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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show March 2, 2020
Super Tuesday is a day away and there are a lot of reasons for Colorado Republicans to be encouraged by the ballot returns in the State’s Primary election.
The numbers don’t lie and we’ll break it down for you.
Plus…. Just days after Dems at the State Capitol voted to repeal the death penalty in Colorado Gov. Polis is commuting the death sentences of 3 murderers.
Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth March 4, 2020

Ep. # 321 LIVE STUTTER FREE...In 3 Days or Less! 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Learn How to Stop Stuttering In 3 Days - Unblock Your Naturally Balanced Speech and Enjoy Your Stutter-Free Life.

Guest: ANNA DEETER, M.A., Etalon Unblocking Master, Speech Educator, Author, Public Speaker, Founder, Director and Instructor of Speech Academie Etalon International

Anna Deeter is a pioneer of a brand new profession called Etalon (Standard) Speech Education - alternative to the conventional profession of Speech Therapy/Pathology, which cannot offer a 100% reliable, efficient and permanent solution for people who struggle from stuttering, stammering, cluttering and other deficiencies of their speech skills.

In the past 10 years, Anna enabled thousands of FORMER stutterers to end stuttering and revive their beautiful speech in only 3 days. She also offers a 100% life-time guarantee that if a student can come to me any time without any additional cast if he forgets or becomes confused about something!

Anna has worked as a conventional Speech Therapist and a Special Education Teacher for 30 years combined in two countries (Russia and USA). She's been teaching students, writing books on the topic of speech and stuttering for the past 10 years. Anna is the author of: STUTTERING SOLVED!

Interview topics include:

  1. Anna's passion for helping people who struggle from stuttering.

  2. Why she decided to leave the conventional Speech Therapy.

  3. What is stuttering?

  4. Why do you call this sickness a ghost?

  5. When do people develop stuttering?

  6. Why can’t they fix their own speech problem?

  7. Who can help them?

  8. Why is there no cure for stuttering?

  9. How do you know that all people stutter?

  10. How Can anyone stop stuttering in only 3 days? Is it enough

  11. Who, when, how and why invented a non-existent stuttering sickness requiring a cure?

  12. How do you help your students who stutter in such a short time?

  13. Courses she offers today.

  14. The success rate of Anna's online course.

  15. 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

  16. Where to find Anna Deeter.

  17. Recommended books.

  18. Why is it that stutterers can sing well, but begin to stutter when they speak?

  19. Why are there 3 times more males than females who stutter?

Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth March 4, 2020

Ep. # 320: Simple Steps To Living An Energized And Passionate Life!
Health Coaching - Grief Counseling - Biological Decoding
Create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and FREE of denial and discipline!
Guest: Cathrine Elizabeth Silver, Holistic Health Counselor
Author of Riding the Light Beam--How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside.

FREE 20-Minute Health Consultation! Get a free 20-minute health consultation to get an overview and understanding of how the biological decoding or grief counseling process would work. Call or email Cathy to schedule: Email •
Phone • 954-661-1972

Cathrine Silver is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, and works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding relationships, spirituality, career, physical activity, nutrition and loss. Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be leaders and not rely on someone else for their happiness, joy, and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington. Since 2006 she has hosted Metaphysical Monday with an emphasis on soul communication, also known as channeling. Cathrine graduated from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in 2013. She holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Grief Counseling. She has done much work in the area of personal transformation with Summit Education. She completed the culinary instructors training program with the Conscious Gourmet last summer and she in the process of completing her certification for decoding biological disease with Enrique Bouron. She both volunteered and worked for the Dying to Live Foundation and facilitated the Parent-Child Retreats for mothers who had lost children.

Tune in Cathy will be discussing...
Health Coaching - Grief Counseling - Biological Decoding

1. Paradigm-shifting and changing.

2. An expanded way to think and understand our health & well-being, as well as our dis-ease and illness.

3. How to treat illness, must include all the pieces that make up the whole: body, mind, and spirit!

4. Illness is a message from "us" to "us" that says we have these things that need to resolve and heal.

5. How else does spirit get our attention?

6. What is Biological Decoding, as it is called in the U.S.

7.  Why is biological decoding important to our listening audience?

8. Would you call this a metaphysical approach to healing and dis-ease?

9. Is this really about connecting the dots--and understanding the messages our body is trying to give us?

10. Things that may be unresolved-at a subconscious level that we may not be aware of?

11. The "missing" link.

and much more!

Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth March 9, 2020


William Michael Forbes, Spiritual Medium, Channel and Intuitive Life Coach.
Author of How to Kill Suicide (With reason to live)

Connect to higher knowledge, your guides, angels, ascended beings and others. Michael uses all of his claire’s. By raising his vibration he is able to connect to higher knowledge, guides, angels, ascended beings and others. Messages can then be passed through to the recipient. The information doesn’t come from him, he receives information from those in the Spirit World. Michael is merely the messenger!

A private reading is a three-way process involving Spirit, the medium and the client. I act as the ‘middleman’ between you, here in the physical world, and the Spirit World. Connecting with non-physical beings is an innate and natural way for humans to co-exist and interact with other realms and dimensions of consciousness.

The human body is a transmitting and receiving station that transmits and receives information not only through the five physical senses but also through the five non-physical senses called claire’s called; Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Claire-audience (clear hearing), Claire-cognizance (Clear knowing), Claire-Sentience (Clear Feeling) and Claire-Salience (Clear Smelling). These claire’s often get grouped under the single heading known as intuition.

These claire’s are the non-physical senses of your SOUL and allow you to perceive and observe the non-physical world as your physical senses allow you to perceive the material world. Unfortunately, these intuitive senses often never get the attention and development our physical senses do because most of us have been conditioned to believe that only the physical world is real. 

Tune in as Micheal talks about...
1. His brush with death standing on a bridge, 131 feet up from the ground, about to jump!

2. Connecting with Guides, Angels and other Multi-dimensional beings.

3. How his trip through Newfoundland changed his life.

4. Master Jesus and his messages to earth.

a) What happened that he became fluidly communicating messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, guides and loved ones.

5. Does consciousness exist beyond perceptible matter?

6. Can humans learn to communicate with the awarenesses of those who have left the Physical body?

7. Why can't most people consciously communicate with individuals that have passed into non-physical consciousness?

8. What is the difference between the energy of love and the energy fear?

9. What is the relationship between climate change and the collective emotions of humans and animals?

10. Is emotion the fifth state of energy?

11. How people can cultivate different states of emotions to heal their minds and bodies and change their current life circumstances at will?

12. Do people learn to intentionally alter their DNA?

13. Is everyone born with a purpose, a reason for being?

14. How do we generate meaning in our lives when it may feel meaningless?

15. What are our non-physical senses for perception?

16. Is it possible for anyone to learn to develop their non-physical senses for increased awareness?

Headlined Show, Shadow Politics March 1, 2020

What is a Democratic Socialist? Let's ask BILL MOSLEY! Bill is an activist and writer in Washington, DC, and is currently the convenor of DSA’s (Democratic Socialists of America) Socialist Heritage Caucus which explores the history of DSA and the left through discussions and local walking tours. United States Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is on the rise in the polls and already has 45 pledged delegates toward the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Senator Sanders has labeled himself a "Democratic Socialist" -- but do Americans know what that really means? Metro DC DSA member Bill Mosley will set the record straight about what it means to be a socialist in America today!

Brad Hammonds CD : Through It All Songs : Through It All, Sometimes, Medicine Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Kristin Cothron CD : Love Letters from a Fool Songs : Dangerous, Love Letters from a Fool, RSVP Alternative, Music, Pop
Dave Diedrich CD : Passing Signs Songs : Back For More, Throw Your Stones Blues, Music, Pop, Rock
Candye Kane CD : Superhero Songs : I Put a Hex on You Blues, Contemporary, Music, Rock, Vocal
Bowen CD : Travelin' Show Songs : Intro, Jaded, Travelin Show Acoustic, Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Paradigm Shifters Guest, Sharón Lynn Wyeth March 16, 2021 Author and Speaker on what our names really say about us. Author and Speaker on what our names really say about us.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth is an internationally recognized name expert. She can determine one's strengths, challenges and the purpose of one's life by deciphering a person's name. Sharón created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research with 3 years of testing her theories, in over 70 countries, including Russia, India and China.  She continued to develop how to interpret names the next seventeen years, which is why Neimology® Science is so accurate today.  Today Sharón assists HR business departments to narrow down candidates to be interviewed, she assists lawyers in how to present cases to judges and helps couples and families to communicate better. Sharón also creates names for new business, new products and when people wish to change their name. Her bestselling book, “Know the Name; Know the Person” received an excellence in writing award. Sharón is a frequent guest on radio and television.

Talk And Tech Paranormal Guest, Brandon Alvis March 15, 2021 A&E's Ghost Hunters, Director, Writer

Brandon Alvis is the paranormal technician of the “Ghost Hunters” team. His twin passions for history and the paranormal led him to establish the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA). Brandon has investigated over 200 public and private locations with APRA, many of which bear historical significance.

Investigations have included mental hospitals, prisons, well-known murder sites, cemeteries, and private homes, as well as more famous sites like Alcatraz Island, Preston Castle, and the South Pittsburgh Hospital.

As a natural skeptic, Brandon researches every location meticulously before he begins collecting evidence in an effort to make the study of the paranormal as credible as possible.

Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Stephanie Luck March 05, 2021 Consultant, Law Professor, Republican candidate for Colorado House of Representatives District 47

Stephanie Luck (Republican Party) is running for election to the Colorado House of Representatives to represent District 47.

Stephanie Luck was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She studied at Franklin University Switzerland and Syracuse University College of Law. Luck’s career experience includes working as a consultant and law professor.

Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Dave Williams March 05, 2021 Colorado Representative House District 15

Dave grew up in a military family where hard work and sacrifice were taught. It is here that he learned the importance of our country and its impact on the world. A deep commitment to faith, patriotism, and civic duty are the cornerstones of his upbringing, as well as continual sources of strength and guidance.

Dave met his wife, Emily, his senior year of high school. They dated during their early years of college and married shortly after. They had their first child in December 2016.

He has served in several leadership capacities in both small business and local politics. Dave currently serves as Vice-President of Logistics for a manufacturing support services company where he helps bring businesses together to find tailored solutions for their customers.

From 2011-2013, Dave served as Vice-Chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party. While serving, he showed a steadfast commitment to the cause of liberty and freedom. Dave believes we need to encourage and hold accountable our elected representatives to support such principles.

In 2016, Dave was the first Latino elected to House District 15. He is providing new energy and enthusiasm that will help strengthen our community and Colorado. Dave is committed to working with the grassroots to further the cause of liberty and ensure that freedom is passed on to future generations.

Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Kristi Burton Brown March 05, 2021 Political Candidate, Author, Attorney, Evangelical, an associate scholar, Journalist, Editor

Author. Attorney. Evangelical. Focused on justice, truth, hope & freedom. Every life is full of inherent worth. Best use of spare time? Cooking. Opinion Columns and Educational/Legal Research by Kristi Burton Brown: Live Action News: Charlotte Lozier Institute: Townhall:

Kristi Burton Brown, an associate scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute, is an attorney focusing on First Amendment and sanctity of life issues. She has worked on pro-bono projects for Life Legal Defense Foundation, Live Action, Child Evangelism Fellowship’s parent organization, and Alliance Defending Freedom. She is also journalist and editor for Live Action News and a contributor to The Christian Post.

Longtime Anti-Abortion Activist Kristi Burton Brown Could Be the Next CO GOP Leader

As Chair of the Colorado GOP, I will build an effective state-wide collaboration network that works with our grassroots and advocacy organizations, our elected officials, and our candidates to win back our state.

I am a unifier and a collaborator. I know the only way we move forward is when we strategize together and do not divide ourselves.

I will transform the State Party into a service-oriented organization for our county parties and our candidates instead of a top-down, control group.

I will reform and revitalize our communications strategy, broaden the reach of our Party, and go directly to the voters.
We must expose the Democrats (and WE WILL!), but we must go a step further and paint a future-focused, forward-facing, positive vision for Colorado. It’s about Jobs, Kids, and the American Dream.

Grassroots and Party benefactors believe in my plan and are already committed to coming alongside me to build a vibrant State Party. We will implement business models and grow our small dollar donor program for longterm success.

I will work to recruit effective candidates across the state who represent their diverse districts. We must ensure that candidates have the resources and training necessary to win.

As You Wish Talk Radio, November 12, 2022 Guest, Lily Nova, having daily encounters with aliens
Shadow Politics, November 13, 2022 Guest, Eleanor Clift, Former Newsweek White House Correspondent, Contributor at the McLaughlin Group and Columnist
Lets Find Out, November 13, 2022 Elizabeth Joyce Teaches, Where's The Food, Who Stole My Money
ET Yoga, November 12, 2022 Pleiadian perspective on Cancer, what DNA does, mind fields coming up
Responder Resilience, November 9, 2022 Guest, Patrick Fitzgibbons, Retired LEO and Outreach Liaison FHE Health and Podcast Host