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Guest Name
Siobhan Nicolaou
Guest Occupation
Medium for Spirit, Emissary of Truth
Guest Biography

Siobhan Nicolaou The Sword of Truth is a published Author, Medium for Spirit, Metaphysician, and Master Alchemist who has been teaching Energy Management, Energy Transformation, and Sovereign Development for 25 years.

​She is in the Empowerment Business which offers individual and group support through  Readings, Meditations,  Tele-Classes and Activations for your harmonious Spiritual and Creative unfolding. These tools are for everybody in any profession or walk of life.

Siobhan Nicolaou, is an Emissary of Truth that assists in your  awakening by offering you tools and guidance from higher consciousness that dissolve separation, opening your heart to the voice of wholeness and your unique expression of this vibration in the world. 

​​Their mission is to empower you with what she embodies as a sustainable path of wholeness and peace.

​When she is not out in the field transforming homes and lives, she is teaching the language of Love through Readings, Classes and Meditation.…