Guest, Jennifer Dickens - Awakening Heart Wisdom Bio

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Jennifer Dickens - Awakening Heart Wisdom Bio
Jennifer Dickens - Awakening Heart Wisdom Bio
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Heart Math ceritified coach
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Jennifer Dickens - Awakening Heart Wisdom Bio


At the pinnacle of her career, in the midst of her marital engagement and during the turmoil of her parents divorce, Jennifer was diagnosed with a precancerous condition.  In her words, “it was the perfect storm.”


This is when her awakening started, almost 20-fateful years ago!


As she sat there in disbelief, the doctors wanting to do more invasive surgery, a voice welled up deep within her and yelled…. NO!!!!

As her mouth involuntarily blurted out NO, the nurse and Jennifer looked at each other in astonishment. Jennifer didn’t know where that voice came from and has spent almost 20-years exploring, healing, evolving, and discovering who and what that inner voice is.

Healing and immersing herself in the inner work to discover the source of “The Voice” has been an enlightening and magical journey. After healing holistically, Jennifer continued the inner journey immersing herself in Kriya Yoga meditation which led to the answer of who and what that “voice” is.

In 2018 it became clear she had to Awaken All Hearts to Divine Love, that this would be her life purpose moving forward. She delved into mastering the science of the Heart and became a Certified Heart Coherence and Resilience Coach. As a Certified HeartMath Coach she caringly mentors people in discovering their true authentic self by  awakening their own heart, accessing their heart wisdom and discover their own divinity.

She encourages you to commit to your Magnificence and experience the Wonderment of Divine Love it’s beyond anything you can imagine.  Attend one of Jennifer’s FREE Heart Activation classes at to activate your hearts divine wisdom and open up to a world of wonder, and a life of magnificent ecstatic joy.

Inspired by her healing journey, Jennifer left her executive career in the corporate world where she had worked for prestigious real estate developers, finance and global Fortune 100 companies and founded Whole Life Marketing a successful Health & Wellness digital marketing agency For the past 12-years she has committed herself to only providing purposeful service supporting the betterment of humanity.