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Music Submission, Trace The Sidewalk

Artist or Band Name: 
Trace The Sidewalk

Trace The Sidewalk is an international collaboration featuring Dean Ferrito (United Kingdom) and Matthias Niehues (USA) delivering a unique blend of modern British and southern US rock styles.

Music Submission, Franck Carducci

Franck Carducci - Slave to Rock 'n' Roll
Artist or Band Name: 
Franck Carducci


The Franck Carducci team is proud to announce the release of a new single « Slave to Rock 'n' Roll » on November 15 2018.

A phenomenon outside his borders, Steve Hackett (Genesis) guested on his latest album and the  « Classic Rock Society » magazine just awarded him "Best Overseas Band".

If the length of the song is too long for your program (5:30),
we have made a special "radio-cut" version (4 minutes) available on demand ... just ask us!
(but remember "Bohemian Rhapsody" lasts more than 6 minutes! )

Thank you for your support

Rock on!

The Franck Carducci team

Music Submission, Kenny Young Band

Artist or Band Name: 
Kenny Young Band

 Kenny Young and his band hail from the southern shore area of New Jersey. After one listen to this band, you’d swear these boys lived somewhere below the Mason-Dixon Line. Kenny’s life has traveled many roads over the years and he paved them into a collection of songs that range from beautiful ballads like “Lay A Rose” to balls-to-the-wall rockers like “Krazy“The Kenny Young Band began to pack venues throughout the southern shore towns in New Jersey. While building a solid fan base playing sold-out shows and benefits Kenny Young’s new album, “Simple Things” was receiving positive reviews from music critics, radio programmers and DJ’s around the world.South Jersey based roots-rocker, Kenny Young celebrates life's ‘SIMPLE THINGS’ with the release of his full length indie album that marks the culmination of a lifelong dreams. The Kenny Young Band released ‘Been Down That Road’ a 7 track EP. The band has also been gigging heavily, playing some impressive support slots They have opened for The Georgia Satellites , The Outlaws , Lonestar ,Blackberry Smoke, Tommy Castro, Ricky Lynn Gregg, Jimmy Van Zant and Micheal Allman and building upon an ever increasing fan-base. If you’re into Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and all manner of Southern style rock, you might want to check out the Kenny Young Band.

Kenny Young is lead vocalist and plays guitar.-, Ed Shulde on keyboards, Kenny Young IV(K-4) (Young & Wise/ Outlet) drums The K.Y.B. Has just released three new songs from their upcoming album , why not check them out


Music Submission, Mercury Blonde

Artist or Band Name: 
Mercury Blonde

Mercury Blonde is an original Americana/Southern Rock band based in East Nashville, Tennesse. The band consists of Zach Sarapas, Dan Wecht, Dan Monaco, Clint Hartzell, and Tyler Peck. Each member of the band is from either the east or the mid-west area of the United States. All the members of the band decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue their musical adventures and to be part of the heart of what is known as Music City. The band formed from playing at open jams, being part of other musical groups, and getting together at live shows. Often compared to a 'modern day Allman Brothers-style southern rock' band, Mercury Blonde combines new Americana sounds with Old-School Rock n' Roll.

T Carter and Kosmoknot

T Carter and Kosmoknot
Get ready for an organic music experience that will stimulate your body, mind and spirit! T-Carter and Kosmoknot is an Atlanta, GA based rock band with fused elements of blues, Americana, country and soul that is truly refreshing.
Artist or Band Name: 
T Carter and Kosmoknot
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
T Carter and Kosmoknot, songs titled, Chook, and, Lately
CD Name: 
Chook - single
Song Names: 

Music Submission, Monique Sherrell Brown

Monique Sherrell Brown
Artist or Band Name: 
Monique Sherrell Brown

Monique is known for her passion and dedication to music. She has evolved over the last six years from cabaret singer to her new home as a soulful recording artist transcending traditional genre barriers (music knows no color).

Music Submission, w3detour

Artist or Band Name: 

Leader Danno's back story and Band Bio

Music Submission, Pat Kreisl

Artist or Band Name: 
Pat Kreisl

both links are on my soundcloud page.

Thank you


Music Submission, Left Wing Fascists

Artist or Band Name: 
Left Wing Fascists

Hello thank you for opening my email. I am sending this today to support the Music submit request.  You should have received the MUSICSUBMIT.COM profile with 4 songs off the LP to your station for airplay. Left Wing Fascists is a band out of Norfolk Virginia established back in 1987 releasing the 4th and “best of” release PARTY FAVORITES 1987-2016.  Our producer Stacy Heydon, (Guitars David Bowie Iggy Pop and produced the number one top 40 hit by the band Sheriff) along with LWF has put together this release of 14 original songs over the span of 29 years. It includes songs off the November 2015 release Oxymoron.  For your convenience a dropbox and google drive link has been set up with zipped files in FLAC, MP3 and MP320.  You can grab individual tracks or the entire release along with the Oxymoron release.  . I look forward to calling and checking on tracking at a future date. Please if you have time return an email letting us know you are playing or plan to play our songs.  I realize you are very busy and appreciate a quick note letting us know we are getting some spins. If you would like an AIRDROP promoting the station please respond and I will send it out to you. Below are the links.

Left Wing Fascists Party Favorites 1987-2016 Released 5-1-16

Big Al Staggs  Drop box for radio downloads arranged in single track or complete LP zip file format for Oxymoron Release.   Surfing Junkies Video release


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