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Rick Denzien

Described as 'rock’n the extreme folk', the song is a rallying cry for over-worked and lorded-over ordinary citizens, over-burdened by the daily worries and stresses
of early 21st century life looming over a collective survival. 'Zero Emission Musician' Rick Denzien’s zeal drives an acoustic guitar and vocal style, like an early protest era anthem, iconic for this moment in history. CMJ charting artist top 200 airplay with Exit 21 CD.
Joe Jenneman

My name's Joe Jenneman.  I'm an LA based singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  I've attatched the MP3 for my new single, "The Same."  Please listen and consider for airplay!

Stiilbird is a singer/songwriter of the old school. Writing melodic, original heartfelt poignant lyrical content. His songs are often about the static and erratic humdrum love, noise and chaos of this crazy and sometimes wonderful 21st century life.

Following up after months of performing, Big Boosta Is releasing his 5th solo project, ‘Till I Die (The Album).  The first single “’Till I Die” debuted on Streets 94.5 in Atlanta Ga.  The single began to spread throughout the South and up through the East Coast all the way to Shady 45 on Sirius satellite radio.  Big Boosta has performed with artist like Colonel Loud, Shawty Lo, Celo Green and many more.  The wait is fin

The Shakes

The Shakes is a 4 piece band from Huntington Beach, CA and we make alternative/indie rock music. Releasing 2 singles ("Scrumptious" and "Somebody" ft. Francois Comtois from Young the Giant) on Spotify and Apple Music just a few months ago, we are in the works of releasing an EP by April of this year! This past Janary, we played at the Troubadour, the NAMM After Party, The Wayfarer and several venues in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. Currently, we're wrapping up the finishing touches of our EP called "With Every Moment" that will be out in late April/late May.
Fall With Grace
We're a rockband from Sweden called Fall With Grace and we think you will really like our stuff. Why? We are so passionate about our creations, we focus on combining music, melody and words to get out the exact feeling we want to share with our music. It's all about touching hearts with our music and we really love what we do and want to share it with you guys. Hope you like what you hear! 
Have an awesome day!
Best regards,
Fall With Grace