Marlon Saunders

Marlon Saunders
Marlon Saunders
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Marlon Saunders
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Marlon Saunders, CD title, People Are Ready To Dance Again
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People Are Ready To Dance Again
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People Are Ready To Dance Again

Tina Mazyck

Tina Mazyck
Tina Mazyck
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Tina Mazyck
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Tina Mazyck, CD titled, Mazyck
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Music Submission, Jesse Hayes

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Jesse Hayes

My name is Jesse Hayes. I am a twenty-six year old suicidal schizophrenic according to the doctors. I have these strange and unexplainable experiences that doctors can only deem a psychological malfunction. I have gained a new philosophical outlook on life based on my experiences. I can see the shadows of people, or I like to believe that their the outlines of human beings so I can establish who is doing what to me. A priest told me it was demons, a psychologist told me it was hallucinations, a voodoo shaman told me they were the spirits of the dead, some pagans told me it was a curse that I was hexed with, some Wikens said it was black magic. So I am stuck without a true answer. I can smell abnormal aromas around me that no one else seems to take notice of. I can feel cuts into my flesh, but no cut is visible. I can hear voices that come from the sky and around me that no one else seems to hear. I have zero control over my emotions and can feel my body experience torture while I have to sit back and experience the torture also. Seeing as people deem me crazy, I keep my experiences to myself, hoping one day it will kill me to rid me of my misery. I have made six suicide attempts because of my experiences. I had a philosophy that when I died, my pain would stop. I also have a philosophy that I should be able to choose whether or not I want to live the rest of my life this way and not be forced to live through the torture. At times when my emotions are in a uproar are the times I want to die the most. It helps me with my attempts at suicide. I have taken medication and seen numerous doctors but it doesn't change my experiences. It helped them build. So I no longer take medication because my experiences are less without them. Since I have no one that can truly relate to my lifestyle or talk to about my experiences that would truly understand, I put my theories, experiences, and what I would like to do into music as a sort of outlet. I feel better knowing that someone out there who listens to me is hearing what I am saying. Indirectly talking to them. I don't feel as if I have that much time left to live seeing as how my body is taking a beating. In theory, I should be, or close to dead by the age of thirty. So I am sending my music in hopes that I can make it before I die. If people are able to listen to the music then I can be discovered. If not, it was a good shot, and I tried. I sometimes lose touch with reality and come to believe that everything is fake. That my life is a form of inception and I only wake up from this dream when I die. I have heard around me that this is fake, and can hear whispers in my ear telling me to kill myself because this is fake. It has happened for so long that I came to believe these voices that I have been hearing. This may be one of the causes of my death that is soon to come. I seek help, but all help received is rendered useless. At times I enjoy believing that this is all fake to make up for the horrible life I lived, but the life I lived is another topic.

Music Submission, Vegan Boss

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Vegan Boss

Prison Shit By Vegan Boss (https://soundcloud.com/user-165177358/prison-shit-by-vegan-boss?in=user-165177358/sets/songs-for-freedom)

Songs For Freedom - Album for Animal rights and Animal Welfare to Benefit the Big Cat Rescue Bill (June 7 Release/Street date)


Music Submission, Gina Thompson

Artist or Band Name: 
Gina Thompson

Gina Thompson (Multi Platinum selling R&B Artist):


Having sold over a million CDs worldwide, the platinum selling artist is now set to release its third (3rd) album, "Missing You"

There are few female R&B vocalists, in Gina Thompson’s case over ten (10) years ago, that can attest to the success that a platinum selling artist with albums released on two different major record labels (Mercury/Motown and Elektra), working with the top record producers in the industry (Stevie J., Sean “P Diddy” Combs) and doing a single with Grammy Award Winner, Missy Elliot, that can talk about it today as their new single rises up the charts.

Having sold over a million CDs worldwide, the platinum selling artist is now set to release its third (3rd) album, "Missing You" on February 3, on Sunset Urban Records. “The single went to number one right away at Music choice’s Musica Urbana Channel so we had to get this out as soon as humanly possible, and it still took a few months for Rod (Millwood) to finish the CD,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Urban. Lichterman says the Urban Record Label will work this music vigorously to HipHop radio stations and to urban format stations. “Rod (Millwood) gave us many versions of the song to work so my plan is to send this hip-hop and urban along with world music stations and reggae stations,” says Lichterman about the new CD entitled, Missing You.

Rod Millwood is very well known for his staff producer deal he has in place with Lichterman’s label. Millwood has produced international top selling artists Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru), Mark Simmons, Roz, L. Myers, Don Ward and Kevin Hart along with his work with Gina Thompson. Millwood is also the owner of the world famous comedians club located on the popular South Street in Philadelphia. Lichterman considers Millwood one of the top producers in the world today. “Rod makes everything sound at such a high level that he has carte blanche with the label,” says Lichterman.

Over the course of Gina's career, the accomplished R&B and Soulful vocalist has released music at two (2) of the top record labels in the world, before now releasing her third (3rd) album entitled Missing You at the Sunset Urban Record Label. Her new single, "We Don’t Even Talk No More," has already shot up the charts according to Music Choice and its Musica Urbana Channel being the #1 song in its 1st week going for radio adds, and is currently going to try to be the most increased played song over the next few weeks. With The label is servicing all HipHop and Urban radio stations tracked by R&R (Radio & Records) and at BDS/Nielsen, since its release is not until next month, the label expects the song to be added to all major radio stations over the next couple weeks.

The Missing You CD is a very unique styled CD. It boasts many versions of the hit single all produced by Rod Millwood. Lichterman expects up to 4 of those versions to get radio play. There is also a club mix produced by Millwood that could be one of the favorite versions of the hit single. There is also a dancehall style and even a reggaeton version that are potential hits themselves and then there is a smooth R&B version of the song. “When I sat with Rod last year to hear the new music, we did not know what way to go with the songs,” says Lichterman and “then it hit me to use all of the great the versions of this songs and work them to a few radio formats. Having these versions makes this even a more fun project for us to work this year. I think my favorite version is the dancehall style and the radio promotion people love the club mix to work. We should all have these issues at labels.”

"Rod (Millwood) is one of the hardest working and most gifted producers on the planet," states Don Lichterman, President and Founder of Sunset Urban / Sunset Records. "And, as far as my business plan at Sunset Urban, having the new Gina CD at the Sunset Urban label is incredible for what is an independently privately owned record company. To be able to release a major recording artist whom I had worked with when she did her Mercury album is almost surreal for me today."

Music Submission, Los Marijuanos

Artist or Band Name: 
Los Marijuanos

How Weed Won The West Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):



“How Weed Won The West” takes its message to the music by releasing an eclectic soundtrack CD with Sunset Records for the film that is opening in theaters this month.

Award Winning Film Documentarian Kevin Booth also makes his solo music career debut as a participant on the Sunset Records film’s soundtrack featuring an all-star various artist title compilation CD, very naturally, and the filmmaker opens and closes the soundtrack CD with his songs. His electronic ballad “Baby Kush” stars as the album’s opening track with the album telling a story through to the closer “Drug War 2,” a Kevin Booth collaboration with Nick Knoc, with twelve (12) songs made up of rock, hip-hop, reggae, quirky, rap and electronic tunes on the compilation Soundtrack CD. (Kevin) Booth isn’t the only eclectic artist that makes a contribution to the soundtrack, 3 All Mighty, Travis Warren (New lead Singer for blind Melon) adds a blast of Southern down home rock n roll rock to the album with “I-40 Blues.”

More highlights on the CD are rap and hip-hop driven with topical songs, and quintessential partying tunes, from Los Marijuanos (recently signed to Sunset Urban Records) with their hit song, “Summertime,” along with Sunset Urban Recording act, Mista Latex with his “Let It Burn” song and Philadelphia native, Neele Scar with the song that also dawns the name of the film, “Weed Won The West,” are the perfect blend of raucous, melodic hip-hop / rap tunes that do tell this story and send its’ messages, on this full length Soundtrack CD. The Ronnell Sessions neo-soul rendition of “N-Day” effortlessly seeps in its Spanish influences, while at the same time, the quirky, pop artist, Norman A. Norman brings his “The Vapo Song (Vapo Vapo Vapo) song to the CD, while the roots reggae legend, I Kong (Tropical Records) adds his reggae style to the Soundtrack, with the inclusion of his popular world music song, “A Soldier Went To War.”

“The soundtrack is not only a favorite of mine,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records, “it also tells a story just like the film would tell its story.” (Don) Lichterman goes on to say “The songs on the soundtrack are all dramatic in their own way,” and “the CD is not only fun, I also want people to be able to leave the CD on at parties without having to change it. Plus, every song sends a message related to the documentary film made by Kevin (Booth).”

All in all, the How Weed Won The West soundtrack CD is compiled very well while having songs on it, to be able to send a message related to the subject matter in the documentary film (in theatres this month). Sunset put this soundtrack together and compiled the artists on the CD in a very eclectic way. This compilation Soundtrack CD is for all music fans that like any genre and all style of music. 

Music Submission, Wrap$$

Artist or Band Name: 

Babe Damsel by 60 Wrap$$ (HipHop, Dancehall):

60 WRAP$$ was only 4 years when he started dancing and going for shows ,he join boys scout at the age of 10.The Hip Hop/Rap R&B/Soul/Rock Artist and actor at 16 years he wrote an epic film which went for script conference and was accepted with the help of Late sam Loco ife.

He also wrote college movie which he collaborated with NTA National Television Authority Abakiliki Ebony state . Striving for perfection, 60 WRAPss join AGN and other actors association and also going for college shows he Resolved to compose, record and produce his own music 2009, 60 WRAPss created his own home Tools based studio and started online classes music. He accumulated more and more knowledge, experience and equipment in the years. In 2013, 60 WRAPss started recording His album, he will release his debut album "Synopsis" on Dec. 08, 2015.

The truth, lie, fear, love, illusion and trying to run away from everybody and everything are a part of people’s life, they not only define their relationships but become the inspiration for the creation of the songs in the album and its name Synopsis.

He just dropped a single "Never hustle me "produced Ken ANG

The Album consists of 12 songs with 60 WRAP$$ as the author of the music, lyrics and arrangements.The recording, mixing and mastering was done in collaboration with Kenzeal sound producer in the Kenzeal Records Studio Malaysia.

His kind of Music is totally different from others because he has different genre in his music,making him Unique.

Music Submission, Kapital A.

Artist or Band Name: 
Kapital A.

Kapital A. (HipHop, Dancehall):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhMSsMPBMS8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBav91P4-Ik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqDIlGma-to

Hip Hop artist leaves you Wanting More!

When you think of Hip Hop music, the ideology of the Dancehall boom is a natural blend in styles that should come to mind.

Rapping, dancing, talking, chanting, and rhyming lyrics on rhythmic tracks is a natural ingredient on any hip hop album set. The sounds of the old school songs by the likes of Nat King Cole, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters and Fats Domino coupled with modern day Dancehall sessions by the likes of Beenie Man, Movado, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Damian Marley infuse what is Kapital A and most notably, is what is laid down on his latest CD entitled, Why Not: Special Edition.

The full length 20 song album has extreme flair that dramatically grows the art and style combining both formats in its complexity. Rather than raps and shouts, the melody and color are what make up this great set being released this week at Don Lichterman's Sunset Urban label. Kapital A's music ingrains that colorful flair in those melodies in every song all the way through the entire CD which is set underneath the red-hot lyrics.

Kapital A began playing at neighborhood parties and at festivals throughout Ohio and in Jamaica while incorporating and introducing these two huge influences while laying the groundwork for what would become Rap/Hip Hop fusion with a Dancehall style. Today HipHop, coupled with Dancehall music and even what can be described as a Reggaeton style have carried itself across the globe into America and into Jamaica to bring together new fans of both genres. "Hip Hop has gone through many stages of growth with many sub-formats and sub genres which is the not only the beauty of it, it is also the fine line of it” says the head of Sunset (Urban) Don Lichterman. “As an Indy label, releasing Hip Hop music into what is a wide opened field and while garnering the roots of the deep culture from before say it when it became commercialized into the mainstream is key, otherwise we are competing in a field of major recording artists with a ton of money behind its marketing push and as a matter of fact, most of rap and hip hop today is all based on how much money is behind it” explains (Don) Lichterman whose latest hip hop artist is a releasing a CD that has received rave reviews since setting up its release this month (January 2015).

"In reality and in my opinion with regard to the music industry, the early to mid-90's was one of the most creative periods of growth into the mainstream marketplace for hip-hop music," states Don Lichterman, who' was working at MCA (Records) back then while Indy Labels like Interscope and Geffen were breaking HipHop bands in huge ways and “from nothing to something” which is “our (Sunset) business model” today.

"Hip hop music today is basically Pop Music today and we are not competing with it on that level and with what are artists that are on the THREE (3) or FOUR (4) major labels,” Don Lichterman expresses himself more about the landscape of the HipHop format and genre today. "And, by adding that so called Jamaican flair and by incorporating what are great lyrics with colorful melodies is a thrill to me rather than working straight up pop Rap and this guy (Kapital A) is underground and Indy, but he is also very melodic with his music which makes it very easy for me to work!"

“The other thing I love is working anything with added value and therefore selling a 20 song CD for say $9.99 a unit is great for the label," Don Lichterman ends the conversation by reiterating the Why Not: Special Edition CD is a bargain with 20 songs on a full length and extended CD set.

1 Intro

2 Kapital A

3 Fix Ya Face

4 Aint That Funny

5 En Fuego

6 Lookin At Me

7 What It Is

8 Same Window

9 So Many Problems

10 Nod Ya Head

11 Every Word

12 Warreeyaz

13 U R Fam

14 Talkin Bout Me

15 Ran

16 I Am

17 Doe Rae Mi

18 Fly Away

19 Um Um Um

20 Fallen Angels

The album is in store on January 20th and will be available at any place that sells CDs and that allows plays with Streams along with paid Downloads. The song Warreeyaz is also placed on the Tropical Party CD being released in February (2015) and two videos (Warreeyaz and Doe Rae Mi) are being worked, serviced and are now available at all popular video outlets (VEVO, YouTube, WhoTune, Pure Volume, VHX, Amazing tunes, Amazon, Grammy 365, StereoKiller and NoiseTrade)

First Creation

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First Creation
No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
First Creation, Picture
CD Name: 
Cant Wait - Single
Song Names: 
Can't Wait


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