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Rob Kitsell
Rob Kitsell
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Rob Kitsell, better known as englishrobga on the internet chat program, has been running a large chat room called 'No Agenda Chat' in the Social Issues/Politics & Government category.  Open 24/7, the room has attracted visitors from all over the world: the USA of course, Canada, Europe, Australia, even the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The room took its name from Rob's favorite radio program 'No Agenda' - hosted by John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry.  In fact, Rob had the opportunity to interview John Dvorak as host of The People Speak a few years back.

Topics in the No Agenda chat room run the gamut from political, historical, conspiracy, religious, science, film, food, travel, music, abortion, health entertainment, economics, you name it.  Regular chatters in the room type in text or talk on the mic sharing their views and opinions.  At times the discussions can be quite lively, even explosive.

Rob will share with our audience the dynamics of running a chat room and the many experiences he has had with chatters over the years.  Overseeing such a room for so many years, has been something of a daunting task at times, but Rob enjoys it and the many discussions the room has sparked.

Please feel free to drop in and visit Rob and friends by joining the Paltalk chat program. Create a screename and join the fun in No Agenda Chat via your computer, phone, or other internet accessible device.