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John Cowie
John Cowie
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Author and researcher
Guest Biography

John Cowie is a veteran of the semiconductor revolution. As a former senior executive with Intel Corporation, his original intention was to write a book based on the characters he met and his first-hand experiences during his many years in this exciting young industry. But as he watched the remarkable evolution of the silicon chip and in turn the computer and telecommunications industries, he began to link these extraordinary envisioneering achievements with the human brain. Regular journeys past the ancient sites of Silbury Hill and the standing stones of Avebury prompted him to consider where our knowledge could have come from and the seeds of the Alien Visitor gene theory began.

Over the past 20 years John has promoted his theory in his book “Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory”, in numerous articles, radio interviews, videos and lectures including Glastonbury Symposium and gained incredible feedback to suggest this possibility is worthy of serious investigation!

Interview description

This TV Interview “Realization” explores the idea that mankind has been manipulated by a group of ‘Elites’.

Is the arrival of extra-terrestrials on our planet in our pre-history the only viable explanation for our incredible evolution and worthy of serious investigation?

I am aware that this is a giant leap of faith, as God and Heaven is to Christianity, but what if alien forms of life landed on Earth in our pre-history.  This is integral to understanding Realisationism which requires a belief in an ancient extra-terrestrial led civilisation, way before the Egyptians, which has been hitherto ignored, destroyed or deliberately hidden.

Did they genetically experiment with numerous specious on Earth to suit their purposes?  Did one of these experiments involve the genetic manipulation of our Homo sapiens ancestors, maybe our mitochondrial DNA, creating humanity?

As per Darwin's theory, those Homo sapiens possessing the alien visitor gene had a significant advantage and began to replace those that didn't - resulting in a dramatic change in Homo sapiens evolution creating the human race. 

The highly intelligent human race quickly evolved from this distinct “Eve” point, suggesting we are all brothers and sisters!

A few thousand years on was this ET inspired civilization, that built pyramids on every continent on Earth, destroyed by a violent natural event, possibly an asteroid strike, occurring around 10,500 years ago – ‘Younger Dryas Global Event’ - devastating this incredible early civilisation, initiating “The Planet of the (intelligent) Homo Sapiens”?

Did a group of our early ET/human survivors, Noah perhaps, who understood and was witness to this amazing first ET led civilisation, hold on much of the incredible ET knowledge and records? Was this information saved in the mythical ‘ark’?  Was there an error in the translation of the word ‘ark’, meaning a pyramid rather than a boat? 

In the aftermath of the devastation that occurred following the massive disruption to our planet, was this knowledge important to their survival through the manipulation of the remaining confused survivors?

Has our early civilisation been deliberately obscured by a group of ‘Elites’ who have continually held power over the rest of us since this time?

If we can open our minds to this possibility, we are all of extra-terrestrial origin, I hope this unusual approach to exploring humanity will make us look at ourselves in a different and intriguing way.

I believe in our own lives; we all have inklings of evidence that point towards our ET heritage.