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Susan Boskey Certified Cannabis Educator and Practitioner
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Certified Cannabis & CBD Educator and Practitioner
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Susan Boskey, graduate of the Holistic Cannabis Academy, is a Certified Cannabis Educator and Practitioner. As the former owner/operator of a private health practice devoted to detoxify and restore gut health, she has over 45 years of personal and professional involvement with wellness modalities.
Susan chose a path less traveled. Her curiosity about life, and health in particular, fueled her determination to learn everything she could about natural health and medicine to help herself and others.
The paradigm of whole-person wellness, (body, mind and soul), is the foundation of her work with clients. As a non-physician she enjoys the added flexibility of empowering her clients with in-depth research and personalized action plans.
Her emphasis today is to intervene in the noise of modern life to help people transform stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain into a welcomed, felt-sense of well-being using cannabis medicinally. Her online course, The CannaWisdom Process™ ~well-being in a troubled world, offers step-by-step self-care instructions about how to safely use medicinal cannabis to recover from mood disorders and gain a new perspective on life without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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