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The People Speak

Show Host: 

The People Speak has evolved, over the years, with many great guests who have been interviewed by some very fine hosts. Cindy Sheehan - the 'Peace Mom' -- now hosts the show and I can't think of anyone more appropriate especially during this turbulent time in human history.

Cindy Sheehan has done so much for the Peace Movement starting with her Camp Casey campaign during the Iraq War which was recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. She has been the most morally consistent person I know and maintained the same philosophy of peaceful activism, against war and violence, no matter if it was a Republican or Democrat President or Congress in charge of America's never ending foreign conflicts of aggression, oppression and predation. She has traveled the world and been involved in countless campaigns for humanitarian causes on so many different issues - environmental, social, and political.

Cindy represents for me a bright beacon of hope and light, inspiring and informing others with peaceful strategies via her blog site ( and her radio interviews which can be heard here and via Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox radio show at her blog site.

Cindy carries on the mission statement of The People Speak through informative shows, blogs, and personal example, making a difference for the better in this world.

I am proud and happy to have Cindy Sheehan as host of The People Speak.

Mike Kim/Producer

Weekly Show
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6:00 pm PT
6:55 pm PT

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Talk Show Program Archives

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FEATURED Talk Show Guests

Guest, Margaret Flowers February 28, 2017
Guest, Sam Koplinka-Loehr February 21, 2017
Guest, Mike Whitney February 14, 2017
Guest, Hugo de Garis December 20, 2016
Guest, Dale Loepp December 13, 2016
Guest, Camryn December 6, 2016
Guest, Morning Star Gali November 29, 2016
Guest, Leuren Moret November 15, 2016
Guest, Norma Hashim November 8, 2016
Guest, Craig Campobasso November 1, 2016
Guest, Rex Gilroy October 25, 2016
Guest, Libbe HaLevy October 18, 2016
Guest, Ann Wright October 11, 2016
Guest, LeRoy Malouf October 4, 2016
Guest, Anne Watts September 27, 2016
Guest, Yves Engler September 20, 2016
Guest, David Ray Griffin September 13, 2016
Guest, James Fetzer September 11, 2016
Guest, Mary Rodwell September 6, 2016


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Featured, Guest, Margaret Flowers February 28, 2017

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 06:00 pm

Guest, Margaret Flowers

Guest Name: 
Margaret Flowers
Guest Occupation: 
Pediatrician/Social Activist
Guest Biography: 

Margaret Flowers, co-director of Its Our Economy, is a Maryland pediatrician. After graduation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completion of pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Flowers worked first as a hospitalist and then in private practice. She left practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for a single payer health care system at both the state and national levels.Flowers co-hosts, Clearing the FOG radio which airs on We Act Radio, 1480 AM. Her twitter is @MFlowers8.

Flowers served as Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program during the 2009-2010 national health reform process. She organized briefings, lobby days and testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in June, 2009 and before the National Commission for Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in June, 2010. She was co-founder of the Mobilization for Health Care Reform. She is currently a spokesperson for PNHP and is on the board of Healthcare-Now. Flowers serves on the coordinating committee of the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign-Maryland.

Flowers views the struggle for health care as part of a broader social, economic and environmental justice movement. She joined Zeese in March, 2011 as co-director of in order to educate, organize and mobilize around social and economic justice issues. She serves on the steering committee of which organized the Occupation of Washington, DC on Freedom Plaza and continues to report on and help organize Occupy events around the country.

Upcoming Talk Show HEADLINES

Headlined, The People Speak, February 28, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
February 28, 2017

Dr. Margaret Flowers joins host Cindy Sheehan.

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A Sense of Conscience A sense of conscience July 29, 2015

Talk Show Feedback

Reader Feedback:

Thank you for the interview with Dr. Steven Greer. He is one of the most intelligent men of our time, no doubt!

Comment Post:
Author: Mike Kim
Reader Feedback:

It was very good referring to Willy Nelson's answers. He certainly is a man who truthfully says what he thinks and feels. I think that's why I always liked his songs. He projects that honesty in his songs and voice. It was great!

~ Maria Hildegard

Comment Post:
Author: Mike Kim
Reader Feedback:

Hi Basima and all, Thanks so much for having me on the show tonight. Hope it goes well and thanks for the invitation -- keep us posted about any other support you'd like to offer to the fight for community radio. All the best,

~ Hannah Sassaman from Prometheus Radio Project

Comment Post:
Author: Mike Kim