Music CD, Love Sick, Felixity

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Flexity, CD titled, Love Sick
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Love Sick
Song Names: 
Lazy Boi
On My Knees
The Bad Guy
Twisted Love

Music Submission, BRYAN ART

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Bryan Art is a good-vibes singer, a witty songwriter, meticulous producer, renowned guitarist and a multifaceted artist specializing in lively music with a positive message. He has given outstanding performances on several local and international shows including Jamaica Jazz and Blues, Rebel Salute, ATI, Fully Loaded, St. Mary Mi Come From, Unity Splash among others. His international appearances as a solo act include major music festivals around the world, tours of the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Europe.

​Bryan Art first came to prominence not as the singer we know and love but as a budding guitarist and touring member of the legendary Fire House Crew. With Firehouse, Bryan gained immeasurable experience supporting top flight Artistes including Luciano and Sizzla for several years and later with Bushman as band leader and guitarist of his Grass Roots Band. He also did a short stint with the world renown Black Uhuru and also Michigan and Smiley.

​2001 was the year Bryan Art took the bold step, adding new dimensions as recording Artiste and co/producer of his first single titled “Soon Come Back” for FIWI Music Label. By 2002 his name was on the lips of many music lovers and was rightfully named “Best New Artiste” by ER / TVJ (Television Jamaica). By then Bryan Art was signed to Chris Smith Management who also housed five and six-time Grammy nominees Nelly Furtado and Tamia respectively. Along with the Gumption band he was privileged to perform on both named artiste’s successive official remixes and as such release several hits including “Rock and Come In” 2004 and “Get It” in 2005.

​Presently, having come full circle the very prolific songwriter who has also penned songs for artistes such as Etana, George Nooks, Singing Melody, Bushman, and Luciano, etc. has now embarked on a collaborative project with the said Gumption Production team now touring as I-kronik.

Bryan Art’s expanding sources of inspiration credits Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond, Toots Hibbert as well as Stevie Wonder and Al Green to name a few.

Bryan Art (Bryan Grant); born in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Music Submission, K-MAC

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Colorblind USA inc is a indie label with offices in Houston & California, we produce rap, rock, pop, country, gospel and R&B, check us out on IG at Colorblindusainc

Music Submission, MON€¥

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Michael Zolani Benedict Mbuli, known professionally as MONEY (Stylized as MON€¥), is a South African rapper, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, born and Raised in Johannesburg, Soweto Pimville. 


Gaining his influence from the realities of growing up as a young black man in a crime-ridden country and the streets of the largest township in the world. He hails from a talented family that is well versed in the entertainment industry and musically inclined.

Sighting music as an escape from his criminal surroundings, MON€¥ has found musical balance in expressing his realities.

His lastest single is a high tempo masterpiece which finds the ideal harmony between the kick and bass of the beat together with vocals, flows and delivery the track in it’s entirety is a feel good jam which catches any music lover repeating this jam unintentionally.

Costie Payne

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Costie Payne
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Costie Payne
“The Good News Music Movement and I are committed to our mission: CHANGING AND SAVING LIVES THROUGH MUSIC”, says nationally known, accomplished songwriter, composer and gospel recording artist, Costie Payne
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Costie Payne, song titled, Drowning
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Drowning - single
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Music Submission, COSTIE PAYNE

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CHECK OUT the New Single, “DROWNING” by Costie Payne. TAKE A LISTEN TODAY!

Costie Payne is back, and delivering a powerful message for the young & old in his new single “DROWNING.” This is unlike anything we’ve heard from Costie. It is on FIRE and RIGHT ON TIME! Take a listen and add this amazing track today! One of your listeners needs to hear this message today! MP3 & EMB WAV attached.  Costie is available for interviews! Check him out on social media too, handles below.


instagram: @costiepayne

Twitter: @cpayneworldwide

Facebook Fan Page: @Costie L. Payne

YouTube Channel: Costie Payne

Music Submission, Maryjessie

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Welcome to September! Welcome to the Fall!

My name is Maryjessie, a neo-soul low-fi artist based in L.A. I’m here to introduce you to my debut EP, “Welcome to September." This EP is centered around a feeling of beginnings as well as of nostalgia. A combination of my reflections on the past, my love for the present and my hopes for the future. 

Why September? Well, school starts in September. My birthday is in September. “September” by Earth Wind and Fire is my jam. Autumn is my favorite season… the list goes on… you get the point. In short, September is the month for me.

And this past September, I turned 21, entering my junior year of college. As I embraced this process of becoming an adult, I wanted to make music that was reflective of this journey. Through the course of a day in September, this EP touches on themes of self-actualization, childhood wonder, existential melancholy, love and acceptance. 

You see, I’m just an ant out here trying to learn something. Trying to learn about STEM as I pursue my engineering degree at Harvey Mudd College; to learn from my friends and family; to learn from my extracurriculars--whether that be running or teaching STEM; and to learn from hardships and opportunities. I take all that I have learned to shape my worldview. A worldview I explore through my creative writing and music. 

Having lived in the Bay Area, the Northeast, the DMV, and L.A. (as well as having Haitian-American and Cape-Verdean-American parents), I draw upon diverse and eclectic musical inspirations that influence my sound. A sound I use to articulate my worldview. 

Music Submission, AZAF

Artist or Band Name: 
My name is Cedric Wembe G. a.k.a AZAF, I am a young recording artist from Cameroon, living in Johannesburg. I love soccer and I am not married. I am 32 years old and music is my passion.
The song is in French and the title is Je dois finir (ZA-ZNJ-20-00001) meaning I have to finish.
About the song
The song is an encouragement to never give up regardless of what people say, think, see, feel, about us and do to us. It also does not matter how much life throws at us, we must keep our heads up and never give up for we are engaged in a race which we ought to finish; this mindset is what will give us the strength necessary to finish the race.
Social Media handles: 
Facebook: Asaph Kenania Wembs
Instagram: AZAF_Officiel

Music Submission, Stanley "BabyBoy" Ray

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Stanley "BabyBoy" Ray

Hi. My name is Stanley. Im 21 years old and I'm an upcoming singer and actor. I would love to have my music chosen to be played on your station :)


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