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Guest Name
Challamar Rayne ASEA
Guest Occupation
Cellular health specialist
Guest Biography

Challamar Rayne has sent the past 30 years searching for the answers to ultimate cellular health, knowing that the body is only as good as it's cells. Owner of a spa and clinic called Ultimate Products For Life in White Rock, BC, Canada, she has been directing seekers to look to their cells as the cause of all physical conditions and these same cells as the answer to reclaiming health back from virtually any degenerative issue.

Challamar will be sharing her knowledge on the power and authenticity of this revolutionary discovery
- a drink that shatters everything we thought we know about health and healing..

MD of 38 years speaks out about ASEA. 3 mins.

Discover Redox Molecules - the Elegant Resolution to Any Condition of the Human Body


2:45 minute overview


Dr. Buffy Donahoo video - 3:21 min

Contact Challamar by phone or email for a complete email to begin your research
1 (855) 541-6111 - Toll Free North America goes directly to cell
778 552 2286


White Rock, BC, Canada


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