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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 May 2021

The People Speak with Various Hosts and produced by Mike Kim

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The People Speak has evolved over the years with many great guests who have been interviewed by some very fine hosts.

We are a 55 minute show airing every other Sunday between 5-6pm Pacific/8-9pm Eastern. The show features a guest interview from any number of realms of interest (entertainment, science, philosophy, healing, spirituality, activism, politics, literature, etc.).

The guests share their stories, lives, strategies, books, philosophy, films, music, or whatever it is they use as a vehicle for making a difference for the better.

The radio show name, The People Speak, is based on the idea of allowing our audience - the People - a chance to interact with the guests during the hour, and we take phone or text questions from them during the interview.

Past guests include such notables as Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the late Howard Zinn, Nobel Laureates Mairead Maguire, Shirin Ebadi, Kathryn Najimy, Oliver Stone, Jesse Ventura, Richard Belzer, Cynthia McKinney, Cindy Sheehan, Scott Horton, Joan Jett, Willie Nelson, George Galloway, Roseanne Barr, Ed Asner, Chevy Chase, as well as various reps from Amnesty International, UN World Food Programme, and many others.

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

DOCTOR EXPOSES DANGERS OF INNOCULATIONS, March 25, 2014 Guest Dr. Rebecca Carley on innoculations
EXPERT EXPOSES SANDY HOOK HOAX, March 18, 2014 Guest Wolfgang Halbig Safety Expert
SCHOLAR CRITICIZES WAR ON TERROR, March 11, 2014 Guest Kevin Barrett on USA's Policies
FORVER STATE SECRETARY EXPOSES GOVERNMENT, March 4, 2014 Steve Pieczenik On USA Conspiracies
SEAL TEAM 6 DEATH INVESTIGATION, February 25, 2014 Seal Michael Strange's Father Speaks
MURDERED HOMELESS MANS FATHER SPEAKS , February 18, 2014 Ron Thomas Retired Sheriff Deputy
AGRICULTURAL EXPERT SPEAKS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS, February 11, 2014 Guest Rosalind Peterson Exposes Geoengineering
15 YEAR OLD CANCER RESEARCHER, February 4, 2014 Guest Jack Andraka Cancer Researcher
RELEASED POLITICAL PRISONER SPEAKS OUT!, January 28, 2014 Guest Lynne Stewart Talks
Ariel Sharon a criminal!, January 21, 2014 Yousef Munayyer on Ariel Sharon
CALIFORIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE SHARES PLATFORM, January 14, 2014 Cindy Sheehan Peace & Freedom Party
FILMMAKER ON MILITARIZATION OF POLICE, January 7, 2014 Charles Shaw documentary Exile Nation
VETERAN DEFIES DC GUN LAW, December 10, 2013 Guest Adam Kokesh
ISRAELI CALLS ISRAEL RACIST REGIME, December 3, 2013 Guest Miko Peled
FBI AGENT ON JFK ASSASSINATION, November 26, 2013 Guest: Abraham Bolden
USS LIBERTY SURVIVOR SPEAKS OUT, November 12, 2013 Guest Ernie Gallo
NO AGENDA RADIO, COMMENTARY, November 5, 2013 John Dvorak, No Agenda Host
MUSICIAN WITH A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE, October 29, 2013 Guest, David Rovics
AMERICAN AMBASSADOR ON AMERICAN POLICY, October 22, 2013 Guest, Former Ambassador Edward Peck

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Producer Mike Kim
the Producer of The People Speak radio show

I am the producer of The People Speak radio show, which has evolved over the years; many fine hosts have interviewed many great guests. The show has been an on-going work of love, continually evolving with new hosts and guests, who are trying to 'Make a Difference for the Better'.

Most radio shows seem to focus on the's all about the host - ego driven. I have tried to make The People Speak about the guests and their message - hopefully a message that inspires, educates, expands the horizon of hopes, dreams and actions of the listeners who are invited to participate.

I've noticed once the ego fulfillment of many talk show hosts are met or played out, their show comes to an end as well. That may be why The People Speak continues, because the way I see it, The People Speak isn't about one person or even one species, it's about the Human Condition and the planet and universe as we know it. The Human Condition is as dire and possibly as ripe for change for the better now more than ever. The need to reach people with stories and strategies for peace and positive action remains and continues. Hence, The People Speak continues as well!

Much Love, Peace, Health, Prosperity, and Joy to All,

Mike Kim/Producer
The People Speak radio show

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