.

Please visit the archive for past shows, or listen live on Mondays at ???pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). The show will begin on the 9th of Septembre 2019.

If you wish to be interviewed, see information page here

Or contact us here and indicate in the message section:

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We look forward to your participation in spreading empowering information for the masses.

Wishing you all great health and joy on this Dinively Orchestrated journey!

Raymond Morris


Our Show Sponsor

Communion Marketing Communications

Communion is one of the only firms specializing in offering turnkey solutions in business development, marketing, and communication and multimedia production to the natural health and wellness industry.


Why call the agency Communion Marketing?

To reflect the interconnection, the quantum field, the unity (with union) of all the elements in the universe as well the act of developing a close partnership with our clients.

We serve spas, retreat centers, publishers, schools, institutes, yoga studios, professional associations, therapists, speakers, professional educators in personal growth and natural therapies, as well as health food stores, manufacturers and distributors of natural health products.

Our mission is to facilitate the development of businesses offering natural solutions for wellness improvement.

Our Objective is to create for you a strategic development & marketing plan which is in synergy with your global mission, your financial objectives, your resources, and your commercial environment. Our Approach is to render you self-sufficient through training in as many functions of your business as possible. We will identify the communication tools that are the most ingenious and economical to reach your target audience. We specialize in using innovative, non-traditional marketing programs that only a firm with personal experience can offer.

Our team is comprised of experts in marketing, strategic planning, business coaching, communication, public relations, advertising, multimedia production and event management ... everything you need to properly develop your business. With 15 years of experience in this domain, we have a profound understanding of this fast growing industry.


If you would like to sponsor this show and get great exposure within the Wellness Community, please contact us for information on our sponsorship packages.

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Weekly Show
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5:00 pm PT
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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

BBS Conscious Wellness Show, September 30, 2019 with Raymond Morris and guest Fiona Simpson
BBS Conscious Wellness Show, September 23, 2019 with Raymond Morris
BBS Conscious Wellness Show, September 16, 2019 with Raymond Morris and guests Dr Scott Werner and then Michael Priv

Featured Guests

Guest, S Suzanne Grandon November 4, 2019
Guest, Janine Regan-Sinclair October 14, 2019
Guest, Michelle Mazzara October 7, 2019
Guest, Fiona Simpson September 30, 2019
Guest, Johanna Derbolowsky September 23, 2019
Guest, Richard London September 23, 2019
Guest, Michael Priv September 16, 2019
Guest, Scott Werner September 16, 2019

Talk Show Program Host

Raymond Morris
Raymond Morris
Québec - Canada Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube - Communion Marketing, Réseau de Rencontre des Âmes Conscientes
Marketing Consultant, Web Architecture and Monetization Expert

Raymond Morris is heading our new project development initiatives. He is also managing director of Communion Marketing Communications, agency specialized in the “conscious wellness industry”. He has a wealth of experience in cross marketing initiatives, intercompany collaboration, new product creation as well as many other areas of expertise. He will be contacting many organizations with the intent of creating mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations. “We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we are delighted with the contribution he has brought to our organization”. “Douglas Newsom”.

With 28 years experience in the Wellness Industry, Raymond has knows this domain inside out. Having had clients in over a dozen countries, he has a very thorough overview of this worldwide industry.

He worked in B2B Market Research for many years and has acquired knowledge on many industries as a result.

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Featured Guests on BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Featured Guest, S Suzanne Grandon November 4, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 04, 2019 05:00 pm

Guest, S Suzanne Grandon

Guest Name: 
S Suzanne Grandon
S Suzanne Grandon
Guest Occupation: 
teacher, speaker, consultant, spiritual architect, and leader
Guest Biography: 


S Suzanne Grandon is an innovative visionary whose primary soul purpose is Birthing New Realities and Upliftment of Consciousness.  She is once again re-emerging to teach and guide humanity through these auspicious transitional times.

SSuzanne came into this world 70 years ago through the union of a scientific father and artistic mother, both of whom nurtured and challenged her to grow beyond all perceived limitations.

As a teacher, speaker, consultant, spiritual architect, and leader, who has lived and worked in 26 countries/cultures, SSuzanne humbly harnesses opportunities to seed and nurture the energies of new ideas whose times have come.  She does this through her personal work and by collaborating with other visionaries.

SSuzanne's colleagues have called her a member of Earth's electro-magnetic engineering team, an Earth wisdom-keeper, a true blue being of light and love, a midwife from the celestial realms, and a “shining one”.

Her gifts are many ~ her goal is “To Serve” ~ and her choice is to say “Yes” to a Bright Abundant Future for All!



     I have known S Suzanne Grandon for approximately 32 years. Professionally and personally, we have worked very well together. Her knowledge, insight and abilities go far beyond anything I could express. S. Suzanne Grandon and Star Woman Crystals have collaborated on her facilitating international tours, educational seminars, wholesale transactions and many business consultations and interactions. She has always been professional, forthright, clear in all communications, highly intelligent and exceptional in knowing what to do at the right time and place.

     She is truly a phenomenal citizen of the world, understanding harmony, respect and compassion for all people, everywhere, are the keys to each of us walking forward.

       ~Shari Gackstatter, Co-owner of Star Woman Crystals, Tempe AZ


     I have known S. Suzanne Grandon for more than 16 years. During that time we have been professionally associated in numerous ways. These include, and are not limited to, counseling, consultation, leadership, and collaboration in the areas of international/multi-cultural education/training, international spiritual group tours, multi- cultural spiritual/healing ceremonies, international indigenous gatherings, project planning/development, business mentorship, investments, and independent living together.

     I have known SSuzanne to live her life in integrity. Her dedication, knowledge, and wisdom, have earned my respect along with that of many people of different ages from diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins, both in the United States and abroad. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship for many years to come.

       ~ Susan Mountain Deer Griffin, Universal Shaman, Spirit World Tours, AZ


     It is always an honor and delight to collaborate with true blue beings of light and love like yourself. Please know how much I honor and support your work and our connection. The time has come and I am so glad that you stayed on the planet to help us.

     I continue to send you love and light and once again allow me to help you in any way.

       ~ Rev. Janice Hope Gorman, Founder and Director of Hope Interfaith Center, Mankato, MN



Pure Hope #9 - What Is The Experience Of Pure Consciousness - Guest S Suzanne Grandon

Additional free link to a previous interview show provides background information about what can be termed conscious dimensions to understand more fully the energies humanity is presently traversing.


Headlined Show information for BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Headlined Show, BBS Conscious Wellness Show November 4, 2019

Birthing A New Reality ~ Through Pure Love
Broadcast Date: 
November 4, 2019

Show Title:  Birthing A New Reality ~ Through Pure Love

Guest:  S Suzanne Grandon


What does it take to birth:

~ a baby through your body

~ an idea whose time has come

~ a new culture, country, or worldview?

What does it take to birth a new you?

On Nov 4 Conscious Wellness Show Guest SSuzanne Grandon will share experiences from her “near-death” experiences that opened the doors for her to be here in Divine W.I.L.L.  She will talk about “Pure Love” - what it is and why it is so important - indeed so very necessary today and in the days to come.

She will share a creation story, give examples of present day parallel realities and time slips,  and point out quantum leaps from her personal journey providing a glimpse into what is taking place in the earthly dimensions now.

The live viewing audience and those viewing in the archives will have an opportunity to experience the purified love of higher realms through  SSuzanne’s “CUCKOO Lift & Shift” exercise to gently and effortlessly navigate into their own new realities.



Phone: USAOffice 928-554-4069

Mailing Address: PO Box 21024, Sedona AZ 86341-1024


Regarding the images below. 

The first three of these images will be discussed in greater detail during this Nov 4 show:
- SSuzanne’s 3 Soul Portraits by Cosima Lukashevich.  One of these was
created 2 hours after birthing a new soul.

- SSuzanne’s “Spirit of Seshat Receiving” - Portrait by Daniel E Maddux
on July 26, 2019, Egyptian and Mayan New Year.

- SSuzanne’s Earth-work on the Magnificent 19+1=20 Medicine Wheel (Center is
Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Wyoming).

Soul Portraits by Cosima Lukashevich
SSuzanne.Seshat Receiving
Earth work on Magnificent 19+1=20 Medicine Wheel
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