Guest, Natalie Zeituny

Guest Name: 
Natalie Zeituny
Guest Occupation: 
modern mystic, a medicine woman, soul whisperer and a consciousness entrepreneur.
Guest Biography: 

Elevating world consciousness has been my passion for the last 20 years. From Beirut to Israel to the Silicon Valley where I lived for 18 years, I worked with fortune 100 companies such as Google, Apple, Yahoo and UCSF on Conscious Business initiatives. In 2006 I started the Conscious Business Center in San Francisco that became worldwide movement, known as Conscious Capitalism.

My current life’s mission is creating conditions for a thriving planet by 2040 through personal and global expansion of consciousness. My current venture is establishing “World Consciousness Leadership Forum” where multidisciplinary minds, kind hearts, evolved souls and creative spirits address the world’s most pressing issues such as sustainability, world citizenship, biomedicine, genetic engineering to creating leaders in society that will shape our future for generations ahead.

Ensoulment     Conscious Business Center   Interview title The Future of Humanity and the Earth Through the lens of Ensoulment  - From Ego-centric to Etno-centric to World Centric Conscious civilization - How levels of consciousness influence personal and collective well being, vitality, thrive-ability, innovation and fulfillment. - What is possible when economic, political, educational, healthcare and technological system elevate the conscious - What can be done on a personal, collective and systemic level