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Ellie Sophia Brown
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Guest Biography

Ellie Sophia Brown’s degrees in psychology and counseling give her a unique artistic perspective.  After dedicating almost two decades working in the fields of social services and mental health, she left her private practice in 2014 to pursue an artistic career in photography. After many years of offering support in moments of struggle and pain, she enjoys celebrating the moments of love and new beginnings she now captures in her images.  Although photography is a new career for Ellie, it is not a new passion.  Ellie’s love for photography began as a young girl assisting her grandfather in his work as a wedding photographer.  

Now as an award winning photographer herself, with published images in several local magazines, she sees photography as a way to advocate for those who might otherwise not be seen.  Her current work “Out of Many: One Community” focusing on the diversity in her city, is being exhibited throughout the Indianapolis area.