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J Bruce Campbell
J Bruce Campbell
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Founder American Defense Party
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JB Campbell was born in Chicago in 1946, grew up in Oakbrook, Illinois, then the polo capital of the world.  Graduated from Carmel HS in California. Raced cars in Australia and England for two years. Three years of college, mostly at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Operated the School of Slide Control to train racing drivers and others the technique of slide control.  Commercial (oilfield) diver in Texas and Louisiana for two years.

Campbell was in the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia in the early '70s and was a Section Officer in Support Unit, the anti-terrorist group. He was the first American in the BSAP since 1923.  Campbell started the modern militia movement in 1989 with his book, The New American Man - A Call to Arms. The militia movement lasted until '95 with the state-sponsored destruction of the OKC federal building. The State Department considers him a "mercenary." The FBI considers him a problem. The Secret Service considers him a terrorist.

Campbell couldn't care less.

Campbell makes his living as a drilling supervisor, mainly in southern California.


Recent history has shown that America is a presidential dictatorship, abetted by a cowardly Congress and graced by a corrupt Supreme Court.  It has masqueraded as a democracy and as a republic and as a nation guided by “the rule of law.”  But the law is only for us, the people, to obey and be controlled.  The lawmakers and law enforcers make and enforce the law on the orders of our deadly enemies.  The law is a weapon in the hands of our enemies.  We are actually under the law of the gun.

There are two political philosophies in America.  One philosophy is that government is necessary and as such deserves to be voted on and validated periodically.  This philosophy includes the idea that government is a necessary evil and needs to be tamed by electing “good new people” to keep it under control due to the naturally corrupting nature of government.  But as we all can see, with untold trillions of dollars of government debt to the private Federal Reserve, Communist China and others, the government is out of control and has been for a hundred years.  The government lies us into war after war and has slaughtered millions of people just in the last twenty years and produced a million US casualties out of two and a half million troops who were in the two Moslem wars.  The government has lied us into a fraudulent version of socialist medicine which has already caused millions to lose their hard-earned health insurance policies with nothing to replace them.  This new attempt at socialist medicine was planned to be run by the IRS, which can’t even run itself without committing major crimes. 

All of this and much more were made possible by a hundred years of voting.  I say one hundred years because that is exactly how long it’s been since our elected representatives voted to make the Federal Reserve Act into “law.”  This criminal act mmediately led to a century of ghastly war that is ongoing.

At last count, there were about 150 million registered voters.  About 127 million of them voted in the 2012 election.  There are about 207 million Americans who are eligible to vote and of them about 80 million did not vote in that election.  Many of the voters vote out of habit or resignation with the excuse that the lesser of two evils would be better to have power over us than the greater of two evils.  Once in office, however, the lesser of two evils always becomes the great evil. 

The other philosophy is that the government is our main and most dangerous enemy and must not be supported in any way, especially by voting.  Those 80 million non-voters make up our base, whatever the actual reasons they did not vote may be.   At least they didn’t contribute to the corruption by voting.  A non-voting political party dedicated to the shutting down of the suicidal and catastrophic federal system would give Americans an actual means to unlatch the homicidal parasites from our veins and bank accounts.  All government is life-destroying cancer but nothing compares with the US federal government for fraud, theft, waste, spying and mass murder.  A non-voting party would formalize the idea that federalism must be outlawed.  

The issue would become Government or No Government, one or the other, because we can easily see where constitutional government has put us.  The new party wouldn't put people in federal office because we want to do away with the federal government and you can't do that as a part of government.  The political climate in America is ripe for radical change.  The Neo-Cons who took control of the Bush and Obama administrations have brought only chaos and hardship to America and mass death and misery to the peoples of the world.  The Neo-Cons have plotted to rule the world for decades but once in power demonstrated only ineptitude and failure at everything other than destruction.

The American Defense Party would replace the Constitution with Articles of Confederation – a modern version of the original.   There would be no central government to enforce the private central bank, both of which would be abolished forever.  The one legitimate function of the remaining Treasury Department – appropriated by the Confederation – would be to create and distribute debt-free currency (Kennedy’s 1963 US Note).  That would be one of the first  principles of the party platform.

The party would eliminate the web of control used by the central federal government to destroy us and others through relentless totalitarian laws, regulations and executive orders.  The warlords of Washington must be put out of business permanently.  The war industry and all its satellites would be outlawed by the Confederation.  The Confederation itself would be a voluntary one – any states not wishing to join would be free not to.

Why have a party if there's no one to vote for?  For a sense of identity and camaraderie and communications and organization and a common declaration and agreement of purpose.  And for organized defense against aggression.  Party members would be supported and defended by fellow members if attacked.  A position on subversion and treachery can be given once our traditional enemies inevitably react the way they always do.The party would face a lot of danger and violence.  That in itself would justify its existence and its advertised purpose of self-defense.

The party would stand for everything that's healthy and against all the brutality and corruption in government.  America lost all its good jobs because of the federal government.  So if someone were to say, "But what will we do without a federal government?" the answer would be, "We'll prosper."  We have lost our basic right to privacy to the federal government and that right there is reason enough to abolish it forever.  No central government was the whole idea behind the American Revolution.  The central government has announced its plans to arrest us and assassinate us, totrap us in a non-functioning socialist medical system that would only destroy our health, run by the most notorious financial terrorists in US history, the IRS, and I don't need to go on.  So, no, we don't need a central government and probably can't survive much longer with the one we have.  

It must be dismantled and prohibited forever.  This can be done by a strong, well-armed  political party when its numbers approach those of the militia movement of the 1990s. The party would be very militant; it would have to be to survive.  When it gets to the size, say, of the militia movement of the '90s, it would be strong enough to overthrow the federal government, which was never the declared goal of the militia.  A militant political party that large wouldn't really need violence - it could issue an ultimatum.  But there would be violence along the way to this massive size, and the violence would attract tough people to the party.

The party would be concerned with national defense against treason and be against all military aggression, sabotage and espionage, which would mean the end of the deadly, tax-supported military industry.  Everything the federal government does would end, such as foreign aid, protecting Monsanto and the deadly AMA.  Everything, because one thing the federal government doesn't do now is supply our currency, the only thing it should be doing.